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Empire of Brittany (World Dominating)

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Empire of Brittany
Empire de la Bretagne
OTL equivalent: Europe
Flag of Brittany (Gwenn ha du) COA fr BRE
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Empire of Brittany

"Kentoc'h mervel eget bezañ saotret" (Breton)
("Rather death than dishonour")

Anthem "Bro Gozh ma Zadoù"
Capital Rennes
Largest city Istanbul
Language Breton
Demonym Bretons
Government Dictatorship
Emperor François I (1948-2002)

François II (2002)

Established October 3, 1948
Independence from France
  declared November 13, 1908
  recognized February 9, 1909
Currency Bretons Dollar
Internet TLD .brt
Calling Code +33

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