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(and largest city)
Other cities Lanterra, Tria
Language Atlantean, Japanese
Ethnic Group Atlantean, Japanese
Demonym Atlantean
Government Constitutional monarchy with Parliamentary democracy
Emperor Amelius
Prime Minister Niam Kandaro (DP)
Population 192,544,125 
Established June 3rd, 660 BC
Currency Tean (ATL)
Time Zone AST (UTC+8)
Calling Code 88
Internet TLD .al
Organizations United Nations

The Empire of Atlantis (Terra Anqueatus or just Atlantis officially ) is an island country in North Atlantic. Located in the Atlantic Ocean, Atlantis lies in the Sea of Atlantis, and to the west of the United States of America. The characters which make up the name Atlantis "Ancient-origin", which is why Atlantis is sometimes identified as the "Land of the Ancients". Atlantis comprises one large island, two smaller islands and 23 smaller islands, thus making it an archipelago. The largest island is called "Home Island" and accounting for 98% of Atlantis' land area. Atlantis’ highest peak, Mount Hippaforalkus, is an extinct volcano. Atlantis has the world's 9th largest population, with an estimated 141,620,000 million people. The capitol of Atlantis is one of the largest metropolitan area in the world, with over 16 million residents living in the city of Lantea. The first written mention of Atlantis begins with brief appearances in Japanese history texts from the first century A.D. Atlantis adopted the Japanese policy of long periods of isolation from the outside world, thus allowing Atlantean culture to flourish and grow.


All political matters in the Empire are aimed at maintaining the empire's international relations with it's allies as well as maintaining control over it's subject states and areas under it's control.



Atlantis has maintained a total monarchy with an emperor and an elected parliament, led by an elected Prime Minister and cabinet.


Administrative Divisions

Map Of Atlantis

Map Of Atlantis

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