Empire of aksyzrha

The flag of the Empire of Aksyzrha

The flag of the Empire of Aksyzrha

After one look at the flag of the Empire of Aksyzrha, it must be quite clear that this empire wants freedom and independence, and will fight for it until they win, or are exterminated. The half sun (or possible the world), soaked in blood, is either falling, indicating the defeat of its enemies, or rising, indicating the rise of the Aksyzrha. The fist and the stars represent liberation. This flag indicates that the Empire of Aksyzrha will never be conquered, will always rebel, and wil harass, conquer, and exterminate its enemies. The fist and the stars have become symbols of rebellion and liberation, taken to the extreme. The Empire of Aksyzrha has many expert guerrilla warriors, sabotaging, assassinating, and kidnapping its enemies, which corresponds with the flag and attitude of the Empire of Aksyzrha.

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