Ferdinand VII of Spain uses force to prevent Mexico from achieving independence, leading to a more hostile America.

Differences from OTL

  • The Spanish-American war is more early due to the rebellion in Texas, but the U.S fails at defeating Spain. The Treaty of Santiago grants Texas its independence, but gains nothing for the U.S and Spain.
  • The Civil War would be different: Spain would support the C.S.A, in order to create a split America and prevent either nation from having any chance of invading its territory in America. The U.S barely manages to become victorious, it was only due to Texas' declaration of war and invasion of the C.S did the U.S actually have a chance, due to the fact that a two front war split C.S forces and eventually the two powers overwhelmed them.
  • World War I would also be fought in America: with Spain fighting against Texas and America, but overall it would be victorious. With the Entente Powers defeated, the Central Powers could choose their fate.
  • World War II would be a battle between the Allies (U.S. Great Britain, France, USSR, Italy, Arabia) and the Axis (Spain, Germany, Austrian Empire, Japan, Romania, Bulgaria, Ottoman Republic). The War would last for five years until the destruction of Stalingrad and Moscow by the releasing of the Atomic bombs by Germany. The U.S. itself would also have the city of Savannah nuked by another Atomic Bomb from Germany that was transferred to Spain.

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