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Empire State
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: Schuyler County, New York
Grean Northern American Union Seal of New York
Flag Coat of Arms
200px-Map of New York highlighting Schuyler County svg
Location of Empire State

Rector est Civitas (Latin)
("The Leader is the State")

Anthem "The Imperial March"
(and largest city)
Watkins Glen
Demonym Imperial
Government Family Dictatorship
Don Jason K. Sears
Coporagime Micheal Sears
886 km²
  water (%) 3.95
Population 19,224 
Independence from United States
  declared 1984
Currency Imperial dollar

The Empire State is a nation in the former US state of New York. It is named for the nickname given to the former state of New York.


After doomsday Schuyler county fell in to choose with marauding gangs gradually realizing no help would come. The local Mafia, under the command of Jason Sears, took control with his wife Jolene as is coporegime. At first, life was hard but gradually got easier.



The army has quite a few weapons at its disposal but the main weapon is the M1A1 Thompson


the Healthcare system is controlled by the Mafia who keep the prices high


this is hampered by strict rationing

Legal system

harsh punishment ranges from beatings to execution by firing squad


agriculture Weapons


In 2005, a survey team discovered the municipal airport, which was undamaged, and several aircraft in good condition, so after they were examined and their engines were refitted; they went into service with Empire Air Services, which runs a cargo and passenger service between Empire state and the NAU.

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