Major Key Points

  • Many countries failed to defeat oncoming forces.
  • The World War times were used as times of expansion.
  • The Cold War still is going on.
  • Imperialism is popular in Southern Africa, the Americas, Australia, Indonesia, and the Pacific Islands.
  • Every "country" is an empire

Russian Empire

The Russian Empire continued, instead. They failed at capturing Alaska, and the Native American Empire instead took the lands. Instead they decided to sail lower, and arrived in Chile. They saw the land was controlled by the Scandinavian Empire, and decided not to bother them until they arrived in Bolivia where they saw that the Scandinavian Empire owned that as well. They attacked and took the land, as well as Brazil from the British Empire.

As the Russians took that land, they went downwards in their homeland and fought the Chinese, taking Mongolia with it. Owning most of Asia, they stopped there and advanced westward, taking Ukraine and Belarus. Some stupid soldiers went downward and took Georgia, and Armenia. They bought Turkey from the Egyptian Empire. They renamed the city of Constantinople to Musul'manskiy Gorod, or Muslim City. Both armies along the way took Kazakhstan.

When Catherine the Great, the czar at the time, heard of new land opportunities in Africa, she ignored it, thinking it was useless, sandy land.

Their capital is Moscow.

Egyptian Empire

Instead of Egypt falling to the British, it fought back the attackers and created an empire, with Islam as its religion. Destroying colonies in the Sahara, it moved forward, and eventually met the coast. Stopping African expansion there, what many Egyptians called 'The Horde of Allah', they sailed to present day French Guiana, and declared the land for themselves. Moving north, they took over Suriname, Guyana, and Venezuela. The Horde of Allah died in a battle against the Scandinavian Empire for Colombia.

As the Horde died, pharaoh مصر بلد محمد, or 'Egypt's Muhammad' declared war on the Arabian Empire, and took all of it's lands. But threats from the British Empire forced it to give up the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula. For the lands of Turkey, the Russian Empire gave up much of Southwest and South Asia to the empire. Reaching the Island of Sri Lanka, or in there terms 'The Island of Holiness', they quit there.

The capital is Cairo, Egypt.

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