The Empire is a vast theocratic monarchy that has long existed for millennia with the Near Eastern region of Assyria at its heart. It is, in fact,one of the only existing civilizations in the world and perhaps the most adaptive, despite its primitive, bronze-age to early iron age technology and its heavy dependence on its slave-based rural economy. The Empire was found around 4967 BC and has since been ruled by powerful tribal chieftains who declared themselves "god kings" of the known world. While home to a variety of different languages, the official language is Asaki (Akkadian according the OTL).


The Empire is a highly patriarchal society in which women (daughters, sisters, grandmothers, mothers, etc) are viewed as nothing more but property who live only for one purpose: to breed the next generation of warriors, cheiftains, and laborers. The concept of marriage does not exist and mates are either bought or forcefully taken from another tribe. In this sense, women are little more valuable slaves for the purpose of serving as breeding stock. However, women of high status are considered equals to men of all classes and enjoy great luxury, but are sometimes looked at with suspicion.

Homosexuality is viewed as an abomination with the most common act against homosexuals being either stoning them to death or burning them to the stake. To the people of the Empire, homosexuality is considered shameful and cowardly in nature.


A typical tribe within the borders of the Empire.

While the vast majority of the peoples of the Empire live in primitive, tribal communities at Neolithic conditions, walled cities are built within Shinshar (Northern Iraq in OTL), Sumeria, and other parts of the Eastern Mediterranean as well as in the Yucatan and the Indus River Valley.

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