Belisarius II 586-607 (son of Maurice of Byzantium)

(eastern Byzantine rule 607-641)

Gregorian dynasty

Gregory the Patrician 641-660

Maurus Heraclian 660-670

Constantianus the Renegade, Amir al-Kafirun 670

(eastern Byzantine rule 670-711)

Leontid Dynasty

(scions of Leontius I of Byzantium)

Tiberius III 711-742

Leontius II 742-752

Maurice II 752-754

Theodota (regent 752-754, own rule 754-756, co-empress 756-767)

John Vivariotes (usurper, ruled 756-762)

Bulla dynasty

Marcianus I Bulla 762-782

Leontius III Bulla 782-794

Marcianus II Bulla 794-806, 798-803 in Constantinople too

806-808, empire crushed between the Carolingians and the Idrisids

946 empire re-established in Sicily, southern Italy and Ifrigia (*OTL Tunisia)

Curcuas dynasty

946-951 John I (*Vivariotes wasn't recognized as legitimate) Curcuas

951-965 Theophilus I Curcuas (abdicated)

Ghiffiotto (Welf) dynasty

965-969 Conrad Vilphiotis

969-1018 Theophylactus of Sicily

1018-1040 Peter (from 1031 civil war with John II)

1040-1067 John II

1067-1097 Theophylactus II

1097-1117 John III

1117-1121 Augustin I

1121-1156 John IV

1156-1181 Matthias I the Crusader (or the Pilgrim)

1181-1221 Alexandra (F)

1221-1237 Felix I Posthumous

1237-1253 Alexander I the Egyptian (poisoned?)

1253-1256 civil war

1256- Olympius I

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