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Flavian Dynasty

Constantine I the Great: 324-337

Constantius II: 337-361

Julian the Apostate: 361-363

Jovian: 363-364

Valens: 364-378

Theodosian Dynasty

Theodosius I the Great: 379-395

Arcadius: 395-408

Theodosius II: 408-450

Marcianus: 450-457

Leo I the Great: 457-474

Leo II: 474

Zeno I Tarasicodissa: 474-475

Basiliscus: 475-476

Zeno I Tarasicodissa (restored): 476-491

Anastasius I: 491-518

Justinian Dynasty

Justin I 518-527

St. Justinian I the Learned 527-559

Belisarius I 559-566

Justin II 566-578

Tiberius II Constantine (as regent 572-578) 578-582

Maurice I Tiberius 582-602

Phocas the Tyrant 602-610

Heraclian Dynasty

Heraclius the Great 610-641

Constantine III Heraclius 641

Heraclonas Constantine 641

Belisarius III Heraclius Pogonatus (the Bearded) 641-663 (there had been a Belisarius II in the West)

Constantine IV 663-685

Belisarius IV the Cruel 685-695

St. Leontius I the Shield of Christianity 695-711

Smaragdus the Heresiarch 711-715

Philippicus Bardanes 715-717

Isaurian Dynasty

Leo III the Isaurian 717-741

Constantine V Copronymus (the Dung-named) 741-775

Leo IV the Khazar 775-780

Constantine VI the Blinded 780-797

Irene the Athenian 780-790 as regent, 797-798 as basileus (!) on her own after blinding his son

Marcianus II Bulla (794-806 in Western Byzantium), 798-803 in Constantinople

Bardanes (Bardas I) the Turk 803-809

Leo V the Armenian 809-823

Thomas the Slav 823-827

Rhodian or Eustatian Dynasty

Eustace I the Drungarios 827-863

Constantine VII the New Cain 863-867

Bardas II the Great 867-903

Eustace II the Bulgarophilos 903-923

Lekapenos dynasty

Romanus I 923-944

Stephen I and Constantine VIII (co-emperors) 944-949

"Dulostatian" dynasty

(descending by both the Dulos of Bulgaria and the Eustatians of Byzantium)

Simeon I the Bulgarian 949-981

Eustace III the "Turk" 981-984

Bardas Skleros 984-995

Komitopouloi dynasty

("Roman" emperors and Czar of Bulgaria)

Samuel I Chirotomos 995-1018

John I Vladislav and Peter (co-emperors) 1018-1021

John I Vladislav alone 1021-1032

Alusian I 1032-1034

Troianos I and Gabriel I (co-emperors) 1034-1040

Gabriel I alone 1040-1044

George I Maniaces 1044-1059

Cappadocian dynasty

Constantine IX 1059-1064

Michael I 1064-1072

Diogenes-Comnenus dynasty

Romanus II Diogenes 1072-1076

Leo VI Diogenes alone 1076-1081

Leo VI Diogenes and Alexius I Comnenus 1081-1098

Alexius I Comnenus and Romanus III (infant) 1098-1101

Alexius I Comnenus and Belisarius V Diogenes 1101-1118

John II Comnenus alone 1118-1159 (Belisarius exiled as duke of Morea)


Manuel I Comnenus 1159-1161 (murdered during civil war)

Andronicus I Comnenus 1161-1176

Vatatzes dynasty

Theodore I Vatatzes 1176

Basil I Vatatzes 1176-1186

Branas dynasty

Alexius II Branas 1186-1194

Theodosius IV Branas 1194-1211

basilissa Zoe (F) 1211-1218

1218 captured by Latin Crusaders

Angeloi dynasty

(Latin puppets)

Alexius III Angelos 1218-1222

Constantine X Angelos 1222-1224


(as Latin "Emperor of Romania" in Constantinople)

Matthias Ghiffiotto 1224-1235

Kastamon (and later Nicea)

Byzantine loyalist empire-in-exile

Theoktistos I Megas Branas 1218-1235

1235 Constantinople recaptured by Byzantine loyalists

Megas Branas dynasty

Theoktistos I Megas Branas 1235-1248

Anthemius II 1248-1272 (Anthemius I was the last unlucky competent emperor in classical Western Rome)

Bardas IV 1272-

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