Coat of Arms of the French Empire, and Symbol of the Emperor

The Emperor of the French People and Empire is the head of state of the French Empire, and, although now considered a ceremonial figure head of the Empire, he possesses powers no other constitutional monarch has, such as command of the Armed Forces and the ability to call on and dismiss the General Assembly.

The Emperor is still powerful enough to influence the choice of Prime Ministers, and his authorization is required before any election is to be called, either for the Prime Minister or the General Assembly, and the position also comes with the personal ownership of most government lands, including the palace of Versailles, the Louvre, as well as multiple other palaces, castles and retreats throughout France and the Empire.

List of Emperors

# Portrait Name and Title Date of Birth Date of Death Beginning of Reign Ending of Reign
1 Napoleon portrait Napoleon Bonaparte August 15, 1769 January 16, 1830 December 2,1804 January 16, 1830

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