Emperor of the French, of the French Empire
Empereur des Français
French Coat of Arms


First monarch: Napoléon I
Formation: 18 May 1804
Residence: Tuileries Palace, Paris, France

The Emperor of the French (French: Empereur des Français) was the primary title of the monarchs of the French Empire from 1804 to 1814, and again from 1815 onward. The title was first created by Napoléon Bonaparte, who crowned himself in 1804, and its formation instigated the beginning of the Napoleonic Wars, which lasted from 1804 until 1815. The holder of the title also served as the Head of the House of Bonaparte.

The title was established with the intent of maintaining absolute power, and it remained that way until ????.


History of the title

Powers and duties

List of Emperors of the French

  • Napoléon I, reigned 18 May 1804 – 11 April 1814 & 20 March 1815 – 6 September 1840
  • Louis, reigned 21 August 1876 – 4 June 1879
  • Henri I, reigned 30 January 1909 – 3 October 1931