Shahanshah of Persia
Royal coat of arms of the House of Sassan
Bahram XIV
since March 9 1987

Heir apparent: Shahzada Kavadh
First monarch: Ardashir I
Formation: 224

The Emperor of Persia, the Shahanshah in Persian (literally translated as King of Kings in English), is the absolute monarch of Persia. Ancient tradition, further enshrined in laws passed throughout the nineteenth century, limit inheritance of the monarchy to a male, though if an Emperor is under the age of sixteen upon his ascension to the throne it is most common for his mother to act as regent, all but ruling Persia in his name. The current Emperor is Bahram XIV, who immediately ascended to the throne on the death of his father Khosrau XIII on March 9 1987.

The Emperor is the ultimate authority in Persian law, and it is to him that the government, headed by the Prime Minister of Persia, defer. While it is common practice for the Emperor to follow the wishes of the King's Council, he retains the power to overrule the legislature on any matter and veto any legislation, preventing it from becoming law.

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