Upon his coronation in 1821, Emperor Napoleon II was only 10 years old, and the European Empire was in the midst of war. He was not old enough to assume power. Prince Karl Theodor of Bavaria was named regent. Historians believe this was done in order to further the notion that the European Emperor represented the European people, not just the French. Prince Augustus served until Emperor Napoleon II turned 18 and married his sister, Princess Sophie, in 1829. However, it was to be short. Napoleon II died in 1832 of tuberculosis. During this short time, they had only 2 children, Frederich in 1830 and Maurice in 1832.

War of the 8th Coalition

The death of Napoleon is considered a window of opportunity by the Kingdom of Denmark-Norway, which declares war just a week after his death, and begins invading the Rhine. The United States enters the war, and at the end of the war has control of Greenland and Iceland. Austria is fully conquered along with Hungary in 1824, and by 1828, Denmark-Norway is conquered. Russia is also forced to cede concessions to the European Empire, including Finland, the Baltic region, Moldavia, and a small piece of territory for the Kingdom of Warsaw (formerly the Duchy of Warsaw). The northernmost of Scandinavia becomes the Kingdom of Lapland within the European Empire.

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