430px-Hirohito in dress uniform (1)

Emperor Hirohito

This timeline will explore a major Japanese victory in World War 2. Defeating the United States swiftly and turning the tide of Pacific War and leading Japan into new conquests finally bringing the new order of the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere". The Empire of Japan then goes onto advance technologies, weapons and nuclear arms. While adopting the ways of the Samurai and Bushido, and presenting them in a more modernized way....

Pearl Harbor 1941

The Imperial Japanese air force made a successful surprise attack on the US naval base of Pearl Harbor in December 1941, killing thousands of US marines, dozens of cruisers and also US civilians. The United States declares a state of war against the Empire of Japan which had been waiting along time.

War against China

Since 1937 Japan had waged a steady war against the Chinese, by 1940 they had reached deep into the heart of the country, its main plan to conquer the entire nation, this giving them an endless supply of man power and cheap raw materials. China's biggest problem and Japans greatest advantage was the division between the Nationalists and Communists, Japan played on these two allowing Japan to simply wipe them from city after city.

Invasion of British India 1942

The Imperial Army in Burma manages to finally breakthrough the British defensive line in Imphal, with the use of Kamakazi tactics, (bringing it earlier then OTL) crushing the British troops there and taking the city, launching the invasion of Bengal.

Fall of China

Due to division Japanese forces took the city of Chuncking in 1942, Chinese troops fell back from the city.

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