Daan Harold Brek
Empereur Daan Brek
Born July 5th, 1985
Occupation Soldier (Formerly) Politician
Years active 7
Organization The American Alliance
Known for Veteran of the Canadian Revolution
Title Empereur
Term 1st
Predecessor Isaac Ramirez
Religion Christianity
Spouse(s) Anita Grace-Brek
Children Gregory Brek, Elizabeth Anne Brek
Awards The Purple Heart, The Medal of Honor
Empereur Daan Harold Brek is the thirty-second and current leader of the Columbian Empire.


Early Life

Daan Harold Brek was born July 5th, 1985 in Montreal. He grew up speaking French as his first language but later learned English and began attending universities in the Southern Columbian Empire. He was often considered different and special during his childhood because his father, Gregory Brek, was then the Empereur. After graduating from college Daan returned to a very different Montreal. He knew that tensions between the British and their colony of Canada were stretching to unbelievable lengths. Soon a war would break out and he knew that he'd have to fight in it.

The Canadian Revolution

In 2003 the United Kingdom official declared marshal law over the unruly autonomous state of Canada and no one was prepared for what happened next. Canada was split into two different entities, West Canada and East Canada. The Columbian Empire prepared to fight for the West. Daan gladly joined the ranks and fought in the war against the British.

Two years later the war ended with the Ten Year Treaty and Brek receiving the purple heart and the medal of honor for defending his own freedom and the freedom of others. This event greatly influenced Daan's view on the world and he decided from then on that he would follow in his father's footsteps and lead Columbia in a great war against the British and destroy them once and for all.

The Death of an Empereur

On December 23rd, 2007 Empereur Gregory Brek was murdered by British assassins. This caused Daan to hate the British even more and he knew that he had to become the next leader of Columbia so he could wipe out all of the United Kingdom and his evil colonies.

The 2008 Election

In 2008 Daan joined the race for the title of Empereur after his father's death. He ended up running against a previous senator of Virginia and won in the end. On May 15th, 2008 Daan Harold Brek was proclaimed the thirty-second leader of the great Columbian Empire and was knighted by his father's Vice Empereur, Isaac Ramirez.

1st Term

Daan's first term has seen very little war and all he has done so far is improve living conditions across his country and work harder to bring peace via the American Alliance. But on May 2nd, 2015 the Ten Year Treaty ran out and Empereur Brek officially declared war on the remaining British colonies in America.