Louis Desaix

Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès - crop
Official Presidential Portrait

1st President of France
December 16, 1800 - December 12, 1808

Predecessor: French Directory
Successor: Louis Desaix
Born: March 3, 1748
Royal Standard of the Kingdom of France Fréjus, France
Died: June 20, 1836
Flag of France Paris, France
Political Party: none
Profession: Clergyman, politician

Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès (3 March 1748 – 20 June 1836) was a French Roman Catholic clergyman, politician and the first President of France. He was one of the chief political theorists of the French Revolution, and instigated the coup of 20 Vendemiaire, which officially ended the reign of the semi-autocratic French Directory. The coup replaced it with a presidential democracy, and Sieyès was unanimously voted president less than a month later.

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