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Emmanuel Luís Peláez
Timeline: Great White South

Peláez in 1964

5th Director of the Department of National Intelligence
1963 – 1985

Predecessor Ramón García
Successor Julio Estevez
President Benito Zapata; Pekka Tulenheimo; Jorje Rosadilla; Rosa Zapata; Guillermo Montemayor

55th Antarctic Tuzelmann Award Laureate
-1965 –

Predecessor Nazar Popov
Successor Lord Beauford Carter
Born February 22nd, 1918
Flag of Santiago (1901-1934) San Martín, Santiago
Died October 1st, 1985 (aged 67)
Flag of Santiago (Great White South) San Martín, Santiago
Spouse Luisa Peláez
Profession Police Officer

Emmanuel Luís Peláez was a Santiagan police officer and detective who served as Director of the Department of National Intelligence (the country's highest law enforcement agency) between 1963 and 1985 (his death). Following his great success in combatting Santiago's organized crime syndicates, he became something of a "celebrity", and was awarded the Antarctic Tuzelmann Award in 1965.


Early life

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