The Emirs of Sanafah were the Muslim leaders of the Sanafahi Emirate that, from the creation of the office in 1409 until the dissoultion of the office in 1485, have all come from the Rahasan Dynasty (a cadet branch of the Burji dynasty which used to rule the Mashriq). The Emir is the co-ruler of the Emirate, and plays a crucial role in the development of Muslim affairs in the state.

Additionally, the Emir is largely responsible for foreign affairs in largely-Muslim states. The current Emir, Bakr III Rahasan, is currently pursuing better relations with the Swahili states and maintains a dynastic union with the Comoros.

List of Emirs

Name Lifespan Reign span Notes
Bakr I 1377-1442 (65 years) 1409-1442 (33 years) First Mamluk-backed leader
Bakr II 1402-1453 (51 years) 1442-1453 (11 years)
Amaar I 1425-1476 (51 years) 1453- 1476 (21 years) Arrival of Christianity
Bakr III 1453-1485 1476-1485

Madagasikaran Civil War

‡ - Executed


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