Imarah Al-Siqiliya, Imarah Siqiliyya (Emirate of Sicily)
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
The Emirate at its peak under the Sadiqi dynasty in 847
(and largest city)
Syraqs (Syracuse)
Ishbiliyyan Arabic (819-834) Sicilian Arabic (834-894)
  others Medieval Latin, Sermo Vulgaris, Early Sicilian, Greek, Greeco-Sicilian
Religion Western Islam
Demonym Siqilian, Saracen (by Christians)
Government Absolute Monarchy
Imarah al Siqiliya (Fall of Constantinople 675 AD)
Established 819
Currency Dinar al-Siqiliya

It was one of a few Islamic states in Europe, having a relatively short life span of only 75 years. It was probably one of the most prolific states to have arisen in the Mediterranean after the Roman empires domination of the area only being surpassed by Rome in the entire middle ages. The state was under the control of the Sadiqi dynasty until 862 when the first Roman Sicilian war initiated and the Romans manage to capture and execute the last emir of the Sadiqi dynasty.


Conquest of Sicily and the Roman Mediterranean

Conquest of the Mediterranean

Sadiqi Dynasty

Civil war

Qasimite Dynasty

Downfall and Conquest

Successor States


In their 75 years of existence the Sicilian emirate manages to manufacture a gigantic fleet of a hundred ships, their ability to create such number of ships allowed them to execute fairly precise campaigns throughout the Mediterranean basin and to extend their influence through it. At their peak the Sicilian emirs manages to control Corsica (834-863), Sardinia (819-874) Thessaloniki (843-881) Sicily (819-894) Malta (828-864) Anatolia's coastal holdings (845-867 871-885) and the Balearic islands (819 - 862) 


Although the nobility and the monarchy were avid Muslims, the vast majority of the population remained strongly roman catholic although followed by Latin Muslim population of converts. The Roman Catholic population encompasses the 67% of the total population of the island followed by Muslim Latin converts (still with roman rites translated into Islamic Religious beliefs) 18%, 7% being from the Greek rites, 5% being Maghrebi Islam and 2% Abbasid Sunni Islam 1% being of other religions.

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