Timeline: Divided Italy

OTL equivalent: Sicily, Italy
Sicilyflag1 SicilyCoA1
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Al-Siracusa
Largest city Al-Siracusa
Language Italian


Religion Sunni Islam
Ethnic Group Arabic (50%)

Italian (45%) Other (5%)

Government Emirate (Monarchy)
Population 2,000,000 
Independence from Ottoman Empire
  declared 1915
Currency Sicilian Dinar

The Emirate of Sicily (Al-Sicilia) is the Muslim, southeastern portion of Sicily. Its capital is Siracusa (Al-Siracus).


First Invasion of the Islamics

Napolitanian Rule

Spanish Rule

Kingdom of the Two Sicilies

Second Ottoman Rule


Attacked By The Ottomans

Released By the Ottomans


Sicily. Emirate on Green

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