The Emirate of Hoolandaa
إمارة هولندا
Timeline: Pure Arabica
Hoolandaa No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
  others Dutch, Frisian
Religion Sunni Islam
Government Emirate
Population 3,549,103 
Currency Dhiram

For the last fifty years, Hoolandaa has enjoyed an unprecedented era of peace. Prior, it has been frequently laid waste by battles between Christian and Muslim forces.


Hotly contested between the Christian north and Muslim south, Hoolandaa has repeatedly changed hands.

Modern Times

Christians and Jews are tolerated and allowed to exercise their religion, although Islam remains the majority as well as the state religion.

Al-Bimyah (Amsterdam) and Al-Tyn (Rotterdam) have harems and though alcohol is prohibited for Muslims, Non-Muslims are free to imbibe. Hashish and opium are sold freely. The major exports of the Emirate of Hoolandaa are cheese, textiles, wool and their world famous non-alcoholic beer.

The Emirate of Hoolandaa has also extended its dominion through its overseas territories and caliphates as a result of its religious zeal and colonial ambitions. It has close ties to Al-Andalus and the Dutch language and culture have acquired an Islamo-Nordic flavor. Mosques and windmills dot the Emirate's landscape.

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