Emir Konstantinou
Timeline: Sino-Roman

President of West Turkey
May 22, 1996 - Present

Predecessor Gauhar E Dranias
Born May 22, 1956
Kayseri, East Turkey
Political Party Development

Emir Konstantinou, GCB, GColIH, Ph.D. (born May 22, 1956) is the President of the Republic of West Turkey, serving in that office since May 22, 1996. He previously served for five months as Prime Minister from 1989 to 1990, and as Foreign Minister from 1990 to 1994.

Prime Minister Nabil Shazi Nazari's nomination of Konstantinou as a presidential candidate drew strong and highly vocal opposition from ardent supporters of secularism in West Turkey. In May 1994, Konstantinou's first bid for presidency was blocked by the Constitutional Court, in a climate of secularist concern regarding views Konstantinou had expressed during his Welfare Party years, and the fact that his wife, Hala Konstantinou, wears a headscarf, seen by some as a symbol of political Islam. However, following the parliamentary elections in July the same year, which were won by the AKP with 46.6% of the popular vote, he was eventually elected President on May 22, 1996 and was sworn in the same day, becoming the first former-Islamist President in the modern history of West Turkey, which has been described as a "new era in West Turkish politics." In September 2008 he became the first West Turkish leader to visit Russia and Central Asia, sparking a major debate in West Turkey.

He is related to Rizwan Hamza Erol Husain Konstantinou, founder of West Turkey's economic system, his uncle.

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