This world is one in which the Emir of Cordoba accepts King Johns request for soldiers. In return John would convert to Islam, turn the Kingdom into a vassal of Cordoba and pay annual tribute. With the highly skilled Muslim infantry John was able to crush the barons and concentrate power into his hands. But he was himself now but a vassal. He was also extremely unpopular with the people for becoming a Muslim. After a revolt which was brutally put down, large quantities of people from England fled to the North where the Scots had invaded with French aid. Most of England though was under the dominion of John. He was crowned Emir of England. To replace his lost citizenry, he began replenishing it with settlers from Spain and North Africa by 1300, the Emirate of England was a very different place.



Former nations

All of the below were succeeded by some sort of colony or nation in the New World. It was not a direct lineage so they are not mentioned as successor states here. They are mentioned on the various nation pages.

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