Emiliano Zapata (August 8th, 1879- July 9th, 1942) was a Mexican revolutionary, general and President who led Leftist forces in Central America against the Imperialist forces of the United States in both World Wars I and II. Growing up in a poor mexican village, Zapata aided in the overthrow of Mexican dictator Porfirio Diaz. When his successor Madero proved to be ineffective, Zapata formed a Liberation Army to create a Socialist
government. The Liberation Army became popular, and stormed Mexico City after Victoriano Huertes tried to seize control. Zapata became President, which was verified in a later election. However, Zapata's socialism came into conflict with the expanding United States, especially after Zapata nationalized several American businesses. After the Alabama Affair and the Occupation of Veracruz, Zapata came to the belief that Mexico could never co-exist with the U.S, and invaded the U.S with support from Germany. The U.S repelled the invasion, captured Zapata, and annexed Mexico. Zapata lived quietly in Mexico until the early 1930's, where he became a founding member and General in the Latin American Union. Although he was forced in exile to Argentina, Zapata later returned to Mexico in an attempt to lead an uprising against the United States. The campaign gathered thousands of troops, but was put down by American soldiers in Cuernavaca, where Zapata was killed in action.

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