Emmanuel Adam Tamerlane
Emanuel Adam Tamerlan (Croatian)
مخ محمد آدم الدین (Urdu)
मनु मुहम्मद आदम उद दीन (Hindi)

Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Ivan Gundulić

De Gondola

Ban of Čudoljubovo
1641 – incumbent

Predecessor none, position created
Born 5 May 1579
Spouse Nika Sorkočević
Religion Western Church
Profession Lawyer
Emanuel Adam Tamerlan is the son of Branimir Tamerlan (also known as Brahma ud-din Muhammad Akbar) and current Ban of Čudoljubovo, the Croatia-owned enclave in Egypt. Following the tradition of his father and grandfather, he began working on literary works later in his life.


As the son of one of Croatia's most influential men, much was expected of him. However as his parents were not married he was forced to live with his mother solely as his father had to focus on his religious organization, the Brothers of the Raven. He lived with his mother and grandfather Dživo Gundulić in Goa, where Dživo was Ban. Influenced by both Indian and Croatian culture throughout his life he became a educated individual and finally went to Padua to study (cannonical) law. After being accepted both as a Croat (due to Ragusa becoming Croatian) and being legitimized by his father he was given the right to rule Čudoljubovo due to his role in drafting the treaty.


His main and most important work is surely The Importance of God for humanity and proving predestination which is one of the most often printed books in Čudoljubovo and the Czardom itself. It explains that although God's existence cannot be proven, if he does exist, he is indeed omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent which means that, although we have free will to decide what to do, God already knows what will be done, therefore it has already been decided who will go to Heaven or Hell. This also serves numerous theologians as the basis for what is currently known as Timurism (OTL: Calvinism)