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A disgraced Otto von Bismarck is dismissed from the Chancellorship following his failure to secure a Prussian victory in the German War. He is replaced by the more liberal Leo von Caprivi, who has announced his aims to reform the Prussian military and accelerate industrialisation and commercial development. Desperate to maintain what's left of the Empire, the British Government orders all troops to withdraw from Germany. Troops are sent from the German front to reinforce those defending South Africa and British Malaya from northern invaders. UK agreed to peace with Austria and Netherlands in turn 1869.5. (Mod response modded by Oct) ... ~Wrto12 Following pressure by a strengthening Quebecois movement, the Canadian Government concedes and declares its independence as the Republic of Canada. Sir John A Macdonald, the Prime Minister, becomes the provisional President of the new Republic. Now Australia remain as the only Realm in the Empire excepting Britain herself. The successful British Revolutions spread to Ireland, with the independence movement gaining increasing popularity. Riots break out all over China as the Tianjing government fails to respond to the rebel threats in the outer regions of the country. Spanish invasion is repulsed from Mexico, with the help of France, so by the end of the season, they are forced to sign a peace treaty with France and Mexico of status quo, ending the war.

  • Westralia: We invite dignitaries from the world over to witness the coronation of our new King, Alexander I! His name is Anglicised from Dutch (William Alexander Charles Henry Frederick), and the crown, created by our best jewellers from Australian gold, opals, diamonds, rubies and felt, with a small swan attached to the top in place of the Christian cross, is placed atop the new King's head on February 1. At the coronation, the new Royal anthem, Mine Faithful King, is performed for the first time. It also turns out that Alexander fell in love with a young Westralian noblewoman, Mary Frances Holloway, shortly after his arrival in December; they were engaged in January. They were married the same day as the coronation and Mary is crowned as Queen Mary of Westralia. The Royal couple become very popular in Westralia, and it is hoped that the two have a happy marriage. The former Governor of Westralia is encouraged to stay as a citizen of the country, although he has been ousted from his position following the Declaration of Independence. The 50,000 soldiers stationed in Westralia are actively encouraged to remain in the country and become citizens as well as the core of a new Westralian military, rather than return to the failing Britannia. The Government offers higher pay, improved living conditions, and to transport their families for free to Westralia. The addition of these people to our population would do us the world of good. Meanwhile, Government House is being expanded to become the new residence of the Royal Family, and is renamed Stirling Palace, named after James Stirling, founder of the first Swan River Colony.
    • Korean Dip: We would like to establish formal relations and for you to establish easier immigration policies so that Koreans could settle in Westralia.
    • Patagonian Dip: King Antoine I and members of his court come to Westralia to see the crowning and marriage of the King Alexander I. Becoming himself the king of a new nation ten years ago, the King express his good wishes for Alexander I. He also invite Alexander I to come in Patagonia for his honeymoon.
    • Westralia: We are happy to relax immigration legislation, as we are eager to expand the population of our country. Korean immigrants are welcomed into Westralia, and will be awarded Westralian citizenship should they choose to stay permanently, with all the rights thereof. Alexander I politely declines Patagonia's kind invitation, as he would like to spend his first days as a married man exploring his new territories and getting to know his new subjects. The King travels south to Margaret River and then to Esperance, before returning to Perth.
  • United States of Colombia: The nation primarily focuses on Culture, has a secondary focus on Military, and follows the ideology of Liberalism. In the Election of 1870, Eustorgio Salgar Moreno, president of the Santander Department and a radical liberal, replaces Jose Santos Gutierrez Prieto as President of Colombia. In 1870, Salgar founds and promotes the Colombian National Railroad Company to improve infrastructure in the future. Salgar keeps the nation relatively isolationist, signing no major treaties, but allows nations to set up embassies in the capital and trade deals at Colombian ports. The conservative party still chooses to abstain from the elections, leading to more liberal dominance and ideas throughout the nation. The army stays relatively small at 25,000, but it still remains the largest organization in Colombia. Salgar also passes a significant piece of legislation with the Salgar-Toro Colono Act which establishes the base of a plan to populate the eastern parts of Cauca, Cundinamarca, and Boyaca, by selling cheap and large plots of land.
Australia Republican Flag

New flag

  • Australia: The people have decided to split from the British Empire with 63% of the population saying to leave. The biggest supporters of this was in South Australia and Tasmania where 85% of people voted yes while over in New Zealand, they have mostly voted no with the hope that they would stay in the empire. Richard Dry will become the first prime minster of this new country. The new flag (shown to the right) would now fly over the country while new state flags are currently being drawn up. In other news, the Australian Rules Football League has expanded to an eight-team league with Geelong and Ballarat joining the league while new leagues are starting in all the other states. We try to build up our economy and with new trade from the Netherlands and Westralia, the future is looking good for the country.
  • Hawaii: We expand our military, police and border guards, keeping a close eye on our neighbors. We recognize Australian and Westralian independence, and seek trade with the nations. We open universities in Honolulu, Kailua-Kona, and Papaʻi Kaʻapeha. The Hawaiian Parliament passes the settlement of Midway Atoll, sending a frigate of 200 settlers, 25 soldiers and five cannons. Regulated transportation between 'Alihikaua and the Hawaiian Islands is successful. We also open up crab industries throughout 'Alihikaua.
  • Guiana Federation: We improve infrastructure and military, as we recruit more troops in the military. The roads are built, in Georgetown and other cities as well. Some of the supplies are improving in the nation of Guiana Federation. Since then, some of the residential buildings continue to build. As it stands there's more to come.
  • Patagonia: While the King is away in Westralia, Secretary of State Heiner von Kermann is charged of leading the government during his absence, according to the regency laws. New industries are built in the capital, and soon workers come to work in the first factories. Von Kermann also organize the celebrations of the tenth anniversary of Patagonia as an independent state. As the King is absent, Prince Adrien-Jean, his nephew, take his place in the ceremony. The event is ruined when a soldier attempt to assassinate the Secretary of State. Although the attempt failed, it still raise questions. Many whispers that the Marshal, VIncent Montessier, attempted to get rid of the Secretary of State. Still, no proof is found of this theory, and the killer is executed. The Marshal, during that time, dealt violently with a small uprising of Chileans.
    • Austrian Diplomacy: As soon as our war with the British is over, Emperor Franz Joseph I offers to help to Patagonia to industrialize, modernize, improve its infrastructure and send techs. In return we ask them to sign this treaty.
    • Patagonian Diplomacy: King Antoine I being absent right now, his Secretary of State, Heiner von Kermann, who is Austrian born, will sign the treaty in the name of his monarch. As he does it in the authority of the King, and that the King authorized him to sign any treaty in his absence, this signature is as valid as the one of King Antoine I.
  • Japan: The Shogun's reformation of the government program is well underway. We have tried to reform our medical system, but there is a lack of western doctors, so the Shogun declares the Western Influence Program and proposes it to Russia and Austria. We also encourage western doctors and teachers to immigrate to our nation to help boost our westernization process. We increase our yields of rice and begin to produce a new factory to produce consumer products.
  • Bora Bora
    Bora Bora:
    Queen Teriimaevarua expresses her wish that her ancestral home of Tahiti falls under control of Bora Bora to the King of Hawaii and secretly expresses that we will pay 5% of income for five years along with leaving the defensive alliance with Huahine and Raiatea for such a thing. We expand our military and build our economy centering on tourism, pearls, fishing, and trade. We recognize the independence of Westralia and Australia and reiterate our offer of trade to Westralia and offer the same to Australia. We announce the new flag of Bora Bora.
    • Kamehameha V: The royal family understands the queen's wishes. However, as relations are still rather wary, we shall let all Bora Bora's trade ships and royal family pass through 'Alihikaua Province, as long as military do not pass through. We hope the queen understands, as Hawaii is still in a tight political and defensive situation.
    • Teriimaevarua II: We ask that trade ships are allowed escorts of no more than 30 men. That is all.
    • Kamehameha V: We accept, although any form of aggression or terrorism shall not be tolerated.
    • Australia Dip: We accept the offer of trade for Bora Bora request.
  • Denmark: After our union with Schleswig we offer the same deal to Holstein and Saxe-Liburg all former Danish crown territories Mod response. The government at home decides to push to join the treaty of Hanseong seeing it could expand our economy we decide to apply for entry. The first Dreadnought-esque ships are completed with the five new ones. The plan for improving Iceland infrastructure continues at a great rate with roads and schools being built across the island. At home building of new factories continues with great progress. On Bali we set up schools and begin to try assimilating the natives living their into Danish culture Mod response: We set up a port called New Holstein (Ny Holsten in Danish) where Dutch traders are allowed to keep their ship. We offer up a trade pact with the newly formed Kingdom of Westralia. Our military increases by 1200 men due to enlistment programs.
    • ​MOD: Holstein and all other former Danish crown territories that were usurped by Prussia agree to the limited autonomy arrangement with the Danish king. The natives of Bali are divided, with about 20% adopting Christianity and beginning to assimilate, 30% adamantly against the Danish efforts, and 50% indifferent.
  • Papal States: The Ecumenical Council, now widely referred to as the Sixth Council of the Lateran (Lateran VI) draws to a close. The bishops, abbotts, abbesses, theologians and others have produced two Apostolic Constitutions, which Pius IX gives his official seal to: Dei Filius, which discusses Catholic faith and rejects modern innovations such as materialism and liberalism whilst also reaffirming the traditional belief that faith and reason are not incompatible. It also has a brief section dealing with the manifest evils of modern capitalism. The second, Mater et Magistra, discusses the Church, specifically, the role of the Pope and of the Bishops. The document reaffirms and properly defines the long-held doctrine of papal infallibility (in specific situations), and also discusses the role of the College of Bishops, their role as collegiate successors to the Apostles, and the necessity of their communion with the Pope as head of the College. Overall, the attendees are very happy with the result. Papal infallibility has been officially defined, but the definition of the Bishops' role gives it context. In other news, with the Council over, Maximillian's elaborate coronation takes place in St Peter's Basilica. In his homily, Pius IX exhorts him to be a dutiful monarch, reminding him that for a Christian, true leadership comes through service to the humblest and weakest.
  • Great Korean Empire: The Korean Emperor, Gojong, congratulates the monarchy of Westralia and other former British colonies for achieving independence from their British oppressors. With the British collapsing, the Premier proposes to China to nullify their unequal treaties (most notably the Treaty of Nanking) with Britain, and to invade territorial concessions. The development of the industrial sector continues to be prioritised so that the Koreans can mass-manufacture arms and war equipment in times of war. The secondary sector continues to undergo exponential growth, resulting in higher industrial output and the higher production of petrochemicals, steel, machinery, and vehicles. Business conglomerates continue to expand thanks to government financial support. Having a fear of foreign domination and loss of sovereignty imposed by unequal treaties, the Korean government continues to develop and improve its military – specifically its navy. Twelve more steamships, adding to the already made a hundred and fourteen. The number of troops continues to expand following enacted compulsory military service for all able-bodied and able-minded men (save for the nobility and government). The Hanseong arsenal continues to be built, estimates to be completed in 1874. A new culture – a mix of Korean and traditional values and Western culture (i.e, Western-style attire and architecture) continues to be heavily promoted by the government. More schools, universities, and libraries are built to add on to existing academic programs. Education becomes compulsory for all children aged seven to fifteen. College students are sent to universities in Russia and Europe to study Western ways and to find ways to integrate them into Korean systems.
  • Toucouleur Empire: Our continued development of infrastructure and industry continues our urbanization. We continue to influence Liberia as we are able to convince them that they will be protect them from any external threats. Since our army has now expanded to 80,000 troops and Samori looks to conquer the Wattara/Kong, we seek to help him in his efforts. We build a deepwater navy of the coast of Liberia. We create our first public schools located in our capital of Segu.
  • Saxony: We continue to focus on and develop our industry and the economy, as well as the military. Further subsidies are granted for businesses and factories looking to expand into the top ten largest cities within the Kingdom of Saxony. Leipzig and Dresden see large growths in population. Our populace rejoices as the German Confederation War is over, and we gain land in Prussia from it.
  • Transvaal: Economy expands from the diamond trade. Merger is requested of the Orange Free State (Mod Response) (In OTL the Orange Free State was heavily influenced and dependent on the Transvaal). Many Africans are stripped from their tribal homelands and forced to work in diamond mines for Afrikaans business. A strong sense of Afrikaan nationalism rises. Expansion north into Africa begins.
    • MOD: Orange Free State (1-6 accept, 7-10 decline) agree for a merge with Transvaal.


  • Westralia: We issue a public announcement in July that Queen Mary is now pregnant with the King's first child! All of Westralia is in celebration at this wonderful news. The expansion of Stirling Palace is now underway, around 40% to completion. The King and Queen occupy a private apartment in the south wing of the palace. Many ex-British soldiers and officers choose to remain in Westralia, and we send Government-chartered ships to collect their families and bring them to their new homes in Perth and other towns in the country. This causes our population to jump by around 345,000 people, surpassing all expectations! Immigration from Asian countries such as Korea is also contributing to population growth, and our total population now sits at around 350,000. This does not count Aboriginal people living in Westralia, and the Government is now considering including them in our next census and granting them citizenship to boost our numbers further.
  • Belgium: We finished the railways and continue to trade with other nations, as well as adding onto our industry. We continue to train our military and slowly expand it to protect our smaller nation. We finish the new vessels similar to our first that we were creating, and configure two of them as military vessels and the others for trading, putting them to work immediately. We offer to trade with Hawaii with our new trade vessels, as well as offering to trade with Westralia, too.
    • Hawaiian Diplomacy: We accept the trade offer.
    • Westralian Diplomacy: We accept.
  • Kingdom of the Netherlands: We begin the process of integrating the Duchy of Limburg, in personal union with our nation, inside the Netherlands. We begin developing ourselves, improving our infrastructure and economy. We ask for trade with the Ottomans, Saxony and France (MOD needed for France). We begin integrating the Natal and Cape Colony and make them one Dutch African colony called Zuid-Afrika. We establish Kaapstad as it's capital. We offer Transvaal and the Orange Free State protectorate status (MOD needed).
    • Hawaiian Diplomacy: Although we respect the Dutch's wishes, we counter the Dutch threat from last year by pointing out that none of the other nations are French or Dutch protectorates. Once again, we don't wish to go to war with the Dutch or quarrel with them.
    • French Diplomacy: We accept the trade offer.
    • MOD: Orange Free States merged with Transvaal since last turn.
  • Great Korean Empire: The process of government sponsored industrialisation and Westernisation continues. A significant portion of college students are sent to universities in Europe and the United States to study Western ways and upon returning, are tasked with integrating them into Korean systems. More schools, universities – to supplement pre-existing academic and literacy programs, and residential buildings and factories are built. The Hanseong arsenal continues to be built, twelve more modern steamships are under construction, with a hundred and twenty six already built.
  • Austrian Empire: Celebrations all around the realm for our peace with the UK coming into effect. Development of our nation continues, improving our infrastructure and our industry. We continue to copy the structure of the Prussian army, with the help of our puppet Rhineland and apply it in our army. We began centralizing the South German Confederation. We create a South German Customs Union, to remove most internal customs barriers, with non-regulated, no-tariff trade between the members of the South German Confederation to cement trading relations, while upholding a protectionist tariff system with foreign trade partners (Similar to the Prussian Zollverein), while South German Confederation members leave the Prussian Zollverein, due to their war with Prussia.
    • Rhineland: We continue to gradually replace public employees which are loyal to Prussia with ones loyal to Austria. Our army keeps the Prussian structure and we continue to send every available information about the Prussian army to Austria. We join the South German Customs Union.
    • Ryukyu Kingdom: Ports are improved with resources send by Austria, while local forced labour is used in a small scale (a few hundreds or so). We began transporting 10,000 troops to keep the colony under control and protect it from external threats. Austrian merchant ships dock here and other Treaty of Hanseong shared ports on their way to East Asia(Treaty of Hanseong) trade zone.
    • Franz Joseph Island: Colony is given the proper attention, now that our war with Prussia is over, 1000 more troops are deployed there due to the British threat. A gigantic monument is build there in honor of Emperor Franz Joseph, to celebrate the victory against Prussia, while its port is upgraded too.
    • Austrian Diplomacy: We break our alliance with Belgium, seeing that it does not longer benefits us.
  • Guiana Federation: We normally continue to improve industry and military. We recruit 250 troops in Guiana Federation military. Also some residential buildings are building in capital city of Georgetown, as in that capital city the population looks to grow slightly as it would be. The port is built just on the coast of Georgetown, that provides some ships to be built. The roads still continue to build to connect the cities, as there's more progress that needs to be accomplished.
  • Hawaii: We continue to expand our industry and infrastructure. Continued trade leads to the strengthening between Asian and Western culture. We request trade with Westralia. We continue to expand our military size. We also continue to modernize Honolulu, building more homes and businesses. The settlement on Midway Atoll is a success, and a port is set up there for trade and transportation to Honolulu.
    • Hawaiian Secret Diplomacy: We ask Bora Bora that we give them our blueprints for our frigates and cannons in exchange for assistance in pressuring your rival nation of Raiatea into joining the Commonwealth of Hawaii.
    • Bora Bora Secret Diplomacy: We agree with this transaction. We also propose a formal alliance after this arrangement is made public.
    • Westralian Diplomacy: We accept, and hope that trade will strengthen Westralian-Hawaiian relations.
  • France: Emperor Napoleon, with the consent of the parliament, has assembled a group of fresh, nationwide elected, deputies to write a new constitution for the Empire, giving himself an inspiring speech for the opening of the work. He wished a more independent government, although retaining some power for the Emperor, according to the ideas of Benjamin Constant, that have been applied in Brazil. With the defeat of most republican forces on Mexico, Napoleon III demands the inclusion of an amendment on the Mexican imperial constitution similar to the Platt Amendment, and offered the current 30,000 soldiers in Mexico to remain as stabilizing forces until Maximilian considered necessary. Trade agreements are offered to Italy (Mod Needed) and all nations no longer under British control. Also is proposed the Treaty of Munich (Emancipation Map Game) to Austria, regarding Mexico and military cooperation. New ships are ordered for the imperial navy while (Secret) officers of the British navy are proposed a suitable condition and rank in the imperial navy should they defect to France after the domino effect in the British colonies (Secret end, I suppose it's mod decided.)
  • OOC: Should I regard Mexico as a client state and somewhat member of the Empire or simply as an aligned nation?
  • OOC: Yes, Mexico is a French client state.
  • MOD: Some high ranked officers tempted by the French offer, defect to France.
  • Bora Bora: We formally leave the defensive alliance with Huahine and Raiatea. We start construction of new warships with Hawaiian designs. We send all older warships to Raiatea for a blockade while giving Raiatea six months to join the Hawaiian Commonwealth. (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED)
    • ​Hawaiian Secret Diplomacy: The Hawaiian Parliament applauds your decision, and accepts the formal alliance for better defense against potential Spanish and Dutch aggression. Hawaiian frigates are also sent to the blockade; the end of the deal is that if Raiatea joins the Commonwealth, they shall become a self-governing province so as to not upset the people or the Dutch.
    • Bora Bora Secret Diplomacy: Queen Teriimaevarua secretly confides that she will be going underground for a period of six months due to her third month of pregnancy that has been kept secret. She names King Kamehameha her regent. (OOC: I won't be able to update tomorrow).
  • Denmark: After our Union with Saxe-Lauenburg, Holstein and Schleswig we form the Union of Juteland. A model following the Swedish-Norwegian model with the exception that armies shall be shared.Danish is taught in school in Bali and Danish history is taught as well. The port of Ny Holstein continues along with many shipping docks and such being built. On Bali we give special rights to natives who assimilate into Danish culture. We offer a census to the citizens of Holstein and Schleswig that if they would prefer to unify and create the kingdom of Holstein-Schleswig Mod Response. We promote the Duchy of Saxe-Lauenburg to the Grand Duchy of Saxe-Lauenburg. Our army increases by 900 men. Our navy increases by ten ships.
    • Mod: Agrees.
  • United States of Colombia: The nation primarily focuses on Culture, has a secondary focus on Military, and follows the ideology of Liberalism. President Salgar starts friendly talks with rulers Antonio Blanco (Venezuela) and Gabriel Moreno (Ecuador) about the future of the three nations. At the meeting he suggested the Treaty of Medellin which contains a non-aggression pact, extra-territorial rights/equal citizen status, and a decrease on duties between the three nations (Affinity and Sphere of Influence are used to improve relations with the two similar cultured nations). More liberalism and liberal dominance is spread throughout the nation.
    • Venezuela: (MOD RESPONSE REQUIRED) MOD: Venezuela (1-4 accept, 5-10 declines) Declines for various reasons.
    • Ecuador: (MOD RESPONSE REQUIRED) MOD: Ecuador (1-5 accepts, 6-10 declines) Accepts.
  • Toucouleur Empire: The development of our nation in regards to infrastructure, industry and our economy greatly supersedes our more primitive neighbours. Our influence in Liberia grows as our advisors help reform their military and build 10 frigates for their navy. With our 80,000 man army and 7500 troops from each our vassals we commence the invasion of Kong/Wattara. Our armies will be lead by our brilliant vassal Samori to crush and conquer them. We begin the attack with our army and with our inland navy.
  • Papal States: With Lateran VI done and dusted, and the attendees returned home, Rome seems quite quiet and empty. Missionary efforts in Korea and China are redoubled.
  • Patagonia: Both industrialization and modernization of the army are going good. Some conservatives in the country are worried about the liberal politics of Colombia.
  • Russia: The economy continues to thrive in the post-Prussian War period. Alexander II is extremely popular and begins to enact reforms to create an efficient administrative state, based not upon regulating business and the population but rather on aiding them with funds from the Imperial treasury, which continues to be enriched from trade with Hanseong and the modest tax rates on industry. One emerging industry is shipbuilding, and the Russian navy grows in both size and prowess. A new university is opened Newly-enlargened Poland continues to integrate many regions and the teaching of Russian redoubles in effort, with support from the Sejm.


Full blown rebellion in Ireland. British troops move in to quell rebellion. The successful British Revolutions spread to Scotland, with the independence movement gaining increasing popularity, seeing the inability of the Brits as their way out of the UK, while the instability of the UK only drives them to believe that leaving the UK is the best solution. Debates all over Scotland between Unionists and Separatists. Events in Ireland only further Separatist cause.

Nationalists on the rise in the UK, with UK citizens feeling humiliated and refusing to let go of their empire, while Irish events only further Nationalist cause.

Peaceful dialogue between UK and Canada to rejoin the Empire, led to a deadlock, with Canada unwilling to rejoin the empire.

Orange Free State population is torn between joining Netherland or Transvaal. Few clashes are noted from Pro Dutch and Pro Boer groups. Tensions start to increase. Pro Boer groups claim that the Dutch sold them out in 1814, when the Dutch government formally ceded sovereignty over the Cape to the British, under the terms of the Convention of London. Pro Dutch groups claim that they are Dutch and while their fellow countryman did agreed to give them to the Brits, they came back to help them, they own their liberation and the removal of the British threat to the Dutch. Tensions start to increase in the area. Tianjing Gov in begins to consolidate control over East China. Counter offensives are made against the rebels.

  • Westralia: The first Royal child is born! The boy is named Theodore William Alexander Maurice Charles Oliver Henry, or simply Prince Theodore, and is according to the laws of succession now the heir apparent to the Westralian throne. It is planned that when Theodore turns six he will be formally invested as the inaugural Prince of Swan. In other news, the King approves to major changes in governance and a re=organisation of the structures of Westralia's legislature. To further distance Westralia from Britain, the Westminster system is abandoned and Parliament is abolished. A new Royal Congress is established in its place, a system closer to that of the United States. The Royal Congress will be bicameral, composed of the Senate and Royal Assembly. Both the Senate and Royal Assembly will be elected bodies: the Senate will serve as a house of review for bills passed by the Royal Assembly, while a Royal Council will advise the King on legal and political matters, and will be roughly equivalent to the House of Lords. The Congressional system will come into effect after the next elections in 1875 and the dissolution of the last Parliament. A new Congress Hall will be constructed to house the new legislature. Major changes are also being made to the economic system of Westralia, with the introduction of a new currency, the Sovereign, beginning in 1875. A Sovereign will be equal to about six shillings (half a pound), and is designed to be stronger than the Pound sterling, made possible by the recent discovery of vast gold reserves in the state of Esperance. The Sovereign will also be decimal, with a subunit worth a hundredth of the Sovereign, the Silver, being introduced at the same time. The designs for the new currency have been finalised, and the Royal Reserve Bank has begun printing Sovereign notes, and the Royal Mint has started producing Sovereign and silver coins.
  • Great Korean Empire: The industrial output continues to increase exponentially, and Western-style attire and infrastructure become increasingly prevalent. Over half of the students studying in territory education are sent to universities and colleges in the West to study their systems, then, upon returning, these people are tasked with integrating what they had learned into Korean systems. More schools, universities – to supplement pre-existing academic and literacy programs, as well as residential areas, hospitals (or clinics), canals, and paved roads are built. The Hanseong arsenal continues to be built and equipped with modern weapons. An act that states that the Korean navy should be at least 6/10 the strength of the largest naval power is implemented. Most of the military expenditure is directed to improving the navy; twelve more modern steamships are under construction, with a hundred and thirty eight already constructed.
  • Hawaii: The blockade on Raiatea continues, with still no response from their monarch. To possibly end the blockade, we offer them vassalization as the "Autonomous Province of Raiatea." (MOD RESPONSE REQUIRED) Meanwhile, we continue to improve infrastructure throughout the commonwealth, and we expand our military once more. We place troops and ships all over the Hawaiian Islands and its coast, preparing for a possible Dutch invasion. We continue to see a mix of western and Asian culture in the country, noting pagodas being constructed in Honolulu. We honor our alliance with Bora Bora.
    • Bora Boran Regency: We continue to build new warships and cannons using the Hawaiian plans, and also build more industries in the kingdom. The blockade on Raiatea continues, with still no response. We also improve infrastructure. We offer trade with Westralia.
    • MOD: Raiatea declines and declares war.
    • MOD: Huahine joins Raiatea in their war against the Hawaii due to their defensive alliance.
    • Kingdom of Rapa Nui
    • MOD: Samoa signs an alliance with Raiatea and join the war, fearing Hawaiian expansion, while public opinion is in favor of this due to Hawaiian atrocious acts against their neighbors.
    • MOD: Tu'i Tonga signs an alliance with Raiatea and join the war, fearing Hawaiian expansion, while public opinion is in favor of this due to Hawaiian atrocious acts against their neighbors.
    • MOD: Rapa Nui sign an alliance with Raiatea and join the war, fearing Hawaiian expansion, while public opinion is in favor of this due to Hawaiian atrocious acts against their neighbors.
    • Hawaiian Diplomacy: We make it clear that we do not wish for any more war, and that our troops will be strictly for defensive purposes. (OOC: Why would all the kingdoms get mad by me taking one country?)
    • MOD: OOC: You are extremely aggressive with other nations near you and they see you as their main threat/fear you, because you have cannons.
  • Guiana Federation: Military and infrastructure continues to progress, as Georgetown the capital city of Guiana Federation looks to have residential buildings completed through. Mostly, some of the recruitment of the troops begin to short little bit, as it stands that 150 troops are recruited which is now small as it seems. Some ports looking to build a ship in coast of Guiana Federation land. As it stands, it seems that it's not yet planned to build which is probably in progress whether to build more of the ships.
  • South African Republic: Conservatism and Nationalism continue to grow. Many blacks continue to be taken from there land and forced to work in diamond mines. Blacks are also forced to move North West. Expansion east continues. With Orange Free State and Natal annexed more money continues to be pushed into it. An invasion of Basutoland mounts.
New IndianFlag
  • Indian Empire: The first general election will be held next year, to decide the government which will rule for a five-year term. Currently power is held by the Government of the British Raj, this will be transferred to the two legislative houses of the Indian Republic. Work continues on infrastructure and the military continues to grow. A new flag has been raised high above the old Governors Palace to mark the new Indian Republic. (See flag)
  • United States of Colombia: The nation primarily focuses on Culture, has a secondary focus on Military, and follows the ideology of Liberalism. With President Salgar having one year left in his term, he increases his political activity. Salgar visits Venezuela multiple times to improve relations with their liberal president, Antonio Blanco. He also starts the intial corporation that is intended to provide social security, but it currently is not in effect. He also unusually states that he favors a younger politician to succeed him, named Francisco Bolivar Rey, a radical liberal unionista. Due to this endorsement, Rey gains a lot of base in the Liberal Party establishment. Liberalist dominance continues to spread throughout the nation, with the conservative party not recognizing the current presidential establishment.
  • Union of Jutland: King Christian IX of Denmark is crowned King Christian I of Schleswig-Holstein and Grand Duke Christian I of Saxe-Lauenburg. In Saxe-Lauenburg we begin building factories and industralizing the area in order to turn into the industrial heartland of Jutland. Nationalism as it is in Denmark is spread through out the area. On Iceland and Bali infrastructure is significantly improved with roads and schools being built. On Iceland efforts to industralize it begin. Holstein-Schleswig is improved in infrastructure and shops and ports being built. Ny Holstein on Bali is continued to being improved with the population growing. We offer up the chance to natives on Bali to join the Danish Royal navy and get paid along with jobs abroad Mod Response. We offer up a trade deal to Columbia in which we will give ship designs to increase their navy and we will be allowed to enter trade and use their ports.
  • Papal States: With Australia and Canada gaining total independence from Britain, Pius IX sends a Papal Nuncio to each, requesting formal diplomatic relations with the aim of signing a Concordat to protect the Church's rights. The Congregation Propaganda Fide conducts a symposium discussing missionary activity in Africa, and how to increase it with all the health problems that often affect Europeans in Africa. The ultimate result of the discussions is that more effort needs to be made to develop vocations to the Priesthood amongst Africans themselves. To assist with this, the Pope authorises the establishment of a proper seminary in Lorenço Marques in
    • Westralian Dip: The Catholic Church in Westralia requests that the Pope send a delegation to Westralia as well to protect Catholics in the country, especially as the majority of the population follow the Church of Australia.
    • Papal Dip: The Vatican apologises for forgetting the Westralians, and dispatches a delegation immediately to negotiate a Concordat with the Westralian government.
  • France: The new constitution of the Empire, voted in 18 May, 67 years since the coronation of Napoleon I, has been approved by the deputies. The project follows the instructions of Napoleon III, which led to calls of the opposition of fraud. There weren't any attempt of recounting because the papers have been burned as soon as the counting was over. Still, the constitution is still celebrated as a democratizing effort of the Emperor, and to prove his efforts, he has nominated as lifetime senators most of the opposition leaders, giving them control of the Upper House. The heir to the throne also has assumed his chair as Senator, making speeches that inspire most of the senators. There has also been created several new parties, representing several ideologies. Currently the government is headed by a liberal alliance, aligned to the Emperor. Despite this constitutional changes, most of the nation is celebrating the victory in Mexico and the concession of a quarter in Veracruz to the Empire. To better organize the situation in the Americas, the Emperor has proposed the creation of the Company of the French West Indies, responsible for administrating the Veracruz base, the Caribbean islands and French Guiana. The Emperor offered France as mediator in the talks of Canada and the United Kingdom, or instead a gathering of the Great Powers (currently France, United Kingdom, Russia, Austria and the Ottomans) to decide over the independence of Canada. The parliament also approved an increase of the regular army soldiers, from 500,000 to 550,000, that are yet to be recruited in a national effort. Also have been ordered around ten new light ships and two new heavy ships, most to simply renovate the navy, while the officers from the United Kingdom arrive and are accepted as members of the French Navy as proposed previously. Diplomatic missions have been dispatched to India, Westralia, Australia, South Africa and Mexico, to establish formal diplomatic relations and recognizing their independence. (SECRET) The Emperor sent a leader to elite members of Quebec, proposing that they revolt against Canada and they shall be protected by France if assuming a monarchy under the House of Bonaparte, not Napoleon III if they wish so. (SECRET END - MOD RESPONSE NEEDED).
    • MOD: Quebec elite agrees to rebellion proposal, preparations start.
    • Austrian Diplomacy: Supports Canadian independence, to weaken the UK as much as possible, due to the war we had one year ago. Also supports the independence of various ethnicities like Quebecois and Metis as to weaken Canada as much as possible.
    • Austrian Diplomacy (Secret): We offer France to partition Belgium, with us gaining Flanders and them gaining Wallonia. (Neither Swiss Confederation nor Belgium is neutral. They have annulled their neutrality)
    • French Diplomacy (Secret): We agree to the Austrian offer, but we would prefer an peaceful annexation, maybe a plebiscite, with propaganda as the best way to guarantee the protection of Belgium since the rebellions on the United Kingdom. Yet, if the only solution, France will accept and support an invasion
    • Austrian Diplomacy (Secret): We agree with French terms. An invasion will be initiated only after peaceful attempts for annexation, such as a plebiscite.
  • Austrian Empire: Emperor Franz Joseph I plans his next move. Development of our nation continues, improving our infrastructure and our industry. We continue to copy the structure of the Prussian army, with the help of our puppet Rhineland and apply it in our army. We continue centralizing the South German Confederation. Our economy benefits from trade with other members of the South German Customs Union.
    • Rhineland: We continue to gradually replace public employees which are loyal to Prussia with ones loyal to Austria. Our army keeps the Prussian structure and we continue to send every available information about the Prussian army to Austria. Our economy benefits from trade with other members of the South German Customs Union.
    • Ryukyu Kingdom: Austrian merchant ships dock here and other Treaty of Hanseong shared ports on their way to East Asia (Treaty of Hanseong) trade zone.
    • Franz Joseph Island: Colony is given the proper attention.
  • Toucouleur Empire: We continue to create factories and infrastructure to further and systematically develop our nation. We build to Belt of Segu with state of the art technology of forts and trenches. With a three pronged attack against Wattara, we make massive gains into their nation as their military is crushed and their military, economy and industry are severely damaged.


NOTE: From now onward, all mods are required to sign their name after mod comments, to ease identification of the moderators.

The sudden loss of territory (and the resources of said territories) from the British Empire causes a massive economic collapse. Aid to the United States ceases as the United Kingdom struggles to stay afloat. Industrialisation slows massively due to this downturn, and child labour becomes increasingly prevalent.

Anger against the monarchy in Britain swells, especially among imperialist patriots in England. Queen Victoria's popularity crashes completely as she is now known and will be remembered as the Queen who lost the Empire.

Armed revolt breaks out in cities across China in protest against the vacillating Taiping government, which has refused to take any action against the Miao and Nian Rebellions. Republican revolutionaries in China, inspired by the British Revolutions, seize control and arrest the Heavenly King, Hong Xiuquan. The leader of the Chinese Revolution, Huang Gelian, proclaims the establishment of the Chinese Republic, demanding that all European powers leave the country at once. The Chinese revolutionaries, armed with European weapons appropriated from the Taiping military, threaten violent action against Europeans in China, and the Chinese Republic adopts a highly xenophobic attitude. China's decade-long experiment with Christianity comes to an end as the new government reinstates Confucianism and Taoism as the sole official religions in China. Churches are closed and European bishops are expelled from their ministries on the threat of imprisonment or death. Chinese Christians are persecuted by the Republican government.

South African forces easily defeat King Moshoeshoe I forces in Basutoland, annexing the area.

The German Empire is proclaimed by Prussian Chancellor Leo von Caprivi, federating all the German realms in the North Confederation into a single political entity. King of Prussia Wilhelm I is crowned German Emperor, and all the other rulers in the Empire are formally subordinated to him. This is seen as a great political victory for Prussia, which in the years since the end of the German War has steadily rebuilt its influence in Europe.

  • Westralia: Our people are responding well to the reforms currently sweeping the country. The population explosion results in another expansion drive for our cities. New towns are also established, including Alexandria in the state of Stirling (OTL Margaret River), Kalgoorlie in Esperance as well as Theodora in Pilbara (OTL Port Hedland, Marapikurrinya in the local Karirayya language). Theodora is planned to eventually become the administrative centre of the thinly populated Pilbara region. Immigration is still in full swing as the Gold Rush begins in the Esperance region, with hundreds, if not thousands, flocking to the outback of Westralia to hunt for gold from neighbouring countries like Australia, as well as such far-flung places as America, Britain and Asia, seeking to make their fortunes. The Federal Government in Perth draws up plans for a national curriculum to be implemented in the near future, establishing the Royal Educational Standards Authority (RESA), a committee of the Royal Department of Education. As part of this education expansion effort, the Royal Swan University is commissioned, and construction of the campus begins on Government-purchased property. In other news, expansion of the military is also under way, with several new ships being ordered in Fremantle. The Royal Swan Navy now possesses twenty ships, six of which are steam-powered. All of these originated from Britain, and their crews had previously switched their allegiances to King Alexander. The national railway network begins construction as Westralia continues to industrialise, connecting the major cities of the country. The settlement of Alexandria is found to have perfect soil for growing wine grapes, and an attempt to boost the national economy through viticulture begins.
  • Republic of Canada: Economy, infrastructure and military improve. Population continues to grow, roads and farms are built or improved and cities continue to grow. More residential buildings, cultural and public buildings, commercial buildings, militaristic buildings, educational buildings and factories are built. Railway network continues building more railroads, connecting the major cities of the country. Trade continues booming with all countries of the world. New towns are founded in mostly Central Canada, as they begin crop down forests and creates huge areas of farms that eventually led to become world-led producer of bread, meat and milk. Native Indian reservations are established by the Canadian government and based on each tribal groups' homeland, to protect the Native Americans from killing by white peoples. es. The Native American population begins recovering faster to reach its current number as of 1600s before European came to Canada. Its projected to reach about five million in 1910 in just 40 years.
    • Why would Canada even be interested, much less invest that much in helping the Native community to recover? A plausibility strike for you. ~Wrto12
  • Guiana Federation: The military and infrastructure continues to improve, while more troops recruiting to the military and once some roads are continue to built. Although the roads are almost compelte, which could connect other cities and provide transport. Population is expanding in capital city so far, but some of the new weapons looks to begin developing for military. Some of the residential buildings almost looks to be completed, as there will be other as well in some other cities in our land.
  • Great Korean Empire: With the Chinese becoming increasingly aggressive and xenophobic, ten thousand troops are mobilised and stationed on the Sino–Korean border to protect any border clashes. As part of our modernisation program, industrial, education, Westernisation and naval development continues to be heavily prioritised. The industrial output and the amount of needed infrastructure – such as paved roads, railway, canals, factories, schools, libraries, and lastly, residential buildings, continues to increase exponentially. Westernisation continues, and Western institutions have been fully integrated into Korean systems.
  • Kingdom of the Netherlands: We continue industrializing and developing our economy and infrastructure. We finish integrating Limburg into our nation, uniting the two. We recognize the South African Republic and ask for trade and alliance. We also recognize Boer interests in Africa. We expand 10 px north into Africa inland and 10 px into Borneo, near the border with the South African Republic. We offer Sarawak and Zanzibar protectorate status, stating to Sarawak that Spain is a danger to them (MOD required).
    • MOD: Sarawak declines.
    • MOD: Zanzibar declines.
    • Dutch Diplomacy: We declare war on Zanzibar, mobilize 5000 troops and send them toward Mji Mkongwe and Mombasa.
  • Patagonia: The country continue to industrialize as part of Heiner von Kermann's plan. Many capitalist begin to come in the country. However, so opposed the rights given to the Mapuche, as they would do a good labor force without those rights. The army continue to grow, passing to at least 60,000 troops, which is deemed as a good number of soldiers for the country (more would be too much to keep efficient according to the King).
    • MOD: Way too much.
  • Hawaii: We place cannons on our ships and in 'Alihikaua to repel any foreign attacks, and prepare to engage in guerrilla warfare in the event of an attack; thankfully, the most that has ever happened in the war is minor clashes. We continue to improve our military and infrastructure, the modernization of Honolulu still a success. Universities, schools, and more roads are built throughout the commonwealth. Kamehameha V states that the Commonwealth of Hawaii welcomes all refugees from a collapsing Britain. We found the town and military fort of Palekaiko on Moorea Island. We continue to honor our alliance with Bora Bora. Also, to help our economy, we begin to tap into the early tourism industry. We also announce that we wish for no more war, and (seeing as this war is going nowhere) the possibility of a peace treaty will always be open. (MOD RESPONSES REQUIRED?)
    • MOD: If Tahiti regains its independence, then coalition agrees to peace.
    • French Diplomacy: The French government, due to the protectorate status of Tahiti, sent an ultimatum to the king of Hawaii. Either Tahiti is liberated, or full Hawaii comes under French protection, or a naval blockade will be imposed, with possible military intervention.
    • Hawaiian Diplomacy: We notify France and the Polynesian kingdoms that we are willing to negotiate a peace treaty.
    • Dutch Diplomacy: We show our support for France in this issue.
  • Bora Bora: We place military personnel at about 6500 soldiers. We estimate about 50 old ships with five brand new warships along with 250 cannons. (feel free to contradict, I am just making estimates). We deploy 750 soldiers with 25 cannons to launch an amphibious landing on Raiatea while sending 25 Old warships to patrol around coasts of Samoa destroying support ships along with damaging Samoan ports. We place a blockade around Huahine. We announce the birth of Pomare VI and throw festivals in his name. We build on infrastructure and our economy. We state that we are open to peace but until then we will continue to invade.
    • Hawaii Diplomacy: We notify Bora Bora to keep aggression to a minimum, as the Dutch have threatened to invade Hawaii in the event of further aggression in the Society Islands; we believe they can and will do the same to any of Hawaii's allies.
    • Dutch Diplomacy: We confirm the Hawaiian statements. We require you to not show any aggression, or else, your kingdoms will fall to us.
    • MOD: 250 cannons are way too many - more like 25 cannons max.
    • Bora Bora: We point out that as of 1847 we are a French Protectorate.
    • OOC Bora: OK, I thought that in a year and a half I would have more but I guess that makes sense. Also all of my old ships are similar to 1830s ships.
    • OOC Netherlands: I cannot find any proof of it, please link me.
    • OOC Bora Bora: There are other sites that mention it but this is the most solid. In OTL Bora Bora was resistant but it is helpful. Also I don't see why Europe would care about Oceania's petty wars.
    • OOC Netherlands: Could you show the exact quote? So far as I read about the Kingdom of Bora Bora, it was independent until 1888.
    • OOC Bora Bora: "In 1842, the French took over the islands and established a French protectorate they called Etablissements des français en Océanie (EFO) (French Establishments/Settlements in Oceania)."
    • OOC Netherlands: I read that the Marquesas Islands were taken over, not Bora Bora. So unless it's bluntly written Bora Bora, I am not taking it as proof.
    • OOC Hawaii: After doing a bit of research, I found that Tahiti was the only French protectorate in the Society Islands; probably because of that protectorate status of Tahiti the rest of French Polynesia was annexed.
    • OOC Netherlands: That's what I meant.
    • OOC Bora Bora: Look at the "List of French Possessions and Colonies" in Wikipedia. You will find the Society Islands under "French Polynesia" which is right under "Oceania".
    • OOC Netherlands: It was made clear that only Tahiti was part of it.
    • OOC Bora: Still wondering why the Dutch care about Oceania. You have Indonesia.
  • United States of Colombia: The nation primarily focuses on Culture, has a secondary focus on Military, and follows the ideology of Liberalism. As the election starts toward the end of the year, the presidency enters into a lame duck period. Salgar continues to endorse Francisco Bolivar Rey, against the main party establishment. Rey is a young very radically liberal unionista with a Colombian father and a Venezuelan mother. Liberalist dominance continues to spread throughout the nation, with the conservative party not recognizing the current presidential establishment, and not being able to present a viable candidate for the election.
  • France: The recruitment drive started earlier this year have been effective, with around 10,000 new regular soldiers being reviewed by the Emperor at Paris, while the other 40,000 are either being trained or being recruited across the nation, and even Algeria and Indochina. The heir to the throne, son of Napoleon III, is already 15 years old, which led to the Emperor seek, along the royal houses, an future bride. Due to the recent treaty, some consider an Habsburg princess as the preference of the Emperor, other believe an Italian princess. The Empress, however, said that will review any possible bride and is open to all applicants, without seeking one herself. The government has approved the increase of supplies in the army and navy since (secret) small arms, cannons, ammunition, gunpowder and military instructors disguised as artists are sent to Quebec to help the rebellion against the Canadian government. The parliament has also approved the transportation of military supplies to Korea and the rebelling factions in China, against the new republic (secret end). The Emperor, with consent of the parliament, has sent offers to the leaders of the nations close to French Indochina, namely Cambodia and Annam, for them to come under protection of France, given the recent violent xenophobic threats of the non recognized "Chinese Republic". (Mod Response Needed). Also has been sent, to Madagascar, an request to the Merina Kingdom to come under protection of France, with the royal family keeping their status and economical benefits in the new regime. (Mod Response Needed). The new ships requested have arrived, not increasing the navy, but renovating the fleet. Due to the recent possibilities of war, several weapons factories start opening across France, and the government has proposed to Austria to include Italy in the defensive agreement, as in the Treaty of Munich, if both nations agree. (Mod for Italy). Elections have been called to 1872, with projections giving victory to the ruling party.
    • Dutch Secret Dip: We ask France if they are interested in a war against Spain.
    • Austrian Diplomacy: We have no problem as we are already allied with Italy.
    • MOD: Merina Kigndom declines.
    • MOD: Cambodia accepts.
    • MOD: Annam accepts.
Tino Rangatiratanga Maori sovereignty movement flag

The New Zealand flag

  • Australia: After accepting to the terms of the Treaty of Alexandria, we continue to start building new areas of trade. In the 1871 election, Richard Dry keep his helm as the leader of Australia as he defeats James Martin in the election by 15 seats. The first act for the new term is that education would now be compulsory for children between the ages of five to 16 in hope of boosting education in the country. We also do recognise that the Aboriginal people was the first people to arrive here as we will give them full right to vote in the election as the hope of trying to improve their area. The train track from Adelaide has hit the border of Westrailia as they will have to finish the line to get to Perth. With no wars currently happening in the region, we will give New Zealand partial independence as they have been a great help so far and we recognize the local natives (Maori) in the region. But we do still keep the Australian part of Guinea in-case of an aggression from the Spanish.
    • Dutch Secret Diplomacy: We promise the Australian the northern part of New Guinea, if they help us destroy Spanish holdings in Asia and let us have the Bismarck Islands.
    • Australian Secret Diplomacy: To be honest, can you gives us a plan of where to attack from.
  • South African Republic: Expansion eastward and northward continues. Many Africans begin to work in the diamond mines. Farming and agriculture also grows. Construction also begins on a navy. Nationalism and conservatism also grow. King Moshoeshoe I is granted lands eastward in the Botswana subdivisions of Kgatleng District, Kweneng District, Southern District, and Kgalagadi District. King Moshoeshoe takes many of his followers and many other Africans begin to follow him for the creation of an African homeland under South African protection. Trade alliances and alliances are requested with European nations, as with allies Tariffs would be limited on diamonds. We also promise to support out allies if they wish to colonize southern Africa.
    • ​French Diplomacy: We would accept the trade agreement and alliance if South Africa license a port for use of the Empire for 50 years
    • South African Dip: We agree to these terms and will help the French establish a colony in OTL Nambia.
    • Dutch Diplomacy: We request that a map be drawn up to decide on the future of the region.
  • Toucouleur Empire: We continue to march on and conquer parts of Wattara as the southernmost areas still remain valiant in their defense as they have been divided in small groups as the masses of Wattara have stopped supporting the war. Our Belt of Segu has continued to have been developed as concrete foundations have been established for a total of 12 forts. We continue to develop all industries and technologies to help our nation.
  • Belgium: We continue to improve and recruit citizens to our military, bringing the number of soldiers to 20,000 men, which was the number we set out to bring it up to prior to the now concluded war. We also move to begin creating a colony in Africa, planning to settle the coast (The coast of modern day Nigeria/Cameroon). The area is much more suitable to grow the more tropical plants like cotton, cocoa, and coffee compared to Europe's climate, and those items are ones that are sought after. We prepare to begin colonization by the start of the next year, and hope to expand our kingdom. (Mod response required?) (From what I've researched, this isn't too implausible as Belgium formed it's Congo colony in 1885 and occupied the entire region that is now the DR of Congo, as well as much of the territory in that region on the most recent map for this game is unclaimed/uncontrolled/whatever the term is for it--)
    • MOD: No mod response is needed for colonazation of unclaimed territories.
  • Austrian Empire: In response to Prussia's creation of the North German Empire, the South German Confederacy reforms into the South German Empire. Development of our nation continues, improving our infrastructure and our industry. We continue to copy the structure of the Prussian army, with the help of our puppet Rhineland and apply it in our army. We continue centralizing the South German Empire.
    • Rhineland: We are now a part of the South German Empire.
    • Ryukyu Kingdom: South German Empire merchant ships dock here and other Treaty of Hanseong shared ports on their way to East Asia (Treaty of Hanseong) trade zone.
    • Franz Joseph Island: Colony is given the proper attention.
  • Jutland: We continue enlistment program to improve our army and nationalist propaganda thus our military increases to 61,00 men. We work to incorporate a Jutland nationalist feeling into Holstein-Schleswig and Saxe-Lauenburg. We work on infrastructure on Holstein-Schleswig and continue to build factories in Saxe-Lauenburg with five new openings. Another batch of Iron-clad oceangoing ships being creating with 6 new ships being created. Our first Warship is finished being named the S.S King Christian. We begin drawing up plans to colonize Africa west coast the planned area being the Otl Republic of Congo and Kinsha area. We begin sending ships to explore and establish outposts on the area. Mod response. Our country begins to benefit from trade in the treaty of Hanseong. Bali is improved infrastructure wise with more roads and schools being built with the port of Ny Holstein being increased every single day.
  • Japan: Our industrialization has gone good. Over 1500 western doctors have arrived at modern hospitals and 500 professors with various degrees drive at three modern colleges. We have a few architects that arrived and we plan to produce the first modernize city in japan, and try to modernize Edo and Kyoto over the next 15 years. We also create the first colonization program and 950 japanese colonist sign up. We buy $1000 worth of supplies, 150 modern guns, and send 150 colonist to set up a settlement on the islands of Foa and 800 colonist to matu'anua . We increase the size of our navy, and from being members of the Hanesong treaty, we have russian technology and can produce more modern ships. we increase the production of rice. Our steam ship industry is well underway with new factories we produce and advertise in the USA to investors that it would be a better idea to invest in our industry than american industries (Mod Response).


Violent protests in Hungary and unrest become prevalent as they feel under-represented in the Imperial government in Vienna, and that they are being treated as a "colony" of the South German Empire. Calls from all over Hungary demand that the Kingdom of Hungary be fully restored as an independent, sovereign nation.

Rebels in the Canadian Provinces of Palmerston and the Great Lakes begin to stir up trouble, pushing for independence from the Canadian Government in Quebec City.

  • United States of Colombia: The nation primarily focuses on Culture, has a secondary focus on Military, and follows the ideology of Liberalism. Liberal Manuel Murillo Toro is inaugurated in April after receiving a small majority of votes from the election, and he starts his second non-consecutive term. There is a change seen in the party as the moderate-radical split becomes more evident. Much of the establishment changes to the extremely radical side as Former President Mosquera announces his resignation from politics after losing the election. The very radical side of the party quickly rally behind the unionista Francisco Bolivar Rey. Although there is organization within the Conservative party, many voters still favor the Liberal party and the current presidency. As soon as Toro takes office he reforms the military. Previously with it being made up of 25,000 irregular and militia forces, Toro establishes an organized regular army of 50,000 (most of which are in reserves), requiring each state to contribute a little more than 5,000 regiments. The militia forces of the army are reduced to 10,000.
  • Hawaii: In a strive to modernize the commonwealth and move toward democracy even further, the Hawaiian parliament votes to change ideology to Liberalism. (MOD?) We continue expanding military and infrastructure, and modernizing Honolulu. The Western, native, and Asian cultures continue to mix in the Hawaiian islands. We expand our industries throughout the commonwealth. We also send 100 settlers to the currently uninhabited island of Niihau. We also continue to look into early tourism.
    • Hawaiian Diplomacy: Addressing Dutch, French and Polynesian concerns, we state that in exchange for peace, we will grant 'Alihikaua Province (Tahiti) a large degree of autonomy (self-governance), and will allow French operations in the area. (MOD FOR POLYNESIA)
    • French Diplomacy: We agree with the terms should we be granted a coastal city, such as Pepeete, for direct French administration and creation of a naval base.
    • Hawaiian Diplomacy: We agree, and we grant them a 75-acre plot of land a few miles south of Papa'i Ka'apeha (Papeete) to create a town and port for French operations.
    • French Diplomacy:A small fleet of two light ships and 2000 regular troops are sent to occupy and construct the Naval Base of Tahiti in the territory assigned by Hawaii. French natives will arrive after the area is secure and the base is fully operational. Any locals living in the area are accepted as French subjects, and may return to Hawaii ruled territories if so wish. We politely ask Hawaii to grant the same privilege to any subject living in 'Alihikaua Province to choose the become French subject or not, since then the protection Tahiti citizen have by France will be withdraw to any habitants that does not wish to live under French rule.
    • Hawaiian Diplomacy: We agree, but these new French subjects must take residence within the borders of the French town.
    • French Diplomacy: They will be considered "subjects in Tahiti" and as such will only retain citizenship if they have their home in French controlled Tahiti.
  • Republic of Canada: Economy, infrastructure and military improve. Population continues to grow, roads and farms are built or improved and cities continue to grow. More residential buildings, cultural and public buildings, commercial buildings, militaristic buildings, educational buildings and factories are built. Railway network continues building more railroads, connecting the major cities of the country. Trade continues booming with all countries of the world. New towns are founded in Central Canada.
    • French Diplomacy Due to the historical ties between the Quebecois and the French people, the government urges Canada to grant independence to Quebec, being unthinkable any other possibility. France proposes itself to negotiate in the name of the Quebecois, to establish a border and other possible issues. Should Canada refuse, diplomatic ties will the broken and further action may be taken.
  • Guiana Federation: The economy and infrastructure is improving, whilst the roads are going to be completed for connection with capital city and other cities as well. Seems that military looks to gain more troops by recruiting but as it stands the ships is planned to be built sometime next year. Some of the towns is yet to be discovered in Guiana Federation, until the discovering of a new town should be a good place to build more houses.
  • Belgium: We have sent out an expedition to the coast of Africa where we plan to create our first outposts and city for the colony we are planning. By the middle of the year, we will send out three ships to settle our first city on the coast. Our expedition offers to trade resources to the locals in the region, we offer our technology, money, supplies, etc in order that they join the Kingdom of Belgium, although the finer points of the deal can be discussed as well. (Mod response required) We continue to work on building the economy, and now transition to connecting all the major cities by a road system.
  • Indian Empire: Bakht Qadr wins a landslide victory in the Parliamentary Elections. His centre right government hopes to preserve India's economic stability outside of the British Empire and cement India as one of Central Asia's leading powers. His government pledges to continue expanding the military and will look to increase India's defence budget. After coming into office, Bakht Qadr seeks an alliance with Austria and The Netherlands.
    • Dutch Diplomacy: We agree, and we ask that we may have a Ceylonese port where we can dock our ships.
    • South German Empire Diplomacy: We agree to an alliance with India, but we ask for a Ceylonese port to dock our ships.
  • France: Elections are held across the nation, and the ruling party assures around 60% of the seats of the Lower House. In the recruitment drive, another 20,000 regular soldiers are fully admitted into the armed forces, while the other 20,000 recruited are still under rigorous training. Due to the threats of the, as called by government MP, "rogue state" China, the parliament has approved the creation of the Guarde nationale mobile (the mobile national guard), an conscription force, with prevision of reaching around 400,000 men, although less trained and experienced than regular soldiers; unlike the National Guard, this new organization is under direct control of the army. With that, the already 540,000 regular soldiers are to be supported by 400,000 conscripts, reaching an incredible force of 940,000 men under command of France. Due to this new situation, small arms and cannons industries are booming across the nation. 10,000 regular soldiers, in addition to the 30,000 already stationed, are sent to Mexico, while around 30,000 are sent to Indochina, to protect the border in the event of a Chinese assault. The Emperor, during a grand ceremony in the parliament, has announced the introduction of Annam and Cambodia entry in the Empire as protectorates, with the ruling families remaining under power, however giving great concessions to France, for protection against the threat to North. For better administration, Annam and Cambodia have been admitted into the French Indochina, being under authority of the local governor. (Secret) The government keeps sending supplies, financial support and disguised military specialists to help the rebellion of Quebec, while sending military supplies to Korea and Japan. In a personal letter to the Khedive of Egypt, the Emperor stated that France would help Egypt pay all debts, send military supplies and protect it should it rebel against the Ottomans and accept a protectorate status in the French Empire(Mod response). Also, the Emperor respond to the Netherlands, exposing his interest in the event of war with Spain, however preferring to postpone such war, due to the more immediate threat of China, against which Spain could be used. (Secret End). The Foreign Affairs Minister has sent a letter to the King of the Merina claiming that, under the terms of the Lambert Charter, France has a right to protect its investments in Madagascar and believes the only possible way would be under a protectorate. The minister also pointed a naval blockage and a military expedition should the ruler refuse. (Mod response). Napoleon III has sent, after much speculation, an offer to Franz Joseph I, Emperor of the South German Empire, to marry his daughter Archduchess Gisela with the Prince Imperial Napoleon, heir to the throne, as a way to solidify the Treaty of Munich.
  • ​OCC France: Shouldn't Quebec have started a rebellion by now? As they agreed to some time ago.
    • Dutch Secret Diplomacy: We agree that China is our current enemy now and that we should work together against them. We announce France that we are set on taking the island of Hainan as a colony for the Dutch.
    • French Secret Diplomacy: If war with China goes ahead, for which I believe a unified European effort would be an appropriate response, the Dutch are welcome to use Indochina as a base of operations due to its proximity to mainland China and to the island of Hainan. Just be sure to notify before moving any army or fleet.
    • South German Empire Diplomacy: Emperor Franz Joseph I agrees to marry his daughter with Napoleon, Prince Imperial, Napoleon III son, as a way to solidify the treaty of Munich.
    • MOD: Khedive of Wgypt agrees.
    • Merina (MOD): We agree. ~Tim
  • South African Republic: We continue to expand east. Many Blacks continue to work in the diamond mines and on farms. The white South African population continues to expand. Many poor Europeans are encouraged to move to South Africa and establish farms. The blacks continue to move to the Botswana homeland now names Bantuland. The diamond industry continues to expand making South Africa very rich. Nationalism continues to grow, as Brits are welcomed as members of the Boer race as long as the learn the Afrikaans langue. Influencing of the Cape begins.
    • Bantuland: Many more blacks continue to move there, as the natives are assimilated into black South African culture.
    • South African Dip: Alliances are requested with French allies. Austria and Italy (MOD) especially.
    • Dutch Diplomacy: We wish to become allies and participate in non-tariff trade with the Republic. We recognize the Boer as a legitimate government.
    • French Diplomacy: For the support in the colonization of the French South-West Africa, the French government will allow any Boer economical exploration on the territory now claimed due to the agreement with the South African government. The ones that wish to do so will pay reduced taxes to France and will be able to retain their South African citizenship, should they, and their government, so wish.
    • South African Dip: We become allies with the Dutch and agree to reduced tariff trade.
    • South German Empire Diplomacy: We agree to an alliance with South Africa and we ask for non-tariff trade between our great nations.
  • Kingdom of the Netherlands: We continue industrializing and developing our economy and infrastructure. We finish integrating Limburg into our nation, uniting the two. We recognize the South African Republic and ask for trade and alliance. We also recognize Boer interests in Africa. We expand 10 px north into Africa inland and 10 px into Borneo, near the border with the South African Republic and on the Bornean coast and start a colony in in the Niger delta called Willemsburg. We give Zanzibar an ultimatum to either become our protectorate or be invaded and become a colony. (MOD required).
    • French Diplomacy: We support the Dutch ultimatum and advise the authorities in Zanzibar that the Kingdom of the Netherlands will have full support of the French army and navy, should a war start.
    • MOD: Zanzibar agrees.
    • South German Empire Diplomacy: We ask Netherlands to sell us the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg.
    • Dutch Diplomacy: After pondering over the situation, we have come to the conclusion that we will sell the Grand Duchy for 10 billion gilders (today's money).
    • South German Empire Diplomacy: We agree and the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg is officially admitted into the South German Empire, while troops are marching in the streets, cheered by the crowds.
  • Toucouleur Empire: As we have finally crushed both the spirit and army of Kong, we are able to enforce unconditional surrender partitioning the nation of Kong. In order to secure the gold mines of Lobi and the great city of Kong, we instead give Gwiriko to Tenkodogo and Bagoe to Samori. We will continue to invest resources and money in improving all fields for our nation. The Belt of Segu is nearly complete as it towers over the town it will protect.
  • Patagonia: King Antoine I announces that the industrialization of Patagonia is a success and is going the right way. The army is also improving under Marshal Montessier. Secretary of State Heiner von Kermann begin to work for future economic policies in the kingdom.
  • Westralia: The Queen has just given birth to her second child! She has been christened Georgia Mary Frances Matilda Olivia Quentin Irene, or simply Princess Georgia. The birth of Prince Theodore's baby sister has the country in celebration. In other news, implementation of the Royal Congress is going smoothly, with the first elections to the new legislature to be held in 1875, when the last Parliament's term is due to expire. The House of Lords has completed its transfer to the Royal Council building in Perth, and will be formally reconstituted as the Royal Council after the elections. Construction of Congress Hall and the expansion of Stirling Palace are making steady progress, and are projected to be complete by the election. Expansion of our military and population are also proceeding well, with more migrants coming in due to the Gold Rush; the city of Kalgoorlie now supports about 3,000 residents. The Government also this year has passed a law through which Aboriginal Westralians are now full citizens of the Kingdom, with voting rights. Women are now also enfranchised, and the minimum voting age is currently 25.
  • Jutland: Our economy improves from the trade we have from the Treaty of Hanseong. On Bali infrastructure is improved with more roads and buildings being built. The port of Ny Holstein increases by 600 people. We begin to move our Asian navy into the island. We establish a small colony on OTL Kishana area in the DRC. Our military increases by 1900 men. We begin modernizing by purchasing canons and guns. Our second warship is completed and 6 new ironclad ships are added. In Saxe-Lauenburg we begin building up our factories with 6 new ones being created we moved troops in the area to protect against the GE. We begin to mobilize our Asian fleet to prepare for the invasion of china. We begin to send ships and technology to Japan to help them modernize. We begin building rail roads in mainland Jutland
  • South German Empire: Emperor Franz Joseph I must now make a decision of tremendous importance that its outcome will reflect in the ages. Development of our nation continues, improving our infrastructure and our industry. We continue to copy the structure of the Northern German army,and apply into our army. We continue centralizing the South German Empire.
    • Ryukyu Kingdom: South German Empire merchant ships dock here and other Treaty of Hanseong shared ports on their way to East Asia (Treaty of Hanseong) trade zone.
    • Franz Joseph Island: Colony is given the proper attention.
    • South German Empire Diplomacy: We offer all of our minorities (except the Czechs) Proposal one: New puppet states will be created from the South German Empire (Former Austria) along ethnic borders. Germans and majority ethnicities of the new states are going to have the same rights, as well as equal representation in the Parliament in the new states. (50% German- 50% majority of said nation) All those new states will assist South Germany with military in any wars, give an annual grant to our common budget and the South German Empire is going to represent them in their foreign policy. (MOD RESPONSE)
      • Hungarians (MOD): The Hungarian Nationalist Party rejects the proposal, and continues to push for a fully unified Hungary, independent of Vienna corrupting influence.
      • Czechs (MOD): The Czechs are infuriated at the calculated, intentional discrimination against them, and a violent uprising begins, led by Czech revolutionary leaders.
      • Romanians (MOD): The Romanians, unimpressed by Austria's stubbornness, continue to produce trouble, wishing to re-unify with the rest of Romania.
      • Slovaks (MOD): The Slovaks agree to representation in the Reichstag, and we are appeased.
      • Poles (MOD): Wishing for continued Austrian protection from Russia, the Poles of South Germany agree to this proposal.
      • All mod responses above done by Tim
      • Croatians (MOD): We agree to this proposal and the representation in the Reichstag.
      • Slovenes (MOD): The Slovenians, although grudgingly, accept the proposal and the representation in the Reichstag.
      • Serbians (MOD): We agree, though we demand justice for our brethren suppressed by the Ottomans.
      • Ruthenians (MOD): The Ruthenians, no longer under Polish oppression, agree with all their heart to this proposal.
      • All mod responses above done by AM, with permission by UR.
      • Ruthenians/Ukrainians? Croats? Serbians? Slovenes? What about their mod responses? ~Wrto12
      • Also i didn't do anything to offend the Czechs but whatever...~Wrto12
      • South German Empire Diplomacy: We attack with any strength we have against the Czechs revolutionaries as millions of Germans live in those areas and we will do everything in our power to protect our German citizens. We shall not let this slide. We offer the Romanians those lands in exchange for their support in the war/against the Czechs/accepting our terms. We also propose to the Romanian faction that shall they wish to reunify with Romania, Romania must be under Austrian influence at least for us to accept. We make the same proposal to Romania. Czechs are offered to remain a part of the South German Confederation while gaining representation in the Reichstag. (MOD RESPONSE)
      • Romanians (MOD): We demand the land between the two cores, which was historically Romanian. If the government in Vienna accepts, we shall join you.
      • Czechs (MOD): We refuse, due to the outright oppression of our kind. We shall never be under German oppression again.
      • All mod responses above done by AM, with permission by UR.
      • UR isn't a mod, therefore can't give permission to make mod responses.
      • South German Empire Diplomacy: We counteroffer Romanians with this offer. We also secretly promised the Serbians justice for their brethren suppressed by the Ottomans when the time is right and we allow this offer to spread as a rumor, although officially denying it, intending to gain the support of the Serbians in the long term as this rumor spreads and eventually becomes a legend.


The newly formed Hungarian Nationalist Party becomes hugely popular, and calls for an independent Hungary become stronger and stronger as the year wears on. The protests and riots in Budapest and other Hungarian cities become increasingly numerous and violent, with many deaths resulting from these. Other minorities in the South German Empire, inspired by the Hungarians, also begin protesting, calling for more representation in the Reichstag and other Imperial bodies. The Czech revolutionaries proclaim the establishment of the Czech People's Republic, which is not recognised thus far by any sovereign nation.

Irish nationalists declare independence from the United Kingdom. Great Britain rejects this declaration, and the Irish Revolution begins, with the newly-formed Army for Irish Independence (Óglaigh Neamhspleáchas na hÉireann, ONE) marching on Dublin. The Republic of Ireland is proclaimed, and Queen Victoria has, according to ONE media, been deposed.

Republican control has been secured in China, and Heavenly King Hong Xiuquan is exiled from the country. The Chinese Republic's government continues to demand that European powers depart from China, and voids the loans of lands to European colonial empires (Portugal's Macau and Britain's Hong Kong) and thereafter seizes these lands, reintegrating them into China.

  • Guiana Federation: Military and economy is improved, as some of the roads are being finalised which probably is now connected in Georgetown, but more cities will be connected while more towns is still looking to be founded. Although, much of that will take a town to build more cities and roads to connect it. As it stands, military recruits 250 men which so far seems a small gain. Some of the fortifications still yet to be planned to built, as it seems that the population in Georgetown is slightly improving.
  • Hawaii: 'Alihikaua's autonomy plan is working, the French satisfied and improving rebel opinion. We continue to improve/expand or military and infrastructure. The public is satisfied with the Hawaiian Parliament's decision to convert to Liberalism. Honolulu continues to modernize, and settlements on Midway, Niihau, and Moorea grow. Regarding the unrest in China, we send out naval scout ships armed with cannons to search for any possible Chinese aggression. We continue to honor our alliance with Bora Bora. Westernization and Asian cultures continue to mix, and a government-funded Asian cultural center is built in the Manoa district of Honolulu. Kamehameha V passes away in December, with Kamehameha VI only 6 years old. Victoria Kamāmalu will be act as the monarch until Kamehameha VI is of age, her royal name Queen Kaʻahumanu IV.
  • Russian Empire: After many months of peace and relaxation of the draft laws, the Russian economy is in a large boom period. Emperor Alexander II continues to be extremely popular as industrialization brings thousands of new, productive jobs to urban centers. This is offset by agricultural advances in farming techniques, allowing young civilians to move to the cities from their ancestrally-worked farms. Alexander II then introduces a new educational program, aimed at educating all boys up to the age of 16 for free, at which point they can continue on at a university or enter the workforce. For poorer families, the boys can opt to study half-time, working to support their family the other half. With the threats of rebellions in most major neighbors, military officers convince the Emperor to adopt a rotational draft system, with one-fourth of the army standing at any point in peacetime.
    • Russian Diplomacy: We offer to buy all Ukrainian, Ruthenian and Polish lands from Austria-Hungary for five million rubles and 80,000 men (10,000 Polish and 70,000 Russian) to protect the Austrian homeland.
  • Bora Bora: With the large inroads into Raiatea we offer them peace as an autonomous region in Bora Bora. (MOD RESPONSE REQUIRED) We adopt western policies and work on building up industrial capabilities while continuing to produce ships. We continue to work on our military. We ask to purchase rifles from the United States of America. (MOD RESPONSE REQUIRED).
    • MOD: Raiatea declines.
    • MOD: The United States declines. ~Tim
  • United States of Colombia: President Toro is mostly inactive and consolidates the Liberal power base in the country. He takes a strong stance against the conservative party, and seizes more land from the Catholic Church and redistributes it to poor Colombians for development. He also exiles the politicians: Mariano Ospina Rodríguez, Bartolomé Calvo, Julio Arboleda, Braulio Henao, and Leonardo Canal for warcrimes and their stance on the civil war which occurred in the 60s. This leaves the Colombian "Conservador" Party, although organized, without strong leadership. Francisco Bolivar Rey continues unionista campaigns and meets with liberals in Ecuador and Venezuela. He clearly has the vote of the people, so much of the Liberal party rallies behind him calling themselves "New Liberals". Toro does not take a stance on this, and also states that this will be his last term for President. Toro secretly invites and meets with Chilean liberals Federico Zañartu, Aníbal Pinto, and Domingo Santa María about restoring a Chilean republic (SECRET).
  • South African Republic: Many Europeans begin to emigrate to our great nation settling in the Natal colony and establishing farms. The immigrants begin to be have conflict with the Zulu. Many immigrants also begin intermarrying with Zulu brides as a peace offering. The diamond industry continues to expand with many blacks working in it. Expansion north and east continues. Many blacks continue to move to Bantuland. Nationalism and conservatism continue to expand. SECERT: We continue influencing the cape colony for independence .
    • Bantuland: Continues to expand with many African chiefs being granted noble titles.
      • South African Dip: We request that France establish a co-protectorate of Madagascar, simmilar to French and Spanish Morocco. The Boer zone of influance would be considerably smaller.
  • Papal States: With Ireland gaining its independence, the Pope sends a Papal Nuncio to establish diplomatic relations. In other news, the disturbing rise of the anti-foreign Chinese Republican regime worries the Vatican about the safety of the many missionaries currently working in China.
  • Belgium: We send an offer to the Republic of Ireland to trade, as well as recognizing them as a sovereign nation. We settle our first city in Africa, called New Bruxelles (New Brussels) and we begin to cultivate coffee, cocoa, cotton, and other tropical plants that are sought after. We plan on sending several other ships to start colonizing our claimed region of Africa, as well as military to defend our new colony.
    • Belgian Secret Diplomacy: We offer to send supplies, including military supplies, to the Czech, as our own nation was born out of rebellion from an oppressive rule. We also offer to attempt to convince the South German Confederation to either stop oppressing the Czech or to allow them their independence. (Mod response required)
    • MOD: They decline.
    • Which mod is this? Please identify yourself in all mod comments.
    • OCT, Belgium can't influence a nation that is an empire.
    • South German Diplomacy: Insults the Belgian nation after declining their meddling in rebellions.
  • Japan: Our government passes three acts regarding colonization, Guano colonies act , Shogun colonies act, and the Japanese settlement act. Using the Guano colonies act we claim four locations (Caroline Island, Carondelet Reef, Butaritari, and Birnie island) to be used for the extraction of seabird Guano to be sold as fertilizer. We establish the Guano Island company to organize the mining. We establish pineapple plantations on Foa and Matu'anua and use our 1,000 Japanese colonist spread out on both to farm pineapples to compete with Hawaii, offering subsidies on pineapple farming. We get American investors to invest in our steamship industries, we are able to build five new factories with the extra money. We increase the yield of rice in our mainland.
  • Toucouleur Empire: We begin to incorporate Kong into our nation as we begin to export their gold for money. We will continue to improve on our military, economy and industry in our nation as now 20 percent of our nation live within our cities. With the Belt of Segu complete is commemorated with a great military parade. Liberia is now firmly within our sphere of influence as they have been completely swayed by our policies, politicians and power. In our first act, we organize all of our vassals under a trade federation with no tariffs in between our nations. This allows to import European goods easily through Liberia. We build Islamic schools in our major cities as the knowledge of islam should be spread and we make it optional for the ages of 6-8 to be taught math, history, geography and language.


A Hungarian nobleman proposes Hungarian independence along the lines of the Kingdom of Hungary in Austria Hungary. The Habsburg monarch would remain the symbolic head of the nation. Hungary would help Austria in crushing the current ethnic rebellions in exchange for Independence along these lines.

The ideas and tenets of socialism, as originally theorised by Karl Marx in 1848, begins to rise in popularity, especially in the turbulent regions of Ireland, China and eastern Austria.

Note: The Socialism ideology is now available.

The British are brutally efficient in stamping out the young Irish Republic. Members of the ONE are hunted down with extreme prejudice by soldiers zealously loyal to the institutions of the former Empire. Queen Victoria is desperately trying to keep the country together, and to rebuild her destroyed popularity. Talk of secession in Scotland becomes more prevalent.

The United States' economy has made a full recovery.

Many Catholic missionaries trapped in China are forced to go into hiding as the Chinese Republic's newly-formed secret police, named National Emergency Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage (Chinese: 全國緊急事務委員會打擊反革命和破壞活動, Pinyin: Quánguó jǐnjí shìwù wěiyuánhuì dǎjí fǎngémìng hé pòhuài huódòng), begins hunting down these missionaries, with orders to kill on sight. The Government appears to be determined to rid China completely of Western influence.

  • Jutland: In Bali we increase infrastructure and begin to creating a naval base on small surrounding islands. We promise the dutch that this is for asian colonization purposes. In Africa the OTL area of congo is colonized with a small colony called Ny Kiel on the OTL Kinsha area we also begin to start trade and contact on the Souther coast of Cameroon making our colonies/areas of interest very close to the Belgians. In Saxe-Lauenburg the industrialization process is going along finally with many factories being built dedicated to building of technology, machines and secretly weapons of war and ships. Another war ship has been completed. 10 new iron clad battleships have been completed. 8 colonial ships have also been completed. In Northern Schleswig-holstein we begin to undergo the same industrialization process however more geared toward technological development. We begin gearing up secretly for the invasion of china with more ships and troops being stationed there. Our army increases by 3,500 men. We secretly send ships and weapons to korea and japan to prepare them for the invasion.
  • Patagonia: The King, who was absent for work, finally learned the news. His heir, Adrien-Jean, had a son in October 1872 while the King was away. The boy was named Vincent-Antoine after his maternal grandfather, Marshal Vincent Montessier, and his paternal great-uncle, King Antoine I. Second in line for the throne after his father, it mean the boy will one day ascent to the crown as Antoine II. Work is done to improve the industries and the army.
  • France: The Emperor, in the name of the government, has recognized Quebec as a full independent nation, breaking diplomatic ties with Canada, and communicating his intention to only return if Canada recognizes Quebec as independent. Also trade has been forbidden between any French citizen or company and Canadians, unless Quebecois fighting for Independence. Currently there is a law in the parliament, yet to be approved, considering military intervention on Canada, should that nation refuse to recognize Quebec by 1874. A naval blockage has been initiated on Madagascar, with port cities being bombarded by the First and Second Imperial Fleets. Should this not convince Madagascar to enter French protection, an expeditionary force, of 25,000 regular soldiers and 10,000 national guard men will be sent to invade the island (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED). The public opinion is in favor of the government, since the marriage of the princes of France and Austria is already being planned and in favour of supporting the French canadians in Quebec. The Emperor has sent a letter to Franz Joseph I, showing his support to the government in Vienna and said that won't recognize any nation separating from the South German Empire if not with a Habsburg in the throne. Should the Emperor require, the French government may grant an army corps to help deal with the rebellions and will understand if the Austrian troops in Mexico are withdrawn during this time. The French South-West Africa company is created, being directly responsible for setting a colony in the area agreed with the South African government. Applicants to set colonies in France are sent to South-West Africa, being granted a moderate piece of land, currently only lands in the coast are being granted and occupied. (SECRET) The Emperor has approved sending supplies and military advisors to Quebec and Egypt to help in the rebellions, and has asked the Khedive to start rebelling against the Ottomans, to come under French protection. Once the rebellion start his debt with France will be forgotten. (SECRET END) Also the 10,000 regular soldiers are incorporated into the army and the effective number reached the intended 550,000, while the National Guard reaches around 300,000 men already signed in and with basic training, while the government expect another 100,000 to sign up later this year.
    • French Diplomacy (To South Africa): We would agree if South Africa contributes to the war effort against the Merina Kingdom (I assumed they repeated their first answer) and (SECRET) recognize possible French interests in Egypt and Quebec (SECRET END)
    • South African Dip: South Africa agrees.
    • French Diplomacy (To Papal States): We request the Pope to conduct the marriage of the heir of France and the daughter of the South German Emperor, either in Notre Dame or Vatican if the Pontiff so wish. The Emperor also request the heir to be crowned by the Pope after his passing, offering French Indochina to be used as a base of operations to keep contact and protection to the catholic missionaries in China, due to its violent threats against Europeans.
      • Papal Diplomacy: Pope Pius IX agrees to travel to Paris to conduct the wedding, and will arive later in the year (i.e. 1873.5). Cardinal Lucien Bonaparte is sent ahead of him to make preparations. His Holiness also thanks the French government for their offer of Indochina as a base of operations, and he exhorts the Emperor to consider military action (along with other Chtistian nations) to protect both the missionaries and the many Chinese converts.
    • South German Diplomacy: South German Corps shall not withdraw from Mexico, at least for now, while we do ask for French assistance to crush the rebellions, reminding the rest of the world that the only one who will actually benefit from the rebellions is the Russian Empire.
    • French Diplomacy: The French government has authorized an army corps of 50,000 national guard soldiers to come under South German command against the rebellions.
  • Westralia: Since the acceptance of Aboriginals into the formal citizenry count, our population is now estimated to be at around 500,000, surpassing all expectations. Many of these citizens have connections to the military, stemming from the mass immigration subsidised by the government in an effort to retain the existing military forces in Westralia immediately following independence. Asians also make a large fraction of our population, especially Koreans. Major population centres include Fremantle, Perth, Alexandria and Kalgoorlie. In other news, the military's expansion has been accelerated, as mobilisation begins in preparation for an EOMAED Coalition invasion of China. It is hoped that we will be able to establish ourselves as a regional power in the event of a Coalition victory. Our economy continues to improve as more reserves of natural resources are found in the goldfields of Esperance, so much so that we are planning to rename the state Auralia. The King celebrates the third anniversary of his coronation and later in the year the first birthday of Princess Georgia. Work begins to complete the railway between Adelaide and Perth, dubbed the "South-West Line" by Westralian media sources. The line will run through Albany, Augusta and Alexandria before terminating at the newly-constructed Perth Central Station. Central Station will be the core of a new nation-wide rail network, to connect all the major settlements in Westralia.
    • Hawaiian Diplomacy: We request to Westralia a 30-year lease of Carnac Island (off the coast of Fremantle) to build a port for better trade with Perth.
    • Westralian Diplomacy: Carnac Island is a little small. We thus offer to Hawaii a 30-year lease on Rottnest Island to build a port which would help connect the island to mainland Westralia. We believe Rottnest has tourism potential, and thus is willing to have Hawaii help us develop the island. The price is two million Sovereigns initially, and §100,000 per year thereafter.
    • Hawaiian Diplomacy: We accept, and construction of the port begins.
  • Hawaii: Our military and infrastructure improve. Our modernization of Honolulu continues; there is a want for this change to also happen in Kailua-Kona, where modernization is starting to occur. Western and Asian cultures continue to mix, and we see our first Lunar New Year celebrations in Honolulu, along with the Western New Year on January 1st. Settlements throughout the Commonwealth grow, in the Marshall Islands, Midway, Niihau, and Moorea.
    • OOC Hawaii: Mods need to check talk page, a few applications have come up with no responses.
  • United States of Colombia: President Toro is mostly inactive and consolidates the Liberal power base in the country. Toro also sets the Colombian peso onto the gold standard, making it pegged to the French franc at one peso = five francs. The Colombian "Conservador" Party, although organized, remains without strong leadership. Much of the liberal party rallies behind Francisco Bolivar Rey, and call themselves "New Liberals". Toro continues to secretly meet with liberal politicians throughout South America.
  • Great Korean Empire: The Emperor Gojong becomes wary of China’s xenophobic, anti-Western ideals and officially approves the declaration of war. He initiates a campaign to invade and occupy Northeast China and the Shandong peninsula. The Korean navy, numbering twenty steamships, attempts to occupy the city of Dalian and the rest of the Liaodong peninsula. Meanwhile, one hundred thousand troops are mobilised across the Sino–Korean border in order to protect the peninsula from a Chinese counterattack. While most of the imported military equipment (from France and Jutland) is given to the Korean troops, a few dozen are given to Korean scientists to improve upon the models and to study them so that the Koreans can mass-produce them. Korea officially adopts a policy of Korean patriotism and nationalism (though racism and related discrimination is still banned by law), and a foreign policy that centres on defence and nurturing diplomatic and economic ties. As part of our modernisation program, the industry, education, Westernisation and naval development continues to be heavily prioritised. The industrial output, agricultural production, and the amount of needed infrastructure – such as paved roads, railway, canals, factories, schools, libraries, and lastly, residential buildings, continues to increase exponentially. Shipbuilding, and other heavy industries continue to flourish from investment. Westernisation continues, with Western attire and architecture becoming more and more common.
    • French Diplomacy: We can grant the blueprints for local production of the French rifles if the Koreans agree to pay a fee for every produced rifle. The government, however, expressed such fee would not be charged during the war against China. Also, we offer Indochina as a new front against China, with nations allied to Korea being authorized to run across the territory and establish a military camp for as long the war remains; although we won't join, at this moment, the war, only keep sending some supplies to Korea.
    • REXMOD: Not even the US has adopted worker's rights at this time period; an East Asian country certainly wouldn't do so yet, especially without an elected government. Take a plausibility strike for that one.
    • Papal Diplomacy: The Papal Nuncio to Korea suggests that, as a way of showing Korea's modern and pro-Western development, an invasion of China to overthrow the corrupt, anti-Western and Christo-phobic, the Great Korean Empire could be considered (perhaps in concert with European powers.
      • Korean Dip: We are already conducting an invasion of Northeast China, collaborating with the members of the Eurasian Organisation of Mutual Defence and Economic Development.
  • Japan: A small four-acre pineapple plantation has been built on our Foa colony employing 100 of the 150 inhabitants of the settlement. It is estimated to produce 20,000 Pineapples per quarter. Two pineapple plantations are underway in Matu'anua where 800 japanese colonist live. One ef the plantations is going to be 6 acres large and the other 30 acres large. Our settlement program was a larger success than we estimated, over 5500 Japanese men and women signed up to colonize pacific islands. We invest $20,000 into the venture and declare any piece of land that exist in the Gilbert Islands are part of Japanese Oceania . We plan to settle our 5,500 Japanese colonist there over the next three years. We send 300 Colonist to Tarawa and 350 to Nonouti to set up settlement. We request Korea, Westralia, Russia, The Netherlands, and/or Denmark to invest in the Japanese Pineapple company, in return they can expect a return on their investment and cheaper pineapple imports. American investors continue to invest in our steamship Industries and we can begin the beginning of mass-producing them. We increase our navy size by 25 warships. We increase rice production. Seeing our ally Korea invading the Xeno-phobic China, we do the same. We land 20,000 troops on the island of Taipei, 10,000 on Chongming and 40,000 divided equaling land in the prot cities of qingdao, and xiamen (Algo waiting for this attack)
    • Korean Dip: The government agrees to give a loan of capital to Japanese pineapple industries.
    • Hawaiian Diplomacy: We notify Japan that we are looking to sell our claims in Kiribati and Marshall Islands for $500,000.
    • Japanese Diplomacy: We accept the Hawaiian offer of selling their claims in Kiribati and Marshall Islands.
    • Westralian Diplomacy: Pineapples are a rare luxury for Westralians, as we cannot grow pineapples here. We agree to invest in the pineapple trade, and in return we ask the Japanese government to invest in our booming wine industry.
  • Guiana Federation: We continue to militarise our troops. Infrastructure and economy improved while the population is slightly once again growing bit up in Georgetown. Although some road networks are connected to Georgetown and some other cities as well, which could help the population rise, but it expects some ups and downs from that particular situation. The weapons are indeed not yet planned for the development, as it seems the military is still yet to hold for few years. But as it seems that some of the supplies are looking great as it stands now.
  • Bora Bora: With the complete capture of Raiatea we annex the kingdom and ask for an armistice with other islands. (Mod Response Required) We start to lean toward Nationalism. (Too early?) We build up our military putting numbers at about 2600 soldiers. We take a national census to place population at 35,000 people. We start construction of schools and markets to increase infrastructure.
    • Hawaiian Diplomacy: We endorse the cease-fire proposal.
    • Other islands (MOD): We agree, wishing for peace in our region. ~Tim
    • MOD: No, you are welcome to begin the transition to Nationalism. You just need to declare it on the focuses and ideas table on the talk page. ~Tim
    • OOC Bora Bora: Ok. Thanks.
  • South Africa: Immigrants continue to move in and intermarry in Natal. The diamond industry expands. More blacks move to Bantuland. Presuits in other mining industries begins. Seeing that the South African govenment has gotten a lot of money we request that France help is modernize our army. South Africa continues to expand east and north.
    • Bantuland: The kingdom continues to expand with chiefs of tribes bring granted titles. Modernization and Europeanization contiues. We expand north.
    • French Diplomacy: The French army will send the non assigned military instructors to help the training of the South African army. Also some 25,000 regular army men and 10,000 national guard soldiers are sent to assure occupation of French South-West Africa, help the South African army with experience and (SECRET) be in stand by for further instructions and a possible invasion of Madagascar (SECRET END)
  • Toucouleur Empire: We continue to industrialize our nation but there are some problems with reactionaries who oppose our new reforms as they state that this not the old or Islamic ways of conducting life. We send embassaries to reason with these village elders as they are opposing our efforts as we hatch plans to defeat these dissidents. The continued growth of our economy on the international scale has provided our nation with a large enough treasury to create our own banks. Our school system is only enrolled by the rich as the poor is unable to be taught as they need to work to survive although we try to convince the masses to join the school system.
  • Portugal: News reaches the public of the china's seizure of Macau. Most are indifferent, but some start to call for a response. We build up our army and continue to industrialize. We expand our colonies. Seeing several forces invading china, we do the same, sending forces to seize our former colony, Macau. With 6000 troops (mods, is this acceptable?), we start to push in. We warn Japan to steer clear of our rightful land. We ask to join the Eurasian pact.
    • Papal Diplomacy: His Holiness Pius IX implores His Most Faithful Majesty, who has always stood up for the rights of the most Holy Church, to consider military action against the Chinese revolutionary government to protect both the missionaries and the many Chinese converts.
  • Papal States: News of the persecution of Catholic Missionaries and of Chinese converts [if the otl Boxer rebellion is anything to go by] in China causes grave concerns to the Pope. He sends urgent appeals to Christian nations to take decisive action to end the persecution. Theologians affirm that invaing China to remove a violently repressive regime which hunts down priests and converts would constitute a "just war" under the Church's long-standing doctrine. Pius IX hopes that his Apostolic journey to France later in the year will be a good opportunity to raise support for the poor missionaries. In other news, the seminary in Lorenço Marques begins training native Africans for the priesthood, with some hoping to be admitted to Minor Orders within the year. Money, resources, and manpower is readied to be sent to a base of operations in French Indochina in aid of the Chinese missionaries.
    • Chinese diplomacy (MOD): The Great Revolution will never perish. The Supreme Monk of the Grand Revolutionary Temple in Tianjing issues a warning to Rome, declaring that if the blasphemous Christians dare to set foot in our Confucian lands again, the terrible anger of the Gods will result in a retributive strike of justice on the Pope himself. He has been warned. Long live the Revolution!
  • Belgium: (Sorry my turn was deleted somehow) We finish sending ships to our colony to build the military and claim more territory. We begin to send cocoa, cotton, and other valuable items grown/harvested in the colony and send it to Belgium to be refined and traded to other countries. We expand 5 px from where we originally landed. We hold a festival in Brussels after the first refined goods are made from our colony's materials, and the price of those items is discounted to the lowest it can be without being counterproductive for the duration of the festival.
  • The Russian Empire enters 1873 with an important announcement from Emperor Alexander II. In a speech on New Year's Day, the Emperor announces to great fanfare that he will oversee the establishment of a Duma (or Parliament) for the Russian people. While no timetable is set, the Emperor is scheduled to meet with many important regional leaders to ensure the most equitable representation in the new Duma. The economy continues to flourish, in spite of the loss of trade with xenophobic China. Upon hearing of the large and multi-faceted coalition (largely rooted in the Treaty of Hanseong) to reinstate a friendly government in China, the Emperor declares war and sends 100,000 men to invade the nation, starting in Xianjiang and Mongolia.


The Irish Government calls out to Europe for assistance against Britain's counteroffensive on the Republic. The ONE is losing badly to the UK's far more organised armies, and eastern Ireland has been reoccupied by the United Kingdom.

China's aggressive foreign policies have isolated it from the rest of the world, with the Eurasia-Pacific Organisation for Mutual Assistance and Economic Development (EPOMAED) arming itself to fight China's armies. Catholic missionaries in China are still heavily persecuted, and the lynching of missionaries is not an uncommon sight. In many towns across the country, missionaries are hunted down, dragged to town, stripped of their religious belongings and publicly hanged, with many screaming "Long live the Revolution; Down with the White Devil!"

Hawaii's economy suffers a turn for the worse due to a competitive Japan's booming new pineapple industry. Plantations produce too much for demand, causing prices to dangerously plummet.

The United States, having made a full recovery, turns their attention to reconquest of their lost territories from Canada. The US Government issues a declaration of war against the Republic of Canada, and immediately reinstates conscription and sending its armed forces into the Palmerston and Great Lakes Provinces, in the hope that they can recover their former States of Washington, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Canada's troubles don't end there, as Quebecois continue to increasingly violently protest, calling for the Province's secession from the rest of Canada. The Federal Government is thus evacuated from Quebec City, transferring to Ottawa, Ontario, which is declared the new capital.

  • Hawaii: To save our economy, we work in new industries like fishing, sugarcane, and oysters. We offer to the United States (MOD RESPONSE REQUIRED), South Africa, French Indochina, and Dutch Indonesia new pineapple trade agreements, determined to keep up competition with Japan. We issue an edict for all ships, civil, trade, and navy, to keep away from Chinese waters. We begin promoting tourism in the Commonwealth, advertising "wonderful scenery, colorful wildlife, and beautiful beaches." (too early?) Our military and infrastructure still improve, although with the decrease in GDP it has been proven harder to do.
    • United States (MOD): Given the improved economic situation in Japan compared to in Hawaii, many American investors see it as too much of a risk to put money into Hawaii's pineapples, and thus decline.
    • Korean Dip: We offer to give you $4.69 million (in 1875 prices) worth of capital to keep the local pineapple industry alive.
    • OCTMOD: You can't just do that, what's written is final.
    • OOC Hawaii: Proposal revocation I'm sure can be accomplished in 6 months, maybe take this issue to the talk page?
    • Dutch Diplomacy: We outright refuse, due to our support of Japan's pineapple venture.
    • Patagonia Dip: Secretary of State Heiner von Kermann would like to offer Hawaii a trade deal, pineapple and sugarcane in exchange of agricultural products from the fields of Patagonia.
    • Hawaiian Diplomacy: We agree.
    • Korean Dip: We offer to give Hawaii more foreign investment in return for a few territorial concessions. We would also like you to relax immigration policies to allow an inflow of Korean immigrants.
    • Hawaiian Diplomacy: We agree to allow Korean immigration, as Asian culture is already strong in the Hawaiian Islands. We request which territories you would like to be ceded in exchange for foreign investment; however, options may be limited as we have just sold the Marshall Islands and Kiribati.
  • Westralia: With mobilisation of our troops complete, we prepare to issue our declaration of war on China, in agreement with the rest of the EPOMAED. We ask France to grant our troops passage through French Indochina, through which we can launch our offensive on southern China. 10 ships of the Royal Swan Navy prepare to set sail, aiming to attack Hong Kong and other coastal Chinese territories. Construction of the new port on Rottnest Island begins with Hawaiian assistance. It is intended that the new Rottnest port will serve as an alternative to Fremantle should it become crowded in the future. In other news, it is announced that the Queen has given birth in September to the Royal Family's third child, named Prince William Alexander George Oliver Michael Francis Nicholas, or Prince William. The baby is second in line to the throne of Westralia, after his older brother Prince Theodore.
    • French Diplomacy: We grant the troops passage, and advise we will also engage in battles across South China
  • Great Korean Empire: The Emperor Gojong continues the war with China, with his subordinate officers commanding Korean troops to try and occupy the strategically important city of Dalian (referred as "Dalyeon"; 달연) and the northern tip of the Shandong peninsula. If these areas are conquered, the Koreans can blockade the Bohai Sea and isolate Beijing from the outside world. Five more steamships are deployed in Dalian. Five thousand troops are stationed on the Sino–Korean border, in an event the hundred thousand troops fighting in Manchuria fail to fend off a Chinese counter-attack. As part of our modernisation program, the industry, education, Westernisation and naval development continues to be heavily prioritised. The industrial output (with shipbuilding, steel, and other heavy industries being the prominent industries) and the amount of essential infrastructure – such as paved roads, railway, canals, factories, schools, libraries, and lastly, residential buildings, continues to increase exponentially. Westernisation continues, with Western attire and architecture becoming more and more common.
    • MOD: Just a note that ATL the Chinese capital is in Tianjing in the south-east of China, not Beijing. So really by blockading Beijing you're not doing anything to the central government. Just a thought. ~Tim
    • OOC Korea: I am trying to occupy Northeast China, and the closest population/industrial centre are the areas surrounding Beijing. Of course it'll make sense for me to attempt to blockade them.
  • Japan: Having bought the Marshall Islands and Kiribati we reorganize the territory into two colonies, New Edo (Marshall Islands) and Kiribati (Kiribati). We run a census in Liberality and find only ~1,000 Japanese colonist inhabit the region while there are about 20,000 Polynesians. We see this as a good opportunity and trade with the Polynesians in return for their help on pineapple plantations. We also begin constructing plantations of two different crops, Sugar Cane and Coffee since our islands lie on the coffee belt. We invest in Westralia's Wine Industry, and the government of Japan endorses a few somewhat unwilling investors to invest in Hawaii's sugar industry and to even buy a plantation. In Mainland Japan things are going well. The American investors have helped out our steamship industry leading it to be a booming industry. We now have a large fleet of transport ships and that can help usb etter exploit our pacific colonies. Under the Guano Colonies act we claim the entire Atafu group, Funafuti, Manihiki, Nukulaelae, Nukufetau, Niluakita, Nikumaroro And put it under a lease to the Japanese Guano Company. In our mainland our rice production is increased.
    • Dutch Diplomacy: We support Japanese ventures and claims.
  • France: The Emperor, Napoleon III, has passed. It has been discovered that he was severely ill, although he kept it out of the press. Since his son, now Napoleon IV, is underage, the Senate has elected Eugénie, the Empress, as regent. Being a devout catholic, she agrees to the wishes of the Pope and announces French intervention in the war against China. 100,000 regular soldiers and 100,000 national guard are sent to Indochina to start an invasion, alongside the Westralian, although under French command (algo request in the talk page). A base of operations is set in Hanoi, while the First and Second fleets that were blocking Madagascar are sent to Saigon, where they will be resupplied and start bombardments across the Chinese coast. The 40,000 regular soldiers in Mexico remain, while the 30,000 in Indochina remain for border protection. The 25,000 regulars and the 10,000 national guard in South Africa remain to train the local troops, while they are also granted lands in the French South-West Africa, being authorized to settle there. Despite the mourning for the death of Napoleon III, celebrations are seen across Paris, as the Pope arrives and celebrates the marriage of the Emperor, Napoleon IV, and the daughter of Franz Joseph I, Archduchess Gisela, now Empress Gisela. The imperial couple received a magnificent ceremony at Notre Dame, being wished good things from all the people outside. All royalty across the globe are invited to the marriage, most elaborate and beautiful invitations are sent to the more friendly nations, although other royals are still invited. The President of South Africa, the United States President and the Confederate States President are also invited. The couple goes to honeymoon at Ville Eugénie, and expectations for an heir are high. The prime Minister has resigned his position, and the regent appointed Jules Armand Dufaure, a politician in favour of the war. As a way to solidify its future claim in China, the Empress has sent envoys to seek either the last Qing ruler, or its descendant, or the last Heavenly King, or its descendant, to seek to re-establish either of the Empires in South China. as the only legitimate rulers for China, since the government don't recognize the Republic, to approve the territorial claims made by France (Mod response needed) The 10,000 national guard soldiers formerly in South Africa are sent to Madagascar, to receive from the local King the signed term of Protection, and to protect the newly acquired French protectorate. One of the terms grant a small area in the South of the island to be administrated by South Africa, although the King remains "ruling" over all the island. Over 50,000 regular soldiers, claimed as a volunteers corps and disguised as a naval crew of a French company, enter Quebec city and establish contact with the rebelling Quebecois, seeking to establish a formal government to seek recognition from the rest of the world. Also 50,000 regular soldiers, with the same procedure, enter Egypt and establish contact with the Khedive, stating they will help in the war, although not representing France.
    • ​French Diplomacy: France wishes to buy Laos from Siam (Mod response needed)
    • ​French Colonies: Their governors will attend the wedding.
    • Mexican Empire: Maximillian I and his wife will attend the wedding.
    • Empire of Annam: The Emperor and his wife will attend the wedding.
    • Kingdom of Cambodia: The King and his wife will attend the wedding.
    • Korean Dip: While we support your anti–Chinese aggression stance, we suggest that you join the Eurasian Treaty as an observer state (at the very least) to know the claims of other colonial powers. And the Qing are no longer in power.
    • French Diplomacy: We have applied to join the Treaty, but we haven't been approved. We know the Qing were deposed, we sent envoys to seek the remains of the family to offer them a possible throne in a new Chinese Empire formed in South China, under French protectionrequest them to approve the partitioning of China, as the rulers of the nation recognized by France.
    • MOD: Just FYI, the Tongzhi Emperor is now a 17-year-old living and studying in London. Somehow I'd doubt the British government would be very receptive to turning him over to French custody. ~Tim
    • OCTMOD: The Brits and French were quiet close in OTL at this time, the last crown prince of France died fighting in the British army.
    • Dutch Diplomacy: We shall attend the wedding to honour our alliance
    • OOC Netherlands: Victor, it's IMPOSSIBLE (let me repeat, impossible) to make a puppet state in China. China is way too populous.
    • Kingdom of Bora Bora: The queen shall try to attend.
    • South German Diplomacy: Emperor Franz Joseph I attends the wedding of his daughter and his son-in-law.
    • Hawaiian Diplomacy: The royal family shall attend.
    • Patagonia Dip: King Antoine I shall attend, making it the first time he return to France since 1860.
    • South African Dip: Paul Krueger shall not attend but will send his vice president.
    • Korean Dip: The Emperor could not attend the event, though the wife of the Premier and her children will.
    • Russian Diplomacy: Emperor Alexander II attends the imperial wedding.
    • Siam (MOD): We refuse, stating that we will not bend to foreign colonialism ~AM
    • Merina (MOD): We decline again.
    • OOC France: There was a mod response in 1872, although I believe it was posted after that turn, in which they agreed. Should it be considered both?
    • MOD: We mods will decide on this matter. ~AM
    • MOD: My bad too, but turns shouldn't be edited after next turn begins, moreless two or three turns after. ~Wrto12
  • Kingdom of the Netherlands: We continue expanding our economy, and industrialize more. We expand 10 px into Africa northward and 10 px into Borneo on the eastern coast. We call out for a great conference on African colonialization to be held in Kaapstad, to be held in 1874. We begin turning Zanzibar into our colony. We secretly ask France if they are willing to go to war with Belgium, in order to gain lands. We send Oman an ultimatum to become a Dutch protectorate or they will be invaded (MOD needed). We begin mobilizing for war in the Dutch East Indies, against China.
    • Toucouleur Empire Dip: We request that major African nations be invited to this congress (Toucouleur Empire, Ethiopia, Zulu, Egypt, Oman)
    • Dutch Diplomacy: We will not be forced to do something by the African nations.
    • MOD: The Toucouleurs' request is just a request, not a demand. Just good ol' common sense, but I'd try to be more polite when responding to a polite request. Just saying. ~Tim
    • South German Diplomacy: We send representatives to attend the conference with subject the African colonization in Kaapstad. We also request that major African nations be invited to this congress (Toucouleur Empire, Ethiopia, Zulu, Egypt, Oman), seeking to maintain status quo and territorial integrity of said nations/preserve the balance, as we cannot colonize Africa yet.
  • Guiana Federation: Economy and infrastructure continues to improve in Guiana Federation, while more troops in military is potentially recruited which gains more military a better improvement. Also, Georgetown has residential buildings built and now it stands that the population is slightly growing. As it stands the supplies are normally improving as well, but some of farms are built for supplies.
  • South German Empire: We expect to crush the Czech rebels in two months from now as we have deployed over 600,000 troops fighting against them. Another 800,000 troops are standing by to be used if needed. Various minorities forces, around 350,000 troops, loyal to the Empire, are coordinated by our Minister of War, their orders are to stay at the defense for now from any rebels. Development of our nation continues, improving our infrastructure and our industry. We continue to copy the structure of the Northern German army and apply into our army. We continue centralizing the South German Empire.
    • Ryukyu Kingdom: South German Empire merchant ships dock here and other Treaty of Hanseong shared ports on their way to East Asia (Treaty of Hanseong) trade zone.
    • Franz Joseph Island: Colony is given the proper attention.
    • South German Empire Diplomacy: We ask France and Netherlands to coordinate for an attack on Belgium. Due to Britain being our rival we secretly send every available aid (100,000 high quality Werndl–Holub rifles, 40 Krupp C64 artillery, 40 Krupp C67 artillery, 100 Montigny mitrailleuse machine-guns, ammo, supplies, lots of cash, military advisors and 1000 volunteers) we have to the Irish government, to further weaken the UK. We also offer Canada to provide them with any aid needed against the USA shall they respect the self-determination of the French Canadian (Québécois/Acadians/Franco-Ontarian/Franco-Manitoban) and the Métis. (MOD RESPONSE REQUIRED)
    • German Empire (MOD): Realising that the Austrians are copying Prussian military strategy, the Chancellor secretly orders a total re-organisation and general improvement of German military structures, commissioning new weaponry and equipment. The military improvement strategy as put forth by the German War Ministry is classified and becomes a strictly guarded state secret.
    • Canada (MOD): We agree due to our time in need. ~AM
    • South German Diplomacy: We ask our ally, the CSA to ally with Canada and invade the USA as to limit the USA expansion into Canada. We will provide them with any aid required. (MOD RESPONSE REQUIRED)

    • CSA (MOD): To establish the holy institution of slavery, we ally with Canada and help them. ~AM

  • Belgium: We begin reinforcing our defenses in our homeland as most of our focus, creating walls and fortresses around the larger cities, as well as recruiting volunteers and begin a small draft. We also begin recruiting in our colony and sending members. We bring in another 5,000 men this way, and send them all to the homeland to defend it. We also begin to look into new types of weapons to use to give our nation's military an edge.
  • Patagonia: The Secretary of State once again renews the rights of the Mapuches, especially their citizenship, which is strongly opposed by the conservatives, especially as it was done during the King's absence. The industrialization improve once again, although this time von Kermann decide to focus more on the agricultural production of Patagonia. Investments are made to improve the army and its equipment. While in Europe, the King is searching for new partners and allies among the European monarchs.
    • Dutch Diplomacy: We offer an alliance to Patagonia.
    • Patagonia Dip: The King accept.
  • Bora Bora: We officially announce the birth of Pomare VI who's birth occurred on March 9th 1872 was kept secret due to the war. We attempt to improve our economy by starting large scale fishing companies, coconut plantations, and fruit plantations (Specifically starfruit, raspberries, mangoes, and lemons. We also set up a research center on the old volcano of Bora Bora. We hope to create our own rifles eventually.
    • Korean Dip: We offer to give you investment in return for a discount on agricultural goods.
  • United States of Colombia: President Toro is mostly inactive and consolidates the Liberal power base in the country. The Colombian "Conservador" Party, although organized, remains without strong leadership. Much of the liberal party rallies behind Francisco Bolivar Rey, and call themselves "New Liberals". Toro continues to secretly meet with liberal politicians throughout South America.
  • Jutland: We begin to expand the colony of Ny Kiel expanding it 20 px north and 5 px east. Colonization inward in the Congo becomes difficult with being met with resistance by both natives and the terrain. On the southern coast of OTL Cameroon we found a colony called cape christian despite the extremely small size of the colony it is incredibly publicized. We continue industrialization processes in Saxe-Lauenburg with more factories being produced and in north Schleswig-Holstein. Infrastructure on Bali and Iceland are improved. We continue building railroads to improve transportation across Jutland. We begin mobilizing to invade china sending a fleet of 300 ships to launch an amphibious invasion of china. At home our fleet expands by 20 iron-clad ships and three warships. Our military expands by 4,300 men. We invest 200 million today's equivalent of USD in the Japanese pineapple company. We also found the government organization Danish Congo Company. To capitalize on our new colonies in Africa.
    • Japanese Dip: Due to this substantial investment in our government run company, we offer an extreme discount of 50% on our pineapple for the next five years when being sold to your colonies and capital city.
  • Papal States: Pope Pius IX travels to Paris as promised, and has a busy few weeks presiding over the funeral of Napoleon III, and the coronation and wedding of his son, the new Emperor. As usual, His Holiness impresses on the new monarch that the life of a Christian ruler is one of service. During his time in France, the Pope thanks Regent Eugénie for her swift response to the crisis in China. His Holiness also thanks Westralia and Korea for standing up to the evil Chinese regime. Back in Rome, Pius IX celebrates a special mass to honour the new Chinese Martyrs, both the missionaries and Chinese converts. In his homily, he says that the martyrs of our time are examples of devotion that Christians all over the world can aspire to. Some seminarians in Lorenço Marques are admitted to Minor Orders, a sign that there is potential to the idea of using native Africans to proselytise to their own people.
    • Alright, after being inactive for a period of time, I have officially decided to take action at the request of certain users. I have officially decided to suspend the moderator status of a certain moderator until Tim returns and we take a look at the situation. Do I make myself clear? - Ace009
    • Sorry, I'm not entirely sure what you mean. I am not and never have been a mod. Sure, I have missed maybe three turns due to uni commitments (but not all in a row), but I have been a pretty active player, imo. I'm really confused by your statements and would appreciate some clarification. Sincerely, Callumthered (talk) 01:45, April 22, 2016 (UTC)
    • I believe he is referring to a dispute between mods that happened earlier today. It is addressed to players in general I think, not you. V.M.PersonalCoA Victor Molinaro(talk) V.M.PersonalCoA2 01:55, April 22, 2016 (UTC)
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    • Uhh ... What's going on here?The Tim Man (TSWAHMGWContribs)
    • Same here Tim,what's that dispute you are talking about? Triumph is at hand (talk)
  • Toucouleur Empire: Some reactionaries are talked down but others rise up in armed protest as we send in the military to suppress these opinions. They are effective as the are not only dispersed, their ideas become unpopular. With the building of our banks, we begin to give loans abroad as they use capitalist ideas to make money for our nation. The propaganda for the school system is effective as 20% of people living in poverty send their children to these schools. We continue to industrialize our nation in spite of any barriers the people may place, since our king Ahmadu Tall wants to modernize our nation. We look to stall European advances in Africa as they may destroy the hegemony we have in the region. We request trade pacts for nations throughout the world. (MOD RESPONSE REQUIRED)
    • You need to be more specific. We can't create mod responses for all the hundred or so NPC nations. Thanks. ~Tim
  • Russian Empire: After the recent announcement about the planned introduction of the Duma, much work is carried out to design an effective legislature for the Russian people. Regional leaders are summoned to St. Petersburg to orchestrate the role of regions in the electoral process. In the end, a bicameral system is agreed upon. The Duma is to be comprised of the Council (elected nonpartisanly by region) and the Congress (elected by partisan voting across all of Russia). The Senate, which serves as the highest court, and the Synod, which serves as the highest ecclesiastical body, will remain intact as a result of these reforms. Still to be determined is the length of each term (with ranges from two years to ten years) and who should be eligible to vote, especially in light of relatively recent emancipation.


The Irish Republic is able to halt British offensives, with European help. High quality Werndl–Holub rifles are now used by the Irish Republic instead of any random weapon they could find. Their army starts to organize with the help of European military advisors. Krupp C64 and C67 artillery deal heavy loses to the Brits. Montigny mitrailleuse machine-guns prove deadly to the Brits, used from short range, in the battle of Waterford and elsewhere. Irish Republic makes a counter offensive against the Brits gaining some ground. English people in territories held by the Irish are brutally murdered, by some of the more extremist forces of the Irish republic, which now restructure into a new faction the "Bhfeice d'Éirinn", still under the command of the Irish Republic, while other Irish, like the liberals, disagree and heavily oppose this action. By the end of the year the British are shelling the Irish forces in the coastal cities and are preparing to deploy even more troops to deal with this rebellion. Brits in Ireland eagerly take up arms and form units loyal to the UK that are coordinated by the UK to sabotage and harass the Irish forces. Queen Victoria resolution to end the Irish rebellion and her response to the Irish atrocities, helps her regain some popularity. Scots are disturbed by this action, with several groups going as far as to ask for independence, with Queen Victoria threatening them that they will have the same fate as the Irish, angering them even more.

With CSA entering the war against the USA, the United States of America now are surrounded by their enemies. What gains they had achieved are now lost as the USA turn from offensive on the defense against their enemies. The Confederate fleet, which has increased its size by a lot after the war, seeing the damage that the USA fleet blockading them did them, with the help of the Canadian fleet, manage to achieve significant victories against the USA in the Altantic Ocean.

Due to the apparent rejection of the Hungarian proposal an independent Hungary is proclaimed with Leopold, Prince of Hohenzollern declared king.

The Czech Rebellion has been crushed, after two years of defiance.

The Korean Army captures Dalian.

  • Guiana Federation: The industry begins to improve and economy as well. The military is still recruiting more troops but not many, as it stands there maybe some ships going to be built in the ports. The new weapons aren't yet going to be developed, by that it means military is not seeking the plan. Although, the population in Georgetown, pretty looks good but there are some ups and downs going at the moment. The roads are right now connected in Georgetown and some of the roads will be yet to built in various towns and cities. The rail network we plan is not in our list yet.
  • Indian Empire: India officially declares war on China. Army numbers now stand at around 450,000 regular men and 300,000 reservists and a further 80,000 men involved in territorial defence units and police units within the Indian Republic. The Indian Navy will launch its full fleet for the first time and it is hoped it will join in with the war effort. In an attempt to control the Himalayas the Government and the Indian Defence Council will first carry out a vital logistical operation. Six new railway lines will be built which will supply new bases up in the Nepalese mountains. 13 new permanent military bases will be built and fortified positions will be built in the mountains to protect India from a counterattack. 200,000 men will be moved immediately to the border with China. Soon a further 150,000 will follow before the mobilisation of all forces. India will provide its allies; The Netherlands and Austria with ports on our coasts as requested and will seek an alliance with France.
    • French Diplomacy: Should we receive the areas around, and including, Pondicherry we will accept such alliance.
  • Hawaii: Our military and infrastructure improve. We welcome the inflow of Korean immigrants, and Honolulu's population continues to grow. We hold our first elections for a prime minister to act as a head of Parliament. We expand our sugar, pearl, and tourism industries. Our settlements on Ni'ihau, Midway, and Moorea continue to grow. Giving a speech in Honolulu, Queen Ka'ahumanu IV strongly urges for peace in North America and the British Isles. Seeing as the United Kingdom is in no position to help or supply them, we ask Pitcairn to join the Hawaiian Commonwealth (as either an autonomous province, a regular province, or a protectorate) or fall under our sphere of influence, promising that we will substantially supply and develop their land if they join the commonwealth. (MOD RESPONSE REQUIRED)
    • MOD: You cannot take control of the Pitcairns, who are thousands of kilometers away from you. You've done your fair share of ASB in the game. Not under my watch. ~AM
    • OOC Hawaii: May I point out that the nearest point to Pitcairn within my commonwealth is 2000 miles away; I was able to conquer Tahiti, which is 4000 miles away from the Hawaiian Islands.
    • OCTMOD: Currently Pictairn has a population of 56 people, i think they would be ok with joining Hawaii.
    • MOD: That is not the issue. The issue is that Hawaii's conquest of Tahiti was ASB. That's why I say no. ~AM.
    • OOC Hawaii: How is that so? I followed the rules and worked out the algorithm, took the kingdom in compliance with everything; is there any rule preventing a nation's interests?
    • OOC Bora: Then by your logic several island nations in the coalition against me and Hawaii are ASB. Why would Easter Island (Rapa Nui) care about me?.
    • MOD: Sorry Orange, but I'll have to go with AM this time. Hawaii can't have Pitcairn. British forces would still be there regardless of rebellion in the UK, and I don't think they'd be at all willing to let go of what remains of their Empire in any case. ~Tim
    • OOC Hawaii: Thank you for solving this dispute; but still, how is my conquest of Tahiti implausible?
    • MOD: The problem is that Hawaii, a state which is not very modernized and does NOT have modern ships, can invade Tahiti. What is done is done, but I am pretty sick with the tons of ASB you and the Bora Bora player do. Be plausible now, if you need help in seeing what is plausible, just ask. I am here to help you guys. ~AM.
  • South Africa: Diamond mining expands. Mining expands. Immigration expands. Intermarrying in Natal expands. Military continues to modernize.
  • Belgium: We continue to build up our defenses, turning most of our focus to that. The colony is more self sufficient and able to control itself, so we set up a government to our current one, with it's own parliament. We finish many of the fortresses around our cities, and turn to arming them. We also begin making military ships to defend our trade routes and ports in case of a blockade or raid of our trade routes. In response to the invasion by the Netherlands, we put propaganda out against their efforts to rally the Flemish. We defend against the invaders with our newly constructed forts and fortifications, as well as using our newly constructed military vessels to combat the blockades around Belgian ports. We begin a draft of any healthy men to defend our nation, bringing in 10,000 after the first months of it, bringing our numbers to 40,000 soldiers. We also combat the blockades and invasion in New Brussels. We call for our allies to aid us (Argentine Republic, may have more?) (Mod response required?)
    • Belgian Diplomacy: We ask Luxembourg and Denmark to aid us against the Netherlands, as well as offering to trade with them after the conflict is resolved, and we extend the same offer to the German Empire. (Mod responses needed)
    • MOD: Luxembourg is part of the SGE and Denmark supports the Dutch. ~AM
    • OOC Belg.: Alright sorry, haven't been paying very close attention to who joined what, my apologies.
  • Westralia: With an army of 5000 troops ready in Indochina, and five ships near Chinese ports, we declare war on the Chinese Republic. Our troops pour across the border and our ships start bombarding key Chinese ports, especially Hong Kong. Another army of 2,000 are to be deployed into Hong Kong shortly.
  • Bora Bora: We send ambassadors to Westralia and Australia in order to improve relations and ask for a trade agreement of gunpowder for large amounts of food to feed their growing populations. We also attempt to secretly start an espionage group in order to increase our technical capabilities. We increase funding to our research group and our plantations.
  • Japan: The Japanese Pineapple company builds a Pineapple plantation exceeding 50 Acres on Matu'anua (Costing about five million USD) American Investment has come to a virtual Standstill in our Steamship Industry greatly halting the rapid expansion of the sector. We call to any nation that wishes to invest in our Steamship Industry to do so. We increase rice production. Due to no more American investors we advertise to Russians, Dutch, and Danish patrons (not government) to invest in our large steamship industry. We see an increase in citizens that have a college education (around 75,000 have a masters). The government endorses colleges to provide a cheaper education, and the government prepares construction of five new colleges throughout the country. The government also constructs more western clinics planning by 1875 to have 20 western medicine clinics as apposed to one. The government will buy leases for warships from the large steamship companies buying 100 warships to be put into production and for all to be completed by 1877.
    • Dutch Diplomacy: We invest in the Japanese Pineapple Company.
    • Hawaiian Diplomacy: We warn Japan that in the event of an invasion of our ally Bora Bora, diplomatic relations will be hurt.
    • Dutch Diplomacy: We warn Hawaii to stay out of this conflict.
    • Samoa (MOD): We comply out of fear. ~AM
    • Korea (OOC): What is the bullshit I highlighted?
    • MOD: We have several tonnes of BS here. Let's take that and bake a nice fresh plausibility strike for Nlen, eh? ~Tim
    • Japan (OOC): How is this stuff ASB?
    • Japan (OOC): Alright, I think I fixed some of it.
  • Kingdom of the Netherlands: We continue expanding our economy, and industrialize more. We expand 10 px into Africa northward and 10 px into Borneo on the eastern coast. We announce the Kaapstad Conference. All invited nations are urged to join, and any others are also welcome. We begin turning Zanzibar into our colony. We secretly ask France if they are willing to go to war with Belgium, in order to gain lands. We ask Siam to lease us Singapore for 60 years for five million gilders (MOD needed). We ask Oman to become a Dutch protectorate, in order to be protected by the Ottoman Empire (MOD needed). We declare war on the Chinese Republic and mobilize 20,000 troops in Indonesia. We land on Hainan. We also declare war on Belgium due to the suppressing of Flemish people, mobilize 30,000 troops and invade Flanders. We blockade Belgian ports. We ask France to join the war on Belgium. We ask the Flemish to rally with us (MOD NEEDED).
    • ​Singapore is controled by the British currently.
    • Oman: Declines.
    • The Flemish people are split around 50-50 between Belgiumand the Netherlands. Belgium beacuse of there Catholic unity and nationialism, and the Netherlands beacause of there shared language.
  • Portugal: Portuguese forces already in Macau start to invade China. We mobilize 5000 more troops to send to Macau. We expand our colonies. Industrialization continues. We propose an alliance to the Netherlands. Upon hearing of Belgium's violation of our claims we declare war on Belgium, their colony is immediately attacked.
    • Dutch Diplomacy: We accept and we support Portuguese claims on Macau.
  • South German Empire: With the Czech rebellion crushed our troops conduct retribution for our fallen brothers that died under the vicious Czech rebels. Around one million Czech men, from ages 5-50 are executed as traitors and supportive of the rebellion, mostly in Moravia and Sudetenland, while their daughters and wifes are given to Germans to marry them. Their houses are also given to Germans, who come to settle the area, as well as their properties. This remains a heavily guarded secret. As soon as we are done with Czechia, 200,000 troops remain to quell any unrest, while another 200,000 move against Hungary the Slavs and their sympathisers. Around 200,000 from our troops that are standing by also move against the Slavs and their sympathisers. Around 800,000 troops defend against the Northern Germans. Various minorities forces Hungarian forces, around 200,000 troops, allies of the Empire, are coordinated by our Minister of War, defend their lands against the Slavs. From around two million Germans in Slavic, Romanian and Hungarian territories inside the former empire, an army of 100,000 troops is organized to fight against the Slav dominion in the area. Steyr-Daimler-Puch has grown immensely, due to our huge orders of rifles and other weapons and continues to be an innovative weapons manufacturer, while supplying many of our needs in military equipment and ammo. Development of our nation continues, improving our infrastructure and our industry. We continue to copy the structure of the Northern German army and apply into our army. We continue centralizing the South German Empire.
    • Ryukyu Kingdom: South German Empire merchant ships dock here and other Treaty of Hanseong shared ports on their way to East Asia (Treaty of Hanseong) trade zone.
    • Franz Joseph Island: Colony is given the proper attention.
    • South German Empire Diplomacy: We ask the Romanians once again for ethnic borders, becoming a puppet state, while their new parliament shall be 50% German, 50% Romanian and with the South German empire handling their foreign affairs and they are required to support the South German Empire any every war, while they shall contribute to our common budget. (MOD RESPONSE REQUIRED)
    • Romanians (MOD): After the atrocities done by the Austrians in Moravia, we declare a union with Romania and ask Russia to help us against the Austrians.
    • State of Yugoslavia (MOD): We declare independence and begin a rebellion against the Austrians. The capital is declared in Zagreb, while Ljubljana and Istria are also seized.
    • Krakow Republic (MOD): We ask Russia for protection against an eventual ethnic cleansing.
    • Kingdom of Hungary (MOD): We beg the German Empire to invade the South German Empire.
    • Ruthenian Republic (MOD): We ask Russia for protection against ethnic cleansing.
    • Slovak Republic (MOD): After the atrocities commited in the Czech Republic, we declare independence and start fighting the South Germans.
    • German Empire (MOD): We invade the South Germans to protect our ally, the Kingdom of Hungary.
    • All posts done above by ~AM
    • South German Empire Diplomacy: We offer Hungary a formal recognition of independence, our help at taking control over the rest of their historical lands, our help to industrialize and modernize and our help against the Slavs, while reminding them the threat that Russia is to their future, attacking us now will mean Russian domination in the area, i don't think this is what the Hungarian people want, be crushed under the Russian bear. (MOD RESPONSE REQUIRED)
    • Kingdom of Hungary (MOD): Civil war erupts in Hungary between the anti-Austrians and the anti-Slavs, over dominance in the region. The official government refuses, while the anti-Slavs agree.
    • MOD: Striken through through agreement and discussion with OCTMOD.
    • South German Empire Diplomacy: We offer Romanians to peace out as we have no problem with them uniting with the rest of Romania. (MOD RESPONSE REQUIRED)
    • Romanians (MOD): We accept if the entirety of Transylvania is given to us. If this is the case, we peace out. ~AM
    • South German Empire Diplomacy: We send every available aid (200,000 high quality Werndl–Holub rifles, 100 Krupp C64 artillery, 100 Krupp C67 artillery, 250 Montigny mitrailleuse machine-guns, ammo, supplies, lots of cash, our best military advisors) we have to the Hungarian Anti-Slavs, while our military coodinates with them against our common enemies, the Slavs and their sympathisers.
    • South German Empire Diplomacy: We refuse to betray our allies the Hungarians by giving up their people as we consider our allies as our friends.
    • Japan Diplomacy: We request a trade of money for high quality weapons and military advisors.
    • Belgian Diplomacy: We send our apologies for our requests, and ask for aid against the Netherlands and their allies, and we offer free military supplies manufactured by Belgium as well as any support we can offer once we have fought off the attackers.
    • South German Empire Diplomacy: We accept the Japanese request. We will only supply Belgium with superior military supplies and equipment shall they pay a double price, cause most of our war material is already used against the Northern Germans.
  • Great Korean Empire: Emperor Gojong and Empress Myeongseong, jointly declare the successful birth of their first child, Crown Princess Yi Yoona. Upon reaching the age of a couple of months, she is baptised. The Emperor continues the war effort, sending an additional 5000 troops to Manchuria to replace the casualties. With the capture of Dalian, effort shifts to invading the rest of Liaoning and areas surrounding the Yalu River. The Bohai Sea is continued to be blockaded, with small naval battles being fought in the Shandong peninsula to scatter and confuse Chinese troops. The people of Dalian, now annexed as a province-level city, are freed from Chinese oppression and many become registered Korean nationals. As part of our modernisation program, the industry, education, Westernisation and naval development continues to be heavily prioritised. The industrial output (with shipbuilding, steel, and other heavy industries being the prominent industries) and the amount of essential infrastructure – such as paved roads, railway, canals, factories, schools, libraries, and lastly, residential buildings, continues to increase exponentially. Westernisation continues, with Western attire and architecture becoming more and more common.
  • Papal States: Pope Pius IX follows the successes of the coalition in China very closely, and asks the whole Church to pray for its success in defending the religious rights of the persecuted Catholics. The Lorenço Marques seminarians are preparing for ordination to the diaconate, after which time they will spend a year doing pastoral work on the missions. The Congregation Propaganda Fide is extremely impressed with this pilot scheme, and plans to establish another African seminary within the next five years or so.
  • France: Emperor Napoleon IV reaches adult age and his mother, Eugénie, stands down from the regent position. The war effort against China continues, with supplies being send to the army and the navy. Seeing the mass execution of one million in the South German Empire, the public opinion demands the Parliament to withdraw the soldiers in Austria, and the Emperor, under advise from his mother that as a strong catholic refuses to see such action by a called "catholic ruler", withdraw all the 50,000 national guard troops that were helping the South Germans. However, influenced by his wife, that is daughter of the Emperor of South Germany, Napoleon IV don't violate the alliance in the terms of the Treaty of Munich, considering the attacks of Austria not of French concern, since rebellions were not considered in the Treaty. The government has requested the soldiers that were sent to colonize Namibia to relocate to any of the areas claimed by France in the Kaapstad Conference, offering them the double of lands they weld. From the 40,000 troops stationed in Indochina, around 10,000 are sent in expeditions in China not to invade, but to rescue any catholic missionary and send them to Hanoi, to establish contact with the church in Rome. Napoleon IV announces that Empress Gisela is pregnant with the first child, which is expected to born later this year. In order to improve the situation, the Emperor sends Napoléon Charles Bonaparte, a distant family member, to rule as King of Quebec (They agreed to receive a Bonaparte as monarch when I first offered to supplies for them to rebel, but should I ask again? If so, Mod response required). The Emperor sends a (SECRET) letter to the Khedive of Egypt, again renowing his wish for him to rebel against the Ottomans, after which his debts with France and French companies will be forgotten, offering him the title of Sultan, military support for the rebellion, help modernizing the nation and its military forces and industrializing, if they agree to accept French protection (SECRET END, Mod response required). The government establishes the French West Africa Company, which is responsible for seeking immigrants to colonize the claimed French West Africa and impose control over the natives.
    • Sultanate of Egypt (MOD): We accept guns and economic support from France. We declare independence from the Ottoman Empire. ~AM
    • Quebec (MOD): Quebec accepts. ~AM
    • Dutch Diplomacy: We ask France to help us conquer Belgium.
    • French Diplomacy: The Emperor will send some 50,000 regular troops to "protect" the francophone citizens of Belgium, and annex Wallonia.
  • Russian Empire: When news of the Czech genocide reaching Russian borders, Emperor Alexander II immediately orders the withdrawal of the 80,000 men from the Austrian forces. Privately, the Emperor is furious and is heard cursing out Franz Joseph in his bedchambers, which makes national news. The Emperor issues a public apology on behalf of all civilized people of Europe to the Czech population. We announce protection over all of the newly independent states in Eastern and Central Europe, and welcome Krakow and Ruthenia into our arms. (To the former, we offer integration with Congress Poland and to the latter we offer integration into Russia proper. MOD) We also announce to our Romanian ally that they would have our support if they choose to invade Hungary for Transylvanian lands. In domestic news, it is decided that the first election to the Duma's Congress shall be held in 1875. Each term shall then last five years. Eligible voters include all men over the age of 21, which is considered a massive success for the common man but is seen as a slap in the face to the Russian nobility. Alexander II explains that the Council will be elected by the nobility of the region, reducing fears. Prior to the election, all parties must be registered with the Chancellery.
    • Republic of Krakow: We agree, due to us trusting the Russians. ~AM
    • Republic of Ruthenia: We accept, provided we are allowed institutions to teach our languages and we are respected as a nationality. ~AM
    • MOD: The major political parties registered with the Chancellery are as follows: the Russian Conservative Party, the Democratic Labour Front, the Party for National Progress, and the Russian National Congress.
  • Toucouleur Empire: With what is known as the Segu Massacre, the majority of the reactionaries are killed and the rest of them are convinced to join our progress. The school system is expanded to other cities other than the capital as the progress made in our literacy is greatly improved. We continue to improve our economy, industry and military as they now are on par with the majority of Latin American countries. With the creation of the Kaapstad Conference and as we are left out of this conference which will partition our lands, we create the Anti Colonial League as we invite West African nations (Sokoto Caliphate, our vassals, Wolof, Ashanti, Dendi, Damagaram, Bornu, Oyo, Benin, Aro, Dahomey, Borgu, Cayor) to join this league. (MOD RESPONSE REQUIRED) We also go against the efforts of French West Africa.
    • MOD: All African nations agree to join the Anti Colonial League.
    • Belgian Diplomacy: We ask for an alliance as well as trade with the Empire, in return for their aid in defending our colony. We also offer to aid in developing the Empire and the efforts against French West Africa.
    • Toucouleur Empire Diplomacy: We will accept this aid although we warn Belgium that West Africa is under our protection.
    • Belgian Diplomacy: We thank the Toucouleur Empire, and we wouldn't of thought to expand into another nation's territory like that.
  • Ottoman Empire: We put our claim in for Africa in the conference. We remind Russia not to attack South Germany seeing as they're our allies, and say that if they do not withdraw from the 1st July 1874, we will declare war on them. We urge all of South Germany's allies to declare war on Russia. We remain neutral in any conflicts happening in the world at the moment which is not involved with us. The 1875 Ottoman Games selection progress begins, with Aleppo being the favourate to host it. We also begin specualting of a 'world sporting games' just like the Olympics in the OTL. We think this might become a reality by 1890. We continue to promote cultural events and festivals like the Ottoman Games. We offically condemn any nations that helps the filthy Egyptians in there independence campaign and we begin fighting them in all fronts. We start a blockade of Egypt to stop European aid from getting in. We send about 500,000 troops to quel the rebellion, we also ask South Germany whether they'll help us. We also close the bosporus Canal to any nation who aid Egypt and Russia.
    • South German Empire Diplomacy: We send 50,000 high quality Werndl–Holub rifles, 20 Krupp C64 artillery, 20 Krupp C67 artillery, 50 Montigny mitrailleuse machine-guns, ammo, supplies, military advisors to aid them, seeking to improve our relationships.
  • Jutland: In the colony of Ny Kiel we expand 20 px north and 5 px east inward. We are met with resistance by both the terrain and natives but expansion continues. 500 people migrate their along with 2000 soliders to support the colony and establish military bases.In support of our ally the Netherlands we declare war on Belgium. With a force of 20,000 men and 300 ships along with 20 ironclad ships and two war ships we attack the colony of new brussels we begin to blockade them blocking off their support. At home infrastructure improves with more railroads being built to transport materials. In Schleswig-Holstein the technological sector is improving with more research being conducted. In Saxe-Lauenburg industralization continues with ten new factories being opened. Our military increases by 2000 men and our navy increases by 30 ships 20 iron clad ships and three new warships. We begin to promote anti-Belgian propaganda to gain public support.
  • Emirate of Afghanistan: The nation begins to work on industrially the country by looking for any nations that are going to help them. Farmers are encourage to grow wheat but most of them grow opium and sell them at neighboring countries. Roads are made but most are dirt roads.
  • Kingdom of Greece: King George of Greece condemns the illegal occupation of historical Greek land and Greece is beginning to modernize its military. The Nation aims to build an army 25,000 strong, in order to defend from Ottoman aggression. She will be able to raise 60,000 troops in the time of war. Heritage sites are being protected, and Greece plans to industrialize the land within five years.
    • French Secret Diplomacy: France will send military supplies and instructors to train the Greek army, should they accept it.
  • Patagonia: The King continued to work with the Secretary of State to help the industrialization of the country. The King also continued to work on the rights of the Mapuche.
  • South Africa: Does the same things as last turn, nationialism expands.
    • Bantuland: Westernazation continues, chiefs continue to be granted titles.


Destabilisation of the South German regime continues as the various nationalities in the east continue to rebel in the face of Austrian aggression and the government's recent genocide of the Czech people. The Prussian-dominated North Germany continues to invade the South in order to support Hungary. The newly reorganised armies of North Germany, while smaller, wreak havoc on the less advanced troops of Austria.

The Second North American War is turning sour for the United States, as it is repeatedly pummelled simultaneously by Canada and the Confederacy. The economy is once again taking a turn for the worse as county by county falls to the Canadian-Confederate forces.

The Coalition is doing well in China, as more and more troops land on Chinese shores. The Republican armies, however, continue to fight fiercely in the face of European-Korean aggression, and the threats addressed to the European powers and Korea from Nanking do not at all subside. The government orders the summary execution of all Catholics in China, declaring that the "purity of the centre of the universe must be restored by cleansing the supreme land of the White scourge".

Korea's economy shows signs of a slight downturn due to poorly performing investments, especially in Hawaii's pineapple industry, which is failing due to vast Japanese success and competition.

The Ottomans after receiving modern equipment and supplies, make some gains against the Egyptians, which are basically disorganized, with the use of their new artillery, although the rebellion is far from over.

  • Westralia: The writs for next year's elections have been issued, and the election has been scheduled for March 2nd, 1875. Next year, the new currency, the Sovereign, is to be introduced, and a two year transitional period in which both the Sovereign and Pound will be legal tender will follow, so the population has time to convert their money to the new currency. Our navy bombards the Hong Kong continuously to remove any threat of a Chinese counter-attack, before our army sets foot on the island. Meanwhile, our other army crossing from Indochina alongside the French continues to move north, searching for and rescuing any Christian priests and general followers before evacuating them to Hanoi.
  • Hawaii: We continue to improve military and infrastructure. As we can no longer depend on our declining pineapple industry, we invest in our other industries. Our settlements continue to grow, and Honolulu continues its modernization. Construction of our port in Perth continues. While Westernization and Asian culture grow, he host festivals and promote our culture to keep the island culture thriving. The Lana'i Pineapple Company surprisingly begins to cultivate guavas in the northwestern part of the plantation. We advise Korea to invest in our other industries, as investments in pineapples are growing obsolete.
    • OOC Hawaii: Would we see an inflow of immigrants and refugees fleeing China?
    • Korean Dip: We instead offer to station a couple of our industrial facilities there, and you will get half of the total revenue.
    • Hawaiian Diplomacy: We accept, and allow them to station some of their industries in Nalu (on the island of Kahoolawe), Maui Province.
  • Great Korean Empire: Korea continues the war effort, sending an additional five thousand troops to Manchuria to replace any casualties. The government funds Chinese dissent among ethnic minorities as a way to destabilise the Chinese regime. The invasion of the rest of Liaoning and the area surrounding the Yalu continues. As part of our modernisation program, the industry, education, Westernisation and naval development continues to be heavily prioritised. The government of Korea decides withdraws all foreign investment and diverts as much capital as possible to privately owned export-oriented "national champions" that specialise in the secondary sector as a way to maintain Korea's industrial superiority over its neighbours. The industrial output and the amount of essential infrastructure – such as paved roads, railway, canals, factories, schools, libraries, and residential buildings, continues to increase exponentially. Westernisation continues, with Western attire and architecture becoming more and more common.
  • German Empire: The invasion of our southern neighbor continues, under the pretext of supporting Hungary and uniting German lands under one crown. Meanwhile, although the war attained a popular thumbs-up, a radically new political force springs up. Growing out from an association of textile workers, the Labor League, led by a young, charismatic man named Reiner Frank, himself the son of a peasant couple. This group aims to end the manifest evils of modern capitalism by adhering to the principles laid down by Karl Marx.
  • Indian Empire: India continues to invade China and has secured several key Himalayan towns. Military advances have been supported by the growing network of logistical hubs and routes which supply the invasion force of around 400,000 men. Reservists have now been mobilised meaning soon the number of troops on the front line could rise to around 500,000 men in several months. The Indian Navy and its Asian Pacific fleet has began its offensive on the island province of Hainan on the South coast of China. Calling for an alliance with the coalition of nations invading China, India asks for permission to from the Netherland to sail through their waters to reach Hainan. The Indian Empire would like to cooperate with Dutch forces in naval operations on the South coast of China. We ask for space to base our fleet temporarily as we start operations in Hainan. The Indian Defence Board hopes that a task force of 100,000 men will be able to land on Hainan in an attempt to control the province and open up a gate way to China. The Indian Empire wishes to join the Eurasian Organisation of Mutual Assistance and Economic Development.
    • Dutch Diplomacy: We accept, but announce that we claim the island for our nation.
    • OOC Netherlands: Go on the treaty page to join EOMAED.
    • Indian Diplomacy: We thank the Dutch for their agreement and agree to the Dutch claim for Hainan but ask only that India may keep a naval port on the island.
    • Dutch Diplomacy: While India will not gain a port, they will be allowed to dock their ships at our ports.
  • Kingdom of Greece: Greece is grateful for the aid that the French have given us. The nation faces a growing movement to restore the great empire of the past. Modernization is going as planned, and King George is concerned about the Ottoman threat. Should the Ottomans attack, we request international permission to take Constantinople during a counter attack. The Greek Kingdom proposes creating an anti-Ottoman coalition of some sorts. If anyone intends to join the proposed coalition, please respond with diplomacy. We also are interested in working with the Koreans and have sanctioned the Chinese regime to enable relations with Korea.
    • Greek Diplomacy: We request Italy to join the Anti-Ottoman Alliance (Russia, Greece, South Germany, France) (MOD RESPONSE REQUIRED).
    • (MOD) Italy: Accepts seeing that the Ottoman Empire is crumbling.
    • South German Diplomacy: We gift our whole fleet to Greece since it is useless to us now.
  • Guiana Federation: We continue to improve infrastructure and economy, while military continues to recruit more troops. As it stands the residential buildings are built in the capital city of Georgetown, and some various cities as well. The modernization is looking to be a plan, but it will be planned later as it seems. The roads normally looks to connect to the various cities, which could provide more population to the Guiana Federation.
  • Belgium: We continue to mobilize our troops, recruiting another 5,000 men to the military in Belgium to combat the invasions, and our factories begin manufacturing artillery from the available supplies. We expand 5px in our colony and recruit 7500 men in New Brussels. We begin to combat the blockades of our ports, although with difficulty of course. We begin industrializing New Brussels with the harvested resources from mines, although it is not as heavy industrialization as Belgium is.
    • Belgian Diplomacy: We ask the United Kingdom if they can aid us in destroying the Dutch Blockade of Belgium's ports, in return to naval access and trade. (I think the British aren't friendly with the Netherlands?) (Mod response required)
    • OOC Portugal: Mate, I'm invading your colony.
    • OOC Belg.: I saw, but it appears that no algo was made yet for either invasion by anyone, so I think the colony + country can continue to function normally? or relatively normally?
  • Patagonia: The Kingdom of Patagonia continues its way toward industrialization. However, they also continue to work on improving the agricultural market of the country in hope of becoming the main producer of agricultural goods in South America. A celebration is made for the two years anniversary of Vincent-Antoine, son of the heir Prince Adrien-Jean.
  • Portugal: We declare war on Belgium in support of our ally, the Netherlands. We invade their colony (yeah I did this last turn but meh). We tell the British not to intervene, citing they are not inclined to help, as Belgium renounced neutrality. Forces from Macau continue to push.
  • Peru: We have begun to modernize, and we have initiated an industrialization plan. We sent settler to Easter Island. The nation and Greece have formed a mutual military pact, and Greece will send troops to Peru."
    • MOD: No, Greece cannot send you troops, you're too far away. ~AM
    • French Diplomacy: We offer Peru a trade agreement.
  • Confederate States of America: We continue our war with America. We ask France for economic aid, and possibly military supplies, too, in exchange for cotton. The current President is Augustus Hill Garland, who in the wake of the war, establishes a centralized and functional Supreme Court, and refuses to suspend Habeas Corpus. Furthermore, he diverts some federal money to the construction of schools and infrastructure. We place our primary focus on military, and our secondary focus on Commerce. We pass several laws that increase the number of troops for war, including one requiring one man to serve for every twenty slaves on each plantation, a small annual fee for fit men who aren't serving, and a bill specifying medals of honor for the war. Garland attempts to slightly increase the role of the federal government. Learning from the Civil War, we move our capital south to the city of Augusta, Georgia. Though it is a small city, it is perfectly located in the center of the country, is on the border between two states, and is difficult to reach militarily.
    • French Diplomacy: We will support the confederates with military and economical supplies, if they recognize a future Quebecois independence.
  • South German Empire: Around 200,000 troops cross Poland in an offensive against Koenigsberg. Around 400,000 troops fighting against the minorities are now redeployed to fight against the Northern Germans. Around 200,000 troops remain in Czechia to quell any unrest. Steyr-Daimler-Puch has grown immensely, due to our huge orders of rifles and other weapons and continues to be an innovative weapons manufacturer, while supplying many of our needs in military equipment and ammo. Krupp and Steyr-Daimler-Puch are competing for government contracts for war material, which augment their growth and quality. Development of our nation continues, improving our infrastructure and our industry. We continue to copy the structure of the Northern German army and apply into our army. We continue centralizing the South German Empire.
    • Ryukyu Kingdom: South German Empire merchant ships dock here and other Treaty of Hanseong shared ports on their way to East Asia (Treaty of Hanseong) trade zone.
    • Franz Joseph Island: Colony is given the proper attention.
    • South German Diplomacy: We offer to sell the Ryukyu Kingdom and the Franz Joseph Island to anyone willing to buy it. We ask Russia for military access in order to attack Koenigsberg. We ask Russia and her client states to allow any ethnic German willing to immigrate to South Germany, who will be granted a house to live and citizenship, while we ask Russia to allow Czechs to immigrate to Russia and grant them Russian citizenship. We also ask France to support us in the war against Northern Germany.
    • French Diplomacy: France would be interested in buying Franz Joseph Island.
    • South German Diplomacy: For USD 100,000 it's yours.
    • French Diplomacy: We accept and rename it Empress Gisela Island. We also(SECRETLY) supply the National guard troops that went to South Germany, considering them a "gift" for the losing of payment.
    • Hawaiian Diplomacy: We show interest in purchasing the southern islands in the Ryukyu Kingdom. (Would this be plausible?)
    • MOD: No, it would not be. ~AM
    • Japan: We will buy the Ryukyu islands for 1,320,000 USD (25,000,000 adjusted for inflation)
    • South German Diplomacy: We agree to the Japanese offer.
    • Japanese Dip: We will also buy the port of incheon for 320,000 USD (? adjusted for inflation)
    • South German Diplomacy: We agree to the Japanese offer.
    • Russian Diplomacy: Poland reluctantly grants South Germany military access, provided no battles take place on Polish soil and all forces are escorted by Polish soldiers. Russia welcomes in Czech refugees, offering them small sums of cash and train tickets to various second-tier cities. We also spread propaganda encouraging Germans to migrate to South Germany.
    • MOD: You won't be able to mimic North Germany for much longer. You do not have access to their reorganised secret military strategies.
  • France: A new volunteer corps between men that are part of the National Guard has started. They are abandoning their post to join the war effort against the protestant invasion of South Germany. The Emperor and the government have stated that such corps does not have approval or support from France, and that the government will not stop its citizen to act as they wish. The numbers reached 50,000 former national guard men, that are already crossing the Alps or docking in Triest to help the South Geman in the war. Local officials are predicting around 20,000 more to volunteer, although the government has forbideen any of these soldiers to return to their former held rank, and their payment will be suspended. Emperor Napoleon IV announces the birth of his first son, to be named Charles Louis Napoleon Francis Joseph Bonaparte, prince imperial. He's going to the baptized next year, and Napoleon invited King Victor Emmanuel II of Italy (MOD REQUIRED) and Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico to be godfathers, although all the ones invited to the imperial marriage are also invited to the baptism. Celebrations happen across the nation, celebrating the soon to happen Quebecois independence and the birth of the now heir to the throne. In another topic, the weapons industry continues booming, while the military staff decided to send the guns destined to Egypt from the Ethiopian coast, outside the Ottoman blockade, and those ships are warned to say that if any Ottoman ships stop them, they are sent to Asia, against China. War effort continues against China, with several catholic missionaries being rescued and send to Hanoi, while the navy keeps firing against Chinese held cities. In order to increase the Empire, Napoleon IV has sent a letter to the King of Siam, offering an aliance and trade agreements, should Siam agree to sell Laos to France. In a speech to the national Parliament, the Empress requested the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate to discuss a possible universal vote including women, while also defending bigger investiment in education. The deputies seemed amazed by the proposal, while the more conservative senate has not been impressed. The government has announced the creation of the French National Rail Company, of mixed private-public funding, to invest in the Empire infrastructure. The 50,000 regular soldiers keep advancing across Belgium, to support our Dutch allies.
    • Mexican Diplomacy: Maximilian accepts.
    • Italian Dip (MOD): Vittrio Emmanuel accepts.
    • Siamese Diplomacy: Rama V accepts.
  • Kingdom of the Netherlands: We continue expanding our economy, and industrialize more. We expand 10 px into Africa northward and 10 px into Borneo on the eastern coast. We begin turning Zanzibar into our colony. We continue marching in Flanders, spreading anti-Walloon and anti-Belgian propaganda. We begin invading Hainan, taking it's southern coast. We uphold the blockade upon Antwerp and Brugge. We propose to marry Crown Prince Willem to Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of House of Romanov.
    • Emperor Alexander II of Russia agrees to marry his daughter to Crown Prince Willem of the Netherlands, hoping this alliance will be fruitful for both participants.
    • Belgian Diplomacy: We ask if there is some deal or treaty we could create, and propose to make a peace treaty as this conflict seems pointless in ways, as well as draining of our resources. The finer points of the deal can be discussed if a treaty is going to be made (separate page if so).
  • Union of Jutland: Our economy continues to expand with more factories being built in saxe-lauenburg. The technological sector in Schleswig-Holstein continues to expand with more research being conducted to modernize. More railroads are being built across Jutland to increase transportation. In Bali and Iceland infrastructure is improved. We begin to become more wary of Germany. We officially declare war on China sending an invasion force of 60,000 men along with a fleet of 300 ships to invade Hangzhou. We send 10,000 men to enforce the invasion of New Brussels making the force 40,000 men with the blockade of New Brussels continuing, We expand our colony of New Kiel 10 px north and 20 px east inward. The new Danish Congo Company is allowed to start a company rule on the Congo as an extension of the Jutland Government with King Christian IX being the head of the company.
  • Toucouleur Empire: The school system is continued to be expanded as more and more families participate after we convince imams to preach that all children should partake in these schools as many of the reactionaries are now dead or are silent to change. We continue to develop our nation in industry, economy, infrastructure and military. As more and more people come to urban centres, slums form and what is called Golden communities which exist only due to the Golden Roads.
  • South Africa: Does the same things as last turn, nationialism expands. Pretoria begins industrialization.
    • Bantuland: Westernization continues, chiefs continue to be granted titles.
  • Emirate of Afghanistan: The nation begins to work on industrially the country by looking for any nations that are going to help them. Farmers are encouraged to grow wheat but most of them grow opium and sell it to neighboring countries. Roads are built but most are dirt roads.We would like to open talks with the Indian Empire. The idea of national unity begins to rise in cities, as the national army begins to work on arming with whatever weapons they have.
  • Papal States: The successes of the Coalition are celebrated in Rome, but the Pope makes it clear that if the Westerners commit atrocities against the Chinese, then they are no better than the Chinese, and there would be no jus in bellum. The news of another new Catholic monarch in North America is another cause for celebration, and a Nuncio is sent to Quebec to congratulate the new monarch.