Elvis Presley - "The King of Rock and Roll" has been selected to portray the role of hellion "John Norman Howard" opposite Barbara Streisand's "Esther Hoffman" in the second remake of the original 1937 "A Star is Born" - The Presley Streisand film goes on to win 4 Oscars including best actor, best actress, best supporting actor, (Gary Busey as Bobby Richie) and Best Soundtrack.  

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A Star is Born is movie of the year of 1976. Meanwhile Kris Kristofferson suffers  a heart attack on the set of Semi Tough on August 16,  the following year and dies, aged 41. Presley gives a statement expressing sadness over the death of his friend. Funeral arrangements for Kristofferson in Los Angeles

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Elvis Presley's Second Half of his career takes off, so to speak, witnessing the marriage of his daughter Lisa Marie and the birth of his first grandchild. Eventually retiring to his graceland mansion, he dies peacefully in his sleep on December 31, 1999, age 64, and is mourned by millions, including President Clinton and Vice President Gore.

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