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Elvis Aaron Presley (8 January, 1935 - July 22, 2011) was an American general, politician and public speaker, best known as the commanding officer charged with organizing and executing the withdrawal of American forces from Brazil and as the NATO Commander Europe in the late 1980's, as well as the independent candidate in the 2000 presidential election. A social moderate and fiscal conservative, Presley was a reform-minded advocate for a fairer tax rate, an end to special interests in Washington and moving beyond the scandal-filled, economically weak 1990's in the United States. Although his odds of winning were low, he carried his home state of Tennessee and garnered 17% of the popular vote, making him one of the most successful third-party candidates in American electoral history.

Until his death from pancreatic cancer in 2011, Presley was a public speaker and produced the film Elvis Presley's America, in which he portrayed a non-partisan, average American unconcerned with the intricacies of Washington. Presley became a favorite within libertarian circles for his advocacy of small government, and he was known to have been both a registered Democrat and Nationalist at various points in his life. In 2004, Steve Martin - his opponent in the 2000 election - awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom and referred to him as "America's greatest military mind in the last quarter century." Following his death, President Bruce Springsteen has suggested the United States Army posthumously designate Presley a five-star general.

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