Elroi Larox Cavalsonti (born 20 May 1957) is the current Prime Minister of Moselle, a member of the Democratic Party of Moselle, and a member of the National Congress. He was named to succeed outgoing Prime Minister Galbont Cheroe as a result of a runoff vote against Loucheén Girox in his party, and was formally appointed by the President on 2 September 2011.

Early life

Cavalsonti was born in Sareguimene, as a son of a member of the Moselle Border Guard. Unlike many prominent Mosellan politicians, Cavalsonti has no family connections to the Congress. His parents were too poor to pay for a wedding reception.

Cavalsonti graduated from Hagenau Language Gymnasium in 1975. Then, Cavalsonti graduated from Alsace University School of Political Sciences and Economics in 1980 and was later accepted into the prestigious Loucrezzia Institute of Government and Management, an institution that grooms future civic leaders of Moselle. While attending the Loucrezzia Institute, Cavalsonti worked at a railway office as a part-time job in his native Barene District, partially in order to get to know the transport industry better for when he ran for office. He was elected to the assembly of Alsace for the first time in 1987 at the age of 29.

National Congress career

In 1993, he was elected to the National Congress for first time representing Alsace's Savern District as a member of the now-defunct Moselle Reform Party. He later joined the Democratic Party of Moselle (DPM) and served as its Congress Affairs chief as well as head of the Party's public relations office. Cavalsonti acted as Senior Vice Finance Minister when the DPM won control of Parliament in September 2009.

In June 2010, Cavalsonti was appointed as Minister of Finance by Prime Minister Galbont Cheroe, who was also the previous Minister of Finance. Cavalsonti is known as a reformist and has led a DPM intraparty group critical of ex-DPM Secretary Josiane Archambou.

Upon assuming the post of finance minister, Cavalsonti, a fiscal conservative, expressed his determination to slash Moselle's deficit and rein in gross public debt. In January 2011, for the first time in six years, Cavalsonti's finance ministry intervened in the foreign exchange market and spent 650 million Euro to purchase dollars in order to rein in the Euro’s spiraling appreciation within the Eurozone.

Cavalsonti has close relations with the United States, and stressed the importance of regional security in Western Europe.

After Cheroe's resignation in August 2011, Cavalsonti stood as a candidate in the party election to replace him. He won the runoff vote against Loucheén Girox in the leadership election, meaning he would almost certainly become the next Prime Minister and inherit the challenge of rebuilding from the 2011 Luxembourg Fires . During the party caucus making the leadership decision, Cavalsonti made a 15-minute speech in Strasbourg where he summarized his political career by comparing himself to a cuttlefish. he said, "I'll never be a goldfish in scarlet robes, but like a cuttlefish in muddy waters. I'll work hard for the people, to move politics forward." Subsequently, he has been widely dubbed "Premi Minister Seppia" (English: Prime Minister Cuttlefish) in the Mosellan media, and his cabinet is called the "Cabinettos Seppia" (English: Cuttlefish Cabinet)

Prime Minister

In his first speech as Prime Minister on 2 September, Cavalsonti confirmed that the Mosellan government will continue to phase in its environmental programs and solar panel schemes.
Since becoming Prime Minister, Cavalsonti's most important initiative has been the inclusion of Moselle in planning the North Sea Economic Partnership, which he announced on 11 November. This has proved controversial and is widely discussed in Mosellan society. Otherwise, he has engaged himself in assisting Moselle's economic recovery from the Luxembourg Fires.

Personal life

Cavalsonti is married to his wife Lizzet since 1992 and has 2 sons, Prosper and Vincont, and a daughter, Jenéveve. Cavalsonti is a fan of fishing and equestrian sports.

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