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Ellory I
Ellory I a few months before his death, 1996
7th Emperor of the Cygnians
Reign 1943 — 1996
Inauguration 5 May 1946
Predecessor Theodore IV (as Emperor)
Franklin Jonathan Heller (as Chancellor of the Republic)
Successor Theodore V
Chancellors Sir Edmund Herring
Robert Menzies
Harold Holt
Gough Whitlam
Malcolm Fraser
Margaret Thatcher
Supreme Commander of the Cygnian People's Army
Tenure 8 April 1943 — 5 May 1946
Predecessor Franklin Jonathan Heller
Successor Position abolished
Himself (as Commander-in-Chief of the Cygnian Imperial Armed Forces)
Spouse Victoria Geraldton
Issue Theodore V
Princess Louise, Duchess of Carnarvon
Princess Abigail, Duchess of Broome
Full name
Ellory Alexander William Theodore Victor Albert Louis
Alias: Elliott William Kennedy
House House of Stuart-Campbell
Father Theodore IV
Mother Gertraud Wolfshiem
Born 8 October 1921
Cygnian Imperial Palace, Swanstone,
Empire of Cygnia
Died 4 December 1996
Collingham Coffeehouse, Swanstone,
Burial St Theodore Cathedral, Swanstone,
Religion Church of Cygnia

Prince Ellory aged seven, 1928


Prince Ellory with his friend and adoptive brother, Richard Kennedy, in 1935.


Ellory I in 1968

Ellory I (Ellory Alexander William Theodore Victor Albert Louis; 8 October 1921 — 4 December 1996) was Emperor of the Cygnians from 8 April 1943 until his death. Ellory I is also known to be the first Cygnian Emperor to pay taxes to the Government.

Ellory I was the youngest son of Theodore IV, and was given his name for its connection to swans. As the youngest of five children, he was not expected to inherit the throne and spent his early life in the shadow of his elder siblings, especially his oldest brother, Alexander. He attended Swanstone Imperial Academy for the first years of his schooling years, until the age of twelve. Throughout his early life Ellory was known as a calm, intelligent and sensitive child who was constantly aware of his surroundings.

Prince Ellory was eleven years old when the Imperial Palace Massacre took place on 3 May 1933. A group of Imperial Army soldiers entered the Palace on a pretext and proceeded to shoot the Imperial Family, their aides, guards and maids; he was the only survivor, sustaining moderate, but not life-threatening, injuries. He subsequently and quietly escaped from Swanstone, and fled to the countryside, where he was found and taken in by the loyalist Kennedy family. He lived with the Kennedys for the next ten years before returning to prominence in the midst of the Great Australian War as leader of the Revolutionary movement that ultimately toppled the Hellerist government.

After the Revolution, Prince Ellory assumed control of the Armed Forces, just in time for the Battle of Swanstone, an extended siege of the national capital by enemy forces. With more competent commanders having returned to the military, the Cygnian Army under the Prince achieved a hard-won victory, and began the push to expel Australien forces from Cygnian territory. The Great Australian War ended in 1945 with an Australien surrender, and Ellory oversaw the occupation of Australie and the creation of the Federal Republic of Australie which replaced the former Australien Rijk.

In 1946, Prince Ellory was finally crowned as the first monarch of a restored Empire. He remained on the throne for the next fifty years, becoming the longest-reigning Cygnian Emperor in history. He was succeeded by his eldest son Theodore V upon his death in 1996.

Titles and honours

  • 8 October 1921 — 3 May 1933: His Imperial Highness The Prince Ellory of Cygnia
  • 10 May 1933 — 3 March 1943: Elliott William Kennedy, Esq.
  • 3 March 1943 — 8 April 1943: His Imperial Highness Prince Ellory of Cygnia, Commander-in-Chief of the Cygnian Revolutionary Army, Chairman of the People's Revolutionary Committee
  • 8 April 1943 — 5 May 1946: His Imperial Highness Prince Ellory of Cygnia, Commander-in-Chief of the Cygnian Revolutionary Army, President of the National Constituent Assembly, Chief Executive of the Provisional and Transitional Council of the Cygnian Realm
  • 5 May 1946 — 4 December 1996: His Imperial Majesty The Emperor

His full title was His Imperial Majesty Ellory the First, by the Grace of the People and the Constitution, Emperor of the Cygnians, Commander-in-Chief of the Cygnian Imperial Armed Forces Head of the House of Stuart-Campbell, Defender of Faith


On coins, where the Latin title was present, PRINCEPS DOMUS STUARTUS-CAMPBELLUS and DUCTOR MILITUM IMPERIALE was omitted to conserve space. Ellory I was the first Emperor to be known as "Defender of Faith" rather than "Defender of the Faith". He chose to remove "the" in 1975 to stress the equal importance of his non-Church of Cygnia subjects. He was also the first Emperor to use the style By the Grace of the People and the Constitution, renouncing his "divine right to rule" and instead asserting that he reigned in accordance with the will of the people and the constitution.


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