Massacre of the Cygnian Imperial Family
Part of 1933 Socialist coup d'état
Ellingham Palace, official residence of the Imperial Family, where the massacre took place
Location Ellingham Palace
Date 3rd May 1933
around 8 to 9 am (WST)
Target Cygnian Imperial Family
Attack type
Mass shooting
Deaths 10
Non-fatal injuries
Victims Emperor Theodore IV
Empress Gertraud
Prince Alexander, Duke of Augusta
Marguerite, Princess Imperial
Prince Oliver of Cygnia
Prince Ellory of Cygnia
3 aides
2 guards
Assailants Military agents of the National Cygnian Socialist Party, under direction of Franklin J. Heller
Motive Overthrow of the Imperial government in favour of a military socialist regime

A massacre took place on 3 May 1933 in Ellingham Palace under the direction of Franklin J. Heller, perpetrated by agents of the National Cygnian Socialist Party. Targeted were the Cygnian Imperial Family, almost all of whom were killed, save Prince Ellory, the youngest son of Emperor Theodore IV. He survived, albeit with serious injuries, and fled into hiding, later returning to lead the Cygnian Revolution in 1943.