Elizabeth I
13th Monarch of Wessex

Elizabeth I.jpg
Queen of Wessex
Reign 13 January 1742 - 27 June 1753
Coronation 27 September 1742
Predecessor Margaret I
Successor Elizabeth II
Spouse Richard, Earl of Wight
Issue Elizabeth II

Princess Dorothy of Wessex

Princess Charlotte of Wessex

Full name
Elizabeth Margaret Dorothy Holden
House House of Holden
Father Henry, Duke of Portland
Mother Margaret I
Born 9 March 1705
Palace of Winchester
Died 27 June 1753
Sherborne Castle
Religion Church of Wessex

Elizabeth I was the thirteenth monarch to reign over the Kingdom of Wessex. She was also the second Queen to rule in her own right after she succeed her mother, Margaret I. 

The reign of Elizabeth I was relatively short in comparison to her three previous predecessors but was nevertheless contained momentous events that would have a lasting impact on the country: the establishment of the Governor of Cornwall, the participation of Wessex in the War of the Austrian Succession and the ceding of the Channel Islands to the Kingdom.

Throughout almost all of her life, Elizabeth suffered from purpura; the leaking of blood under the skin. In May 1753, while stying at Sherborne Castle in north Wessex, Elizabeth collpased down the Grand Staircase. The intensive internal bleeding that followed meant that she was unable to make a successful recovery and passed away just over a month later. Her funeral, unlike many of her predeccesors, did not take place in Winchester Cathedral but rather the private chapel at Sherborne Castle; her body was later interred at the Royal Crypt a number of weeks later. 

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