Elizabeth I of England
Timeline: Hapsburg's Unite

Queen of England and Ireland
Queen Consort of Portugal

August 4, 1613 - January 1, 1637

Predecessor Henry IX
Successor Edward VII
Born October 17, 1585
Barnwell Manor, Northamptonshire
Died January 1, 1637

Elizabeth I (August 4, 1613 - January 1, 1637) became Queen of England and Ireland in August 4, 1613 and was officially crowned on December 28 at the age of 28. Elizabeth's mother was Elisabeth of Austria, who died a year later due to smallpox. Her father was Henry IX of England, though he had help in 1568 from Mary I of Scotland who had been forced to abdicate from Scotland, Mary grew an almost motherly relationship with Elizabeth, though Henry and Mary acted more like good friends. Elizabeth I was the sixth and last Tudor to be crowned Queen of England and Ireland, as after Elizabeth's son Edward was part of the newly formed House of Avis-Tudor.


Early Years

Dudley Rebellion

In 1630, when Elizabeth was 45 the son of Robert Dudley, himself called Robert Dudley, began a rebellion against the catholic queen after she had had a child that had survived birth and been brought up a catholic and was the definite successor to Elizabeth and John. This rebellion had been planned for over 10 years and a reasonable militia of protestants. The rebellion began on Jun 12, 1630 in Rochester which had also been taken during Wyatt's rebellion under Mary I. The rebellion lasted for 2 years under the ill queen Elizabeth, leaving John IV of Portugal to be her consort for that time and deal with the rebellion which ultimately led to the Act created by Edward VII, the 'Act of Freedom'.


In 1595 Elizabeth was married to her cousin, John IV of Portugal who was 21 at the time, while she was only 10. 8 years later Elizabeth fell pregnant and in June 14, 1604 she had a child, which was named Edward after the last child born by an English mother and Portuguese father. After this though most of the pregnancies were stillborn children (3 in total) and the last child born was a girl called Mary, though Elizabeth died during this in 1637, while the baby girl only survived for a month.

Name Birth Marriage Death
Edward II & VII of Portugal and England June 14, 1604 Elisabeth of France August 25, 1661

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