Elizabeth I

Princess of Wales

Reign:1534-1588 Predecessor: Edward of Middleham Successor: John of Dudley

House of Tudor: House of Tudor

Born: 1533, Imperial Castle, London, English Imperium

Died: 1588, Havana, Spanish Empire (Modern day Mexico) (Age 55)

Religion: Anglican

Elizabeth I (1533-1588) was the Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Powys, she was born as the first child of King Henry VIII of England and Queen Anne Boleyn. She also held a military rank of commander during the Invasion of Iceland and Invasion of the Caribbean. She held her title for a period of 55 years until her death during the Battle of Havana during the Spanish Armada invasion. She was known as the "Virgin of Wales" due to her never marrying and refusing to marry Phillip II. She is the sister of Emperor Henry III of Cornwall .

Princess of Wales

She was then pasted (?) as Princess of Wales by the Imperial Council on December 27,1534 at age thirteen months. After being selected she was sent to Wales on December 31,1534. While there she has begun to be educated by former monks and was often visited by Imperial Ambassador Eustace Chapuys. She began to develop a childhood friendship with him due to not being able to see another relative until she was four and sought him as a father figure. When she returned to Imperial Castle by seeing the caring and eventual death of her mother at the hands of Sweating Sickness. She decided to remain in Greenwich. Upon the Emperor's marriage to the Lady Anne of Cleves the new Queen noticed her talent at the young age of five she consorted the King to choose her as Duchess and Governess of Dowys, which he accepted and immediately returned her to Wales

Military Career

By the death of her brother and the Emperor of England Henry III and the coronation of her half-brother Peter of Romain 1560. Peter, being of Italian and German descent and wanting to spread the English Imperium saying it to be time as to be a conquering empire. A young Elizabeth sought to assist her people. She placed her hold on the Military Council and with her brother, led a fleet of 30 warships and three flyboats to the Island of Iceland. The conflict stretched a largely, killing many of her generals, soldiers and civilians by French assistance to England and Norwegian assistance to Iceland. Finally after many insurrections and rebellions, the Icelanders and Norwegians finally signed a treaty with England and France with Elizabeth, Peter of Roma, Charles XI.


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