Elizabeth II
14th Monarch of Wessex

Reign 27 June 1753 - 16 July 1824
Coronation 1 December 1753
Predecessor Elizabeth I
Successor Arthur IV
Issue Prince Arthur, Duke of Purbeck

Prince Henry, Earl of Wight

Prince George of Wessex

Princess Margaret, Duchess of Lulworth

Full name
Elizabeth Margaret Dorothy Holden
House House of Holden
Father Henry, Duke of Portland
Mother Elizabeth I
Born 2 April 1738
Palace of Winchester
Died 16 July 1824
Forde Abbbey
Religion Church of Wessex

Elizabeth II, Queen of Wessex from 1753 - 1824, became the 14th monarch of Wessex following the death of her mother, Elizabeth I. She also became the third consecutive Queen regnant to rule over the country after the reigns of her mother and her grandmother.

Elizabeth II is notiable for being the longest reigning monarch in Wessex history, ruling over the country for a total of 71 years, almost six years more than the previous longest reigning monarch, Arthur II.

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