Eliezer Krantz
אֱלִיעֶזֶר בֶּן מְשֻׁלָּם קרנץ
Doge of the Gaza Authority
Term of Office: March 13, 1957 - November 2, 1972
Successor: Position established

Position abolished

Minister of Internal Affairs
Prime Minister:
David Ben-Gurion
Term of Office: November 3, 1955 - January 7, 1958
Successor: Haim-Moshe Shapira
Predecessor: Israel Rokach
Member of the Knesset
Prime Minister:

David Ben-Gurion (1951-1953; 1955-1959)
Moshe Sharett (1953-1955)

First Term: July 30, 1951 - July 15, 1955
Second Term:

July 16, 1955 - November 3, 1959

June 22, 1922

Flag of Germany Speyer, Weimar Germany

Alma mater:
Bachelor of Arts in Law
Flag of Germany University of Giessen
Political party:
Ahdut haAvoda (Israel)
Arabian United Front (Gaza Authority)
Firefighter, Politcian

Eliezer ben Meshullam Krantz (Hebrew:אֱלִיעֶזֶר בֶּן מְשֻׁלָּם קרנץ ; June 22 1922 - December 28 1972), was an Israeli politician and leader of the Gaza Authority from its creation until his life imprisonment in 1972 which resulted in the GA's immediate absorption into the State of Israel.

From 1957 to 1972 he ruled a part of occupied Sinai that was called the Gaza Authority, a puppet state of Israel intended to host Israeli Arabs while the Israel-Arab conflict was ongoing. However, using the fear of an Arab uprising during the Six-Day War as an excuse, his brutal regime led almost genocidal policies towards the Arab populations of the GA. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for abuse of office, murder and war crimes in 1972 and was killed later that year by a Jordanian mortar strike on Ofer Prison (as part of the War of Attrition).

Krantz was a politician who was disliked by most, and David Ben-Gurion's decision to place him in charge of the Gaza Authority was highly criticised. His initial appeal to the Ahdut haAvoda party was his role as a community spokesperson; he had worked as a councillor and firefighter for 13 years before joining the party.

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