170px-Elie Wiesel (1987) by Erling Mandelmann - 2

Elie Wiesel, dissident author and politician

Eliezer Wiesel is a prominent author and politician from Pluto, having been deported there from his home in Transylvania in 1951, part of the original shipment to be shipped there.

In 1960, Wiesel published his memoir Night, an account of his journey to Pluto during the Expulsion, aimed at Jews who were newer shipments. Wiesel became renown for the book, becoming famous throughout the solar system as a profound author, even being interviewed by Zheronian literary critics. Nevertheless, the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment seized copies of the book in Reich-controlled areas of the system.

In late 1960, the death of Plutan president Mordechai Anielewicz lead to calls for Wiesel to run for office as second President. Reluctantly, Wiesel did, saying it was a "labor of love for the Jewish community here." Wiesel served until 1970, after two five-year terms.

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