Elerium Crystal

Elerium is a rare mineral found outside of Sol. It was basically named after the Promethean scientist that discovered it:Elerious Indmusdi. The mineral has many uses as a power source, a weapon, and fuel.


The mineral is crystalline in nature and very dangerous when unstable. The natural elerium appearance is usually stable elerium, which can be used as a power source and as fuel. As an artifically replicated, unstable version of the mineral, its a very powerful weapon and highly explosive. It is located on several worlds and in the asteroids of some systems. The mineral has been reproduced in the past, but the result was unstable elerium. The Promethean Empire used this mineral to create Elerium Bombs which are highly powerful WMDs powerful enough to wipe on an area the size of Rhode Island.  The more Elerium there is an Elerium bomb, the bigger the blast radius. At its maximum it could wipe out North America clean off the map, literally.


The uses for Elerium are here:

  • Elerium-based weapons
  • Fuel
  • Elerium reactors
  • Power Armor(when mixed with Kiridium and Lirnirium, both of which are used to make a special strong but flexible and lightweight alloy)
  • Plasma weapons

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