Parthica Elegabatia
— Senatorial Province of The Roman Empire
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Iran
Elegabatia II
Location of Parthica Elegabatia
(and largest city)
Tirazis (Shiraz)
Latin (Lingua Latina)
  others Parthican (Lingua Parthicum)
Roman Polytheism
  others Zoroastrianism, Angelic Gnosticism
Ethnic groups
  others Assyrians, babylonians, Arabians
Government Theocratic Provincial Republic
  legislature Archepiscopus of Tirazis and Senate of Elegabatia

A Short History of Elegabatia

Another one of the Parthican Provinces, Elegabatia had a very unique history after their conquest by the Empire. Around the year 974 (221 AD) a passionate young priest from Syria moved into the Province. While in Syria this Priest worked in the native temple of the sun-god El Gabal. After the death of Marcus Aurelius and the growth of the religion around the unconquerable sun (Sol Invictus) El Gabal became just another word for this sun-god representing the Emperor Marcus Aurelius and his triumphs. Sun deitites had existed all around the Empire especially in the desert areas of Parthica. The youg priest of El Gabal chenged his name to Elegabalus and moved to the impressionable and rather lower class people in what is in OTL Southern Iran. The magic tricks which this man performed, presented as miracles, brought the Roman Polytheistic religion which he had grown up around into the mainstream of this area. Quickly though, the fame of Elegabalus led him to gain such wealth and prestige that he began to build Roman style temples in the Province which would be named after him.

With the Roman religion and Roman customs being spread and upheld in this new area it became a good target for being allowed seats in the Senate, an honor which was as of yet unprecedented in any of the Parthican Provinces. Elegabalus was elected Governor of this province, whose original name has since been erased from History. He refused to accept the affairs of state and abandon the affairs of his religion. His people allowed him to combine them and Elegabalus became the first Archepiscopus of this Province. In a satirical take on this development many neighboring provinces began calling it Elegabatia. Rather than be upset over this he accepted it and so did many of his citizens. The word Archepiscopus would eventually spread to the European Priests of the Roman religion and during the Eleventh Century the Office of Archepiscopus of Rome would become the highest religious office other than Emperor.

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