This is a page where links to all the articles for elections that have been made are gathered. The Elections in the Grand Union are a central part of the Democracy. Before The 1730s, each republic would elect its own parliaments and have its own governance. However, as time went on, the Union of Königsberg became more centralised, and a central government was needed. Gone were the days where people respected the word of the Supreme Princess Elena the Great, the people wanted theri voice heard, and so, after much deliberations, the Grand Senate was formed. Consisting of two chambers, the lower house, the General Assembly, consisting of 500 seats (changed to 1000 in 1857), the seats distributed under the idea of representation by population, with each of the six nations getting a portion of the deputees based on their population. However, in practice, two electoral districts were usually combined and elected one deputee to the GA. The upper house, the Council of Nations, was selected with different style in mind. It was selected by the Republics, with the Republics appointing 20 representatives. below are the results for the General Assembly Elections.











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