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Election of 2016, United States (Reagan's Third Term)

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United States Presidential election, 2016
November 8, 2016
Turnout 500,345,231
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Nominee Barack Obama Donald J. Trump Sarah Palin
Party Democratic Republican
Home state TBD TBD
Running mate TBD TBD
Electoral vote TBD TBD
States carried TBD TBD
Popular vote TBD TBD
Percentage TBD TBD
President before election
Marco Rubio
Elected President
Donald J. Trump

The election of 2016 will be the 58th quadrennial presidential election. It will be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. President Marco Rubio will be term-limited and ineligible for a third term.


The most popular President in modern American history was to be replaced on this night, two of the most clearly different candidates had been chosen by both major parties. The Democrats nominated Governor Barack Obama of Illinois, the Republican Party however nominated American Businessesman and entrepenuer, Donald Trump. 

Republican Incumbent President Rubio was leaving a lot on his successor's plate and however it was, would have to either end or continue the war effort in Iraq. Presidential Candidate Obama chose Senator Hillary Clinton as his Vice Presidential Running mate. While Trump chose Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, it would be a tough election, and whoever it was when called, they were in for a ride.

The Obama Campaign did not hesitate to attack Trump on his controversial scandal in which critics claimed Trump hasn't paid taxes in over 30 years, Donald however energized the right wing force with the message of Making America Great Again. President Rubio strikingly, openly opposed the idea that America isn't great at the Republican convention in July, which heavily damaged the Trump Campaign.

October Surprise -

It was the one of the most controversial and shoking October Suprises to ever be witnissed in American Electoral History, Barack Obama was filmed having a meeting in which he and Russian president Vladimir Putin openly discussed their plans to interfere with the 2016 Election, the Second October Surprise came on October 19th 2016, in which Trump during a interview in 2005 in a video expressed his urge to grab a woman by the genitals. With the final controversial October Surprise, a Las Vegas Stripper, Kellyanne Conway leaked a sex tape in which majorly effected the race's outcome.

Election Day -

It was no surprise Obama was heavily damaged by the October controversies, his campaign traveled all across the nation hoping to convice the people he was still a pretty decent man. At aproxiamently 2 AM on November 8th, a final and striking end to a once called "rumor" was leaked, Obama had not payed any taxes in 30 years. Vice Presidential candidate Sarah  Palin openly dissed Obama on FOX News that day, and from that moment, his door to the Presidency was closed.

Results - 

Democratic Nominee for President, Donald J. Trump and Vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin had received 522 Electoral College Votes, this would go down in U.S. History as one of the largest election wins in History. Trump was inaugurated on January 20th, 2017

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