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United States Presidential election, 1996
November 5, 1996
PhilGramm1 JohnGlenn1
Nominee Phil Gramm John Glenn
Party Republican Democratic
Home state Texas Ohio
Running mate John Ashcroft Russ Feingold
Electoral vote 382 156
States carried 37 13+D.C.
Popular vote 45,345,789 38,987,299
Percentage 53.3% 46.1%
Fictional 1996map1
Election results map. Red denotes states won by Gramm/Ashcroft(37), Blue denotes states own by Glenn/Fengold (13+D.C.)
President before election
Phil Gramm
Elected President
Phil Gramm
The Election of 1996 was the 53rd quadrennial presidential election. It was held on Tuesday, November 5, 1996.  The competition saw incumbent Republican Phil Gramm decisively defeat the Democratic nominee, former Astronaut and United States Senator from Ohio, John Glenn.  After Ronald Reagan had resigned on March 20, 1993 due to coming down with Alzehimer's Disease, Gramm had taken over and inherited some of Reagan's popularity after keeping the booming economy and seeing the country through the final closing conflicts of the Cold War.  He won another decisive victory, even though Glenn was popular as a space hero, Gramm used Reagan's techniques to help him get ahead, and received the full support of the Republican Party's conservative wing due to his actions against powerful unions. He also received votes from many moderate "Reagan Democrats."  The result was yet another Republican victory. The Republicans kept both the house and the Senate.