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United States Presidential election, 1992
Novemeber 3, 1992
Ronald Reagan Jerry Brown1992
Nominee Ronald Reagan Jerry Brown
Party Republican Democratic
Home state California California
Running mate Phil Gramm Mario Cuomo
Electoral vote 493 45
States carried 43 7+D.C.
Popular vote 53,723,401 38,796,882
Percentage 57.4% 41.8%
Fictional 1992map
Election results map. Red denotes states won by Reagan/Gramm (43), Blue denotes states won by Brown/Cuomo (7+D.C.).
President before election
Ronald Reagan
Elected President
Ronald Reagan

The Election of 1992 was the 52nd quadrennial presidenial election. It was held on Tuesday, November 3, 1992. It saw incumbent Republican Ronald Reagan run for a fourth term, the first person to do so since FDR.  His opponent was another former California governor Jerry Brown, who ran a very energetic campaign attacking Reagan as being too old to be president.  Reagan, for his part, used his own powerfull oratory skills and humor to win over followers.  On November 3, despite declining health, the now-81-year-old Reagan won another one of his trademark landslide victories, claiming all but 7 states with a difference of 448 electoral votes and a significant bulge in the popular vote as well. The next year, Reagan would come down hard with Alzheimer's Disease and be forced to resign due to it, resigning on March 20, 1993, two months into his fourth term.  He remains the longest serving president, serving about one month longer than FDR did.   This marked the beginning of a large movement rightward of the United States, leading to moderation of the Democratic Party and reinforcement of the Republican Party's conservative wing.