The United States presidential election of 1988 was the 51st quadrennial presidential election. It was held on Tuesday, November 8, 1988. Incumbent Vice President, Walter Mondale, won the Democratic nomination, and chose the governor of Massachussets, Michael Dukakis, as his running mate. The Republicans nominated Bob Dole, an experienced senator from Kansas as the nominee, with televangelist Pat Robertson as his running mate.

Mondale capitalized on the economic growth accomplished by the Brown administration, particularly the new progressive policies designed to create a more equal and effecient society. He also touted the end of the Cold War and the diplomatic outreach Brown made to the Soviet Union. Mondale's campaign was aggressive, and attempted to reconcilie traditional "heartland" populism with his own Minnesota progressivism, claiming Dole was a detatched moderate.

Meanwhile, Dole's campaign suffered from several miscues, including failure to defend against accusations that Dole would undercut the New America programs. This allowed Mondale to win with a substantial margin of the popular vote while winning the Electoral College by a landslide. 

This election marked the sixth consecutive presidential victory for the Democratic Party, and the third by it's liberal wing.

Nominee Walter Mondale Bob Dole
Bob Dole3
Party Democratic Republican
Home State Minnesota Kansas

Vice President,


Running Mate Michael Dukakis Pat Robertson
Core Regions Northeast, Midwest, West Coast South, West
Percentage 53% 46%
Prior Candidate Jerry Brown Howard Baker

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