The Election of 1932 was a presidential election in the United States. Republican incumbent Herbert Hoover won a landslide victory, 333 electoral votes, to opponent Franklin D. Roosevelt's 215.


One major issue in the election was the Great Depression of 1929. Herbert Hoover was worshipped by liberals and conservatives alike for his way of dealing with the problem, by creating a price regulation committee to make sure prices stayed low, and greatly lowered taxes.

Democratic opponent Franklin D. Roosevelt used the Bonus Army March Accident against Hoover. In 1930, poor veterans of the Great War demanded the money that the government was to grant in 1941. After a few weeks of peaceful protests, the government refused again and again to pay early. After a month, the Bonus Army gathered weapons and sieged Washington. The president called in the National Guard and slaughtered over 2,000 of the Bonus Armymen. The media dubbed this highly overreactive.

But in June 1932, Hoover gained back his popularity with the Himmler Revolution. In Munich, a group of right-wing radicals, headed by Heinrich Himmler, declared the town an independent nation and created a national government with Himmler as the dictator. Other towns in Southern Germany soon joined the confederacy, and the German Army was unable to handle such a rebellion. Hoover ordered troops to stop the rebellion. By the end of September, the rebellion was destroyed and the Germans praised the Americans. Hoover's popularity amongst German-Americans increased greatly, which is a main reason why he won Oklahoma, Nebraska, the Dakotas, Indiana, highly German populated states.


1932 Election USA

The turnout of the 1932 presidential election.

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