Republic of Eldorado
Timeline: The British Ain't Coming

OTL equivalent: Rondonia, Amazonas, Roraima, Acre
Flag of Eldorado TBAC
Flag of Eldorado
Capital Puerto Alonso
Largest city Manaos
Other cities Xapurí, Parintins, Jiparaná
  others Portuguese, Other native languages
Ethnic Group Hispanic, Amerindian
Demonym Eldoradoan
Government Constitutional federal republic
President Jorge Vianna (PPOE)
Area 2,196,998 km²
Population 6,421,508 
Independence from Gran Colombia
  declared July 1, 1830
Currency Peso
Time Zone UTC-4 and UTC-5
Internet TLD .el
Organizations Mercosur, ONA
 Republic of Eldorado (Spanish: República de Eldorado) or just Eldorado, is a federal constitutional republic in South America. The nation is mostly composed by the Amazon rainforest, and have a tropical weather.

Is bordered with Gran Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Cerrado and Pará.



The independence of Eldorado was a violent war. The invasion of the cities of Caracas and Bogota by separatist rebels, culminated in the victory and separation of Eldorado.

The first capital of the country, was located in Puerto Madeira (formerly known as Base Madeira), the largest base of the rebels. After the Acre War, the city of Puerto Alonso became the capital of Eldorado.


The country's economy is essentially the primary sector, which is heavily profiting because of the latex taken from rubber trees in the Amazon.

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