During tIn this timeline we see what would have happened if Spain pushed for a large movement of the Spanish armada into Caribbean territory early in its time line. Spain decided to better improve its colonies until they all favored Spain. In the year 1850 Spain granted freedom to most of its colonies. Because of a very supported Spain we are going to see what would have happened if Spain won the the Spanish-American war which in the TL is known as the Revival War.

The Spanish-American war was a ten week war that resulted because the American populus was disgusted at the atrocities of Spain in the Cuban revolts. Under pressure by the democratic party William Mckinley went into a war he had hoped to avoid. In this TL The Kingdom of Spain won the war and gained the territory of California from the USA. Because of this the USA is weakened and Spain stays the world superpower. The Hispanic nations in South America are strongly supported by Spain and are improved greatly. They are recognised as powerful nations in the world by the cold war instead of nations in civil war, going through military dictatorships. Also Cuba does not become communist, but Chile does since Spain does not intervene with Chile's Government. Colombia keeps Panama and later builds the Panama Canal in Colombia.


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