Rmṯ (n) km.t
Egyptian people

Ramesses IIHatshepsutKhufu
Ramesses II - Hatshepsut - Khufu
Thutmose IIICleopatraRamessesXII
Thutmose III - Cleopatra - Ramesses XII Samira al-SaharZeshan ibn-Khalid Umm Khultum
Samira al-Sahar - Zeshan ibn-Khalid - Umm Khultum

Calipha220px-SameeraMoussa220px-Mohamed el-Baradei
Sooraya al-Qadir - Sameera Moussa - Mohamed el-Baradei
Total population
Regions with significant populations
EgyptianEmpireFlag (Great Empires) Egypt 100,000,000
Abbasidflag1 Arabia 3,000,000
Flag of Tunisia Lyrobia 1,000,000
42StatesUSFlag United States of America 450,000
Rest of the world 3,900,000
Arabic (majority), Egyptian (official only)
Mainly Islam, minority Kemetism and Egyptian Buddhism
 Egyptians are a people who mainly inhabit the province of Egypt , which was temporarely occupied by the recently established Egyptian Empire.

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