Rmṯ (n) km.t
Egyptian people

Ramesses IIHatshepsutKhufu
Ramesses II - Hatshepsut - Khufu
Thutmose IIICleopatraRamessesXII
Thutmose III - Hadit-ka - Ramesses XII Samira al-SaharZeshan ibn-Khalid Umm Khultum
Samira Saharkara - Zeshan Raket - Umm Khultum

Calipha220px-SameeraMoussa220px-Mohamed el-Baradei
Sekhet - Sameera Moussa - Mohamed el-Baradei
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Flag of Kemet Egypt 220,000,000
Akset 250,000,000
PersianFlag Persia 2,000,000
NativeAmericaFlag Native States of Sinica 1,000,000
Alexandrian flag Alexandria 1,000,000
Rest of the world 6,000,000
Kemetics, more often reffered to as Egyptians, are a people who mainly inhabit Egypt and its surrounding. They are a very large ethnic group, the largest in Africa. Kemetics are also the largest ethnic group of the nation of Akset, a former colony of Kemet.

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