300px-Castro Battle of Actium

In Battle of Actium, Antony-Cleopatra alliance reach glorious victory against Octavian Fleets, because Quintus Delilus betrayed is know and he was sentenced to death. Unfortunately, Marcus Agrippa was in one of his warship. He died in battle. With the death of his one brilliant general, Octavian is almost no hope.

With this victory, then Antony moved his legions to entered Rome. His legions surround city of Rome in three months. One of Octavian lieutenant, Alecto Quirinus betrayed his general with told Antony Rome weakness, the water. Rome will not stand more than 1 month without water supply. And next Rome weakness is slave. Alecto spread messages of rebellion to slaves in Rome. In two weeks, slave rebels help Antony troops entered city of Rome, killed Octavian. With that, the age of Octavian is ended, start age of Antony.

31 BC - 700 AD

Declare of New Egyptian Empire

"people, centurions, slaves, I come here to rescue your independence from the tyrant of Rome. Now, as aspired by our great leader, Julius Caesar, now is time for Pax Romana, not only Pax Romana, but Pax Egypto-Romana! Today, I declared myself as Pharaoh of Egypt, not Romans again. Now, we have the Dynasty of Antonian, the eternal state of Egypt."

Because now Antony is Pharaoh of Egypt, he removed capital to Thebes. He mixed the Egyptian and Roman gods, make religion of Rogyptian. Antonian Dynasty is covered Egypt, Italy, Syria, Anatolia, Grace, North Africa, Spain and Gaul. In his first age of leadership, Egyptian communities live in prosperity. He opened trade route to City of Punt. He offered to Punt leader to pay tribute to Egypt, or be attack. Punt ruler refused, and Egypt army invade Punt.

After 25 BC, his leadership is far more tyrant. He burned the Alexandria Library, and build Zeus Temple. He constructed different caste: the highest is Romans, Ptolemians, next Greece, next Phoenicians, and the lowest caste is slaves, Egyptian natives and Persians. His wife, Cleopatra decides to coup him. She gives Antony the poison, so he killed. Cleopatra rule again as queen, and she married again with the Egyptian Prince, Ankheptah. It start again the empire with native Egyptian.

The Rise of The Gauls

The Gaul is rise again. Their leader, Alexavatorix, the brilliant and brutal general is started to revenge. His troops attack the Egyptian Procurator in Massilia. Because weak, the Egyptian Army defeated and expelled from Gaul. Alexavatorix build The First Gaulian Republic, and he appointed as The Supreme Chancellor of Gaul.

Because this suddenly liberation, Gaul and Egypt relations is rather strained. Next Egyptian Pharaoh, Pharaoh Nekfurah plans to married Princess of Gaul, Princess Egiaria, so the Gaulic Throne is fall to him. But, it cames to War of Throne, when Gauls Empire contested by Pharaoh Nekfrah and Prince Galnitix. Finally, Pharaoh defeated and Prince Galnitix ruled again his empire.

Middle East Ancient Spring

In 1 AD, Jesus Christ was born, started the spring in Middle East. After he died in 33 AD, Middle East divided into four large kingdoms: Parthian Empire, Hebrew Empire, Egyptian Empire, and the new regime in Middle East, Empire of Syrian with the Christianity Religion. In the Arabia Peninsula, there's many nomad tribes in there, but from 105 AD until the coming of Islam, the strongest is Khuza'a dan Quraesh.

Khuza'a ruled the Arabian East Coast, from Bahrain to Oman. It made Khuza'a have very strategy place for merchants from India and Persia. Quraesh ruled Arabian West Coast, and have very strategic place for merchants from Egypt and Africa. But there's the neutral city called Mecca. Mecca officially ruled by Quraesh Noble, and the Kaaba Key Holders is Quraesh. But, Khuza'a is old owners of Mecca.

When Islam coming, Sassanians is very concerned, because worry their glorious and rich empire can be destroyed by "The Desert Lion". Their army invaded Arabian, and helped with Quraesh Nobles in Battle of Bahrain. But, they defeated.

In the Caliph Abi Bakr age, Rashidun successfully defeat Sassania. There's two superpower in Middle East, Syrian Empire and Rashidun Caliphate. They both have good relationship with each other. In 625, Middle East Ancient Spring is ended, and the new age begin: Pax Arabica.

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